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The video game industry is now in its golden age. Today, the video games audience is numbered in the hundreds of millions of players, cybersport actively popularized, and more than a million games are released on the Play Market and App Store every year.

Based on the above facts, we can say that now is the perfect time to open your studio, and for its promotion, the game dev website template is an ideal solution. You will also have access to our Moto 4 website builder, which uses artificial intelligence to create attractive, functional, and responsive websites from scratch.

What to Choose?

When creating your game studio, an important choice is picking the platform that you will develop games for. There are several popular gaming platforms:

  • The oldest and time-tested is the PC platform.
  • The success of games on this platform has provoked graphics development and created powerful video cards now used in games and making video effects in films or mining.

  • The console platform is the sweet spot between mobile and PC.
  • The consoles price-performance ratio is ideal. The price is much lower than that of a PC, but its performance allows playing the highest AAA rank's latest games, which is now impossible on a mobile platform.

  • The young mobile platform now has a large share of the video game market due to its low cost and affordability compared to other gaming platforms.
  • Previously, to become a gamer, you had to buy a PC or a console, but now a gamer is also a person who spends time playing on a smartphone.

  • There has been increasing talk of new platforms in the video game markets recently.
  • All this talk was about virtual and augmented reality platforms. A couple of years ago, describing these technologies sounded like science fiction, but now they do not surprise anyone. Many IT and gaming companies are investing their resources in the development of virtual and augmented reality. They understand how broad the scope of these technologies is. Virtual reality glasses are now used not only by gamers but also by drone pilots and doctors. Due to augmented reality developers, we can play Minecraft, build a house out of the dirt in our room, design the house's interior, put furniture, and set up the light right in the application.

Work with Your Fan Base!

The word geek acquired its modern meaning in the early days of voluminous video games and the contemporary fantasy genre. Geeks are your most dedicated fans who promote your studio's products. To develop your brand and Game Dev Website Template, I recommend creating your game shop with the help of an appropriate game store website template to sell goods with symbolics of your studio's games. Also, to maintain the audience's activity and interest, you can create a thematic site platform. For example, if you develop Pokemon games on the Nintendo platform, you can use the game website template for pokemon gaming portal.

Structure of Game Dev Website Template

The Game Dev Website Template must contain your best and latest company products, feedback form, contact information, a list of platforms on which you can find or install your company's games. The constructor Moto4 is equipped with artificial intelligence and will help you in all this. You do not need to understand design or programming. You need to follow the recommendations that Moto4 generates. Using the style manager, you can change the color, style, or font of the site. The builder can integrate external services and tools to improve the Game Dev Website Template's user experience and usability.

Other Functions

Moto4 also offers an extensive list of site analysis tools. With their help, you can find out your site's attendance and how users interact with it. To organize work on the site, you can share access to it with other users and change their types of access variably. Also, Moto4 has a library of 100 thousand exclusive pictures on various topics.

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Francoismerlo Verified buyer

The benefits of the subscription plan are undoubted for me - I’ve lost so much time previously on managing my server issues, and now I can simply work with my site as much as necessary without worrying that it would have a huge downtime

Johnamazing Verified buyer

This software is much cheaper than the one I’ve got from other developer previously. And much better, actually!

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