Web Design Brazil Specialist’s Experience – Interview with Marcelo Merçon

Allison Reed 25 February, 2020

Hello everyone, it’s Allison with a new interview. We’re continuing to share inspiring stories of different professionals who cooperate with MotoCMS. Today, we’re going to talk with Marcelo Merçon, a distinguished web design Brazil specialist.

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Getting Acquainted with Marcelo – Gifted Web Design Expert from Brazil

Marcelo Merçon has been working for more than 10 years in advertising and marketing, with extensive experience in content strategy, SEO, paid search, display, analytics, social media marketing, inbound marketing, amongst others. He also deals with planning, creating, and managing campaigns that involve all those tools/platforms/channels. Marcelo is an open-hearted specialist who enjoys working with stakeholders from different areas, such as design, programming, media, and others, to ensure campaigns meet the desired performance and KPI’s.

Instagram: @unadesignstudio

Linkedin: Una Design Studio

Website: UnaDesignStudio


Discussion on Marcelo’s Experience and Cooperation with MotoCMS

Allison: Tell me a bit about yourself and your professional experience.

Marcelo: I’m a 38-year-old Brazilian videogame, wine, history, and language freak. I have been working in advertising agencies in Espírito Santo, Brazil, since the early 2000s. I’ve occupied various positions such as copywriter, planner, and digital marketing executive.

Allison: That’s quite a broad experience! And now you have started your own business, haven’t you? Who is your target audience, what do you offer to your customers?

Marcelo: In 2019, I decided it was time to follow my own steps in web design Brazil. So, I started an agency, Una Design Studio. Our main focus is on design but our scope ranges from digital marketing to social media and everything related.

una design studio website

una - Brazil web designers portfolio

Allison: What was your experience level in building websites prior to meeting with the MotoCMS admin panel? Have you used any other systems before?

Marcelo: Actually, it was very little to none, since I’m not a developer. I had tried WordPress before, which seemed to be the easiest one back then. But well, it isn’t easy for everyone.

Allison: Really? Why do you think so?

Marcelo: It’s full of hidden traps and bugs. Also, it gets sluggish pretty fast. I had many nights of no sleep because of WordPress while completing web design Vitoria projects. I suppose it’s a good solution for pros, but definitely not for me.

Allison: How did you come up with an idea of creating a website with MotoCMS? What benefits did cut a decisive figure?

Marcelo: I had the chance to work with MotoCMS at the web design Brazil agency I was at until 2019. I instantly loved it because I found it so easy to make changes or update content without bothering developers or other people. The team pretty much abandoned WordPress in favor of MotoCMS.

Allison: That’s really pleasant to hear. Do you have any specific or memorable examples of creating sites with MotoCMS?

Marcelo: Once our web design Brazil team offered a special client a full rebuild of their website for free on MotoCMS, which they promptly accepted, of course. It was a very good decision because the performance gain was huge. With all that prior experience, I had no doubt in choosing MotoCMS as the right system for Chilenjoy.

Chilenjoy - web design Brazil agency creation

Allison: So, you created a website for Chilenjoy on your own, didn’t you?

Marcelo: Well, yes, I did. In fact, it started as a project I was invited to join in Chile. They’re in charge of the operations over there, whilst I take care of the digital marketing from here. The matter is that I had to develop the website myself to reduce costs. And, I suppose, it ended up fairly satisfying for a website built by someone with no experience in website development from scratch.

Allison: This website looks incredibly stylish! Share a few thoughts on getting your website launched. Was it abstruse for you or vice versa? How much time did it take?

Marcelo: It was very easy. We had online in a couple of weeks.

Allison: That was pretty fast! Do you continue working with this project? How does MotoCMS help you?

Marcelo: Yes, our web design Brazil agency does go on working with Chilenjoy. It’s been a constant work in progress because there are still ongoing changes and tweaks on the branding, the business model and the reservations system (it’s a tour agency based in Santiago, Chile). But any new change that affects the website content in any way, takes a few minutes of work on MotoCMS. It couldn’t be any easier and no system would be a better solution in that constantly changing context.

Allison: What features in the admin panel would you consider the most useful for the editing of your website?

Marcelo: I love how it’s easy to go to DESIGN and set standards for everything, from fonts to buttons. People often ignore how important it is to have the whole website following the same rules. It’s good for content hierarchy and it gives a more professional feel. I had never seen those settings presented in such an easy way, at least for a non-specialist like me.

Allison: What was the last MotoCMS template you bought and why?

Marcelo: I think it was the Evolution template for lawyers. It was the perfect match for a law firm I was working with. They needed a pretty straightforward one-page site to replace their old one, which was built on a very poor and limited platform. I think I built a new law firm website design in two or three days and they loved it.

Evolution - law firm web design


Magnificent Example of Websites Created by Marcelo

MotoCMS and Marcelo’s web design Brazil agency can boast of effective cooperation in various projects. Our templates have inspired Marcelo to create several websites and satisfy his clients who work in different business spheres.

As Marcelo has mentioned, his web design Vitoria agency has been fruitfully cooperating with Chilenjoy. This is a travel agency, so choosing one of the niche-specific travel website templates by MotoCMS has made the process of building a website faster. This website design includes pre-made topic-related pages and lets you present your trips and hot tours efficiently. Moreover, due to its contemporary design, you can add animation and other special effects.

travel website design


Marcelo’s Customization of MotoCMS Templates – Best Insights

No matter what project you are thinking of, highly-customizable templates by MotoCMS will offer you a perfect chance to create a stunning design in several days. Whether you need a landing page or a fully-functional eCommerce store, there is an appropriate solution for you. As Marcelo truly says, you don’t have to be a developer to build your website. The intuitive design of the admin panel and various customization options will make you feel a professional in page creation. Let’s have a look at some of the features especially favored by Marcelo.

landing page for web design Brazil agency


Editing Button Presets of MotoCMS Templates

Each template that our developers and designers create includes several buttons presets. They will allow you to adjust typography, including font family, type, and color, as well as the colors of the button itself. Saving these presets, you will be able to apply buttons to different pages quickly, without having to modify each button separately. Besides saving your time, these presets will provide the unification for different pages ensuring your website doesn’t look gaudy.

button presets for web design


Creating Stylish Font Variety

Similarly to changing button presets, you are free to customize text styles on your pages. You can choose the type of fonts, their sizes, and colors to save them for future fast use. Then, when adding new blocks with information on your website, you’ll choose the desired fonts with ease. It is possible to set styles for headings, subheadings, etc.

text styles in website design


Talk with Web Design Brazil Professional – Wrapping Up

As Marcelo has clearly shown, creating websites on your own can be much easier than you have imagined. With MotoCMS templates, you have an opportunity to personalize the design and launch a webpage incredibly fast.

Have you got any similar experience in creating pages? What aspects do you find the most challenging? Feel free to share your thoughts!

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