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Premium All in One Web Development Package from MotoCMS

Daria Kosych 8 September, 2021

Nowadays, many turnkey solutions are provided for clients’ convenience, and web development isn’t an exception. That’s why the MotoCMS team has decided to keep up with trends and created a premium all in one web development package. Today, we’d like to consider:

  • what features the service includes;
  • what benefits it boasts;
  • how it differs from separate services;
  • why premium all in one offer is beneficial.

Premium All In One Is

It’s a ready and unique web project that every client can immediately use for promoting business, boosting traffic, and earning money online. No extra expenses or customizations after receiving it!

Premium All in One Package for Flowers Website Design

On the Internet, there are lots of guides on website creation. Still, even those who have some coding and design skills may face problems as it’s not only about the website performance; premium all in one is about analyzing all the minor details and producing the best possible solutions.

What is Required From You At the Beginning?

To start, we should agree on order details and discuss all your requirements. We’ll ask a set of crucial questions related to your business and your design preferences(colors, pictures, style, some other companies’ successful examples). Then, while MotoCMS designers work on the logo and future site design, our SEO team chooses high-ranking keywords that fit your business niche.

Features of Premium All In One Package

We’ve tried to bring together all the essential services that every user needs for website development, from template installation and website security organization to content optimization on pages. Let’s consider every feature in more detail.

One-of-a-Kind Website Design

According to your preferences, we create a unique design that sells and supports your brand philosophy. Also, we care about custom logo creation that is an integral website part. Therefore, all the elements look harmoniously; pages are created in one style and make your company’s products/services stand out from others and work for results.

6 Pages of Impressive Content

First, our SEO specialists find out demanded primary and secondary keywords for every page. Then our writers create original texts(500 words per page) and meta descriptions to place your site at the top of search engines and pass Google core web vitals. They also add necessary internal links that improve your website navigation and reduce bounce rate so that you get lots of benefits for flawless website performance and good rankings only with the help of quality copywriting.

Handmade Soap Website Design


Besides, we work on adding engaging images that make your site look consistent. Usually, we download professional photos from Depositphotos, but if you have other free or paid proposals, we are always open to new decisions.

Be sure that MotoCMS web developers will place text and media content in the most suitable blocks to impact users’ decisions 100%.

Additional Free Services

  1. Advanced contact form with unlimited fields, secure reCAPTCHA field, and automated notifications.
  2. Page speed booster with media optimization, gzip compression, and improvement of hosting settings.
  3. Set of pre-made icons for social media integration.

Guaranteed Data Security

Your clients will trust you due to a free SSL certificate and GDPR compliance audit we provide. Thus, they’ll know that you can safely keep their data, and it won’t be a problem for them to pay online. Regarding the payment issues, please note that MotoCMS supports all possible payment methods like PayPal, Stripe, LiqPay, WebMoney, etc.

Two Content and Design Revisions

Of course, we won’t present you with a product that doesn’t satisfy you. Thus, the premium all in one package includes two editing processes to meet your expectations and finish managing all the minor details.

 Free Domain Name and Hosting

Besides all the described technical features, we always determine your goals, take care of your target audience, and analyze competitors before working on your theme. Thus, we can achieve not just better but the best results.

Price That Saves Your Costs

A premium all in one includes a set of various services which is profitable in the result. Thus you avoid additional payments that accompany the purchase of MotoCMS website templates and get a turnkey solution for a lower price.

Besides, you won’t be alone during the whole process. Your personal competent manager will provide all the necessary recommendations, monitor the progress of your project, and solve tiny difficulties.

Types Of All In One Websites

Premium all in one package includes the creation of one-of-a-kind company website and online store site. Let’s have a look at some examples that differ by category and functionality for you to know what to expect.

Responsive Multi-Page Websites

As we’ve been for a long time on the web development market, we know what functions or design elements every niche site requires. Therefore, we know what clients want to see on your platform, and we can give it to them! Whether it’s a business site, medical, or creative; connected with food, fashion, traveling, sport, home services, events or anything else, it will look professional and adapt to any screen resolutions, so that good user experience and convenient website navigation that bring lots of other advantages are guaranteed.

Company Portfolio Premium All In One


Restaurant Web Page Template

FREE DEMO Weddig Web Agency


eCommerce Business Sites

If you’ve decided to sell products online, an eCommerce plugin from MotoCMS can do wonders and transform a usual site into a trading one. Thus, you’ll appreciate various store sections and product settings, payment gateways, automatic cost calculation, and the security of clients’ data. Moreover, we’ll work on SEO optimization obligatory for every page.

MotoCMS Ecommerce Shop


High Fashion Website Design


Template for Handmade Shop


For the creation of a more or less clear picture of what you can get and define the necessary features, you can consider bestselling MotoCMS eCommerce Templates.

Benefits of Premium All In One Web Development Package

The main two benefits are saving your time and money of course. As you set up the requirements at the beginning, you shouldn’t pay extra money for any adjustments in the future. Moreover, you get a ready web project with an attractive appearance, flawless functionality, and increased organic traffic in up to 20 business days, quite an impressive term for launching an online business, don’t you think? If not, please, consider some other benefits described below.

Service-Oriented Goals

You control the process of website creation and know how the final product will look like. As all the details are discussed and a deep analysis of your target audience is provided, you get a site tailored to your business aims.

Complex Approach

Premium all in one website is a joint work of professional web developers, designers, writers, marketing, and SEO specialists which means that all the essential aspects are covered. As team members share key data and discuss how to do it better, you get a trendy, logical, and adaptive design with a clean code and optimized text.

Also, it brings faster results without loss of quality.

Experience and Quality

There are hundreds of designed websites, successful branding projects, and satisfied website owners on our account. Every day we find out bugs, solve problems, and cope with difficulties related to web development so that you can trust your project to us and mind your own business while we are creating a quality site.

Short Steps of Premium All In One Web Development

  1. We approve design and keywords to start content creation.
  2. If the original text meets your requirements, we transfer the details to the development team.
  3. We manage some additional services like adding an SSL certificate, GDPR, improving page speed, and setting up the advanced contact form.
  4. Our team puts the final touches, checks SEO settings, flawless work of elements, and a relevant display of content.

Addressing Your Concerns

  1. Premium all in one is for me if you need a one-of-a-kind website tailored to your preferences.
  2. If I don’t have texts, we present you with 6 optimized pages, 500 words each. The content is original and meets your target audience’s needs.
  3. In case I don’t like the results, our team offers two revisions for providing timely adjustments.
  4. How long should I wait for the project launch? In up to 4 days we define the details and start making your ideas come true
  5. What information should I present? To introduce your brand in the best light, we usually ask for information about your business niche and examples of the sites you prefer to use.
  6. How long should I wait for the final result? In 20 days, we’ll share access to the first draft of the project.

Experienced MotoCMS Team

In conclusion, we’ve tried to cover all aspects of premium all in one package. Our web developers, designers, writers, and SEO specialists are always open to counseling about this offer or any other customer services. If you have any questions, please leave comments and we’ll contact you to provide answers!

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