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How to Make an Auction Website: Two Essential Tricks

MotoCMS Editorial 28 March, 2017

The boom of online technologies has turned everything we were used to upside down. This is also true when we look at the auction market. More and more companies prefer online auctions for traditional ones. Who can blame them? In this article, we will help you to find out how to make an auction website that will bring you profit.

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Online auctions are easier to organize in terms of management, maintenance, and marketing. As you understand, if you know how to create auction website, you kill not just two, but three birds with one stone.

How to Make an Auction Website

How to make an auction website - online auction

So, let’s try to figure out the two essentials on how to make an auction website. The pieces of advice you are going to find here are of use for occasions when you are given limited funding and time. It means that this advice is aimed at both professional web developers and beginners. What we want you to believe in is pretty simple to make an auction website that matters. Especially, if you know where to find the shortcuts!

Trick#1. Appeal to All Available Senses

How many senses are there? Right – there are five of them, namely sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. Which can be used when launching an auction website? Let’s start with the obvious. We need to cross taste and smell out. The same goes for touch. (However, we all should stay open-minded. Everything is possible, given how quickly and intensively the web development industry evolves. Who knows, maybe in a few years, the online auctions will give visitors the chance to lay hands on the bids, to touch, and to smell them? Let’s keep our fingers crossed). What does that leave us? We have two senses left. So, sight and hearing are at our disposal.

Start with the sight stimuli

The photos of your bids should be saying something like “I am a real steal. Click and buy me”. How can you make this happen? Simply experiment with the photo galleries. There used to be the time when there was only one way of presenting your photos on the website. Now this time is gone. Today you are free to choose between several sliders and galleries. In fact, you have a choice to use eight different options. They are a background slider, a carousel gallery, a grid gallery, a reflection gallery, a slider, a slider with thumbnails, a sliding click action gallery, and a sliding gallery. Or at least, this is what you are free to do if you opt for the best cms from MotoCMS! Just go to the Widget tab and find Galleries there.

Add video stimuli to address your customers’ hearing sense

The videos can contain information about your company, its history, and staff. You can also diversify your content with the video interviews of your verified customers. It is also a good idea to post guides for prospective bidders explaining them the whole buying-selling procedure. The truth is the more personal touch you add to your website, the more reliable and trustworthy your website will look. As a result, your auction website will quickly grow into a renowned establishment with thousands of customers from all over the world. Isn’t it what you want?

Trick #2. Structure Your Content and Layout Wisely

What do your prospective customers expect to see when they visit your auction website for the first time? You would be surprised to know that there is only one correct answer. All your visitors want to see is a manageable amount of content and an intuitive layout. As you know, an auction website is aimed at people of various social and professional groups. Moreover, it usually contains detailed information about thousands of different items. That is why you need to make sure that your visitors have no problems finding the information they need in the maximum of three clicks. In short, if your auction website is cluttered with the unnecessary information, it might cost you a reasonable number of visitors. So, our advice is to concentrate on the key points such as the content and the layout!

Our web designers have done their best to facilitate the process of creating your auction website. This is particularly obvious if to analyze the layout that MotoCMS templates offer. For example, Online Auction Website Template Designed in White and Blue Colors already includes the Categories list. This list contains the most popular auction categories and can be easily edited. So, with MotoCMS, you won’t have to spend hours on structuring your content. Moreover, you will pleasantly surprise your visitors with the clarity and consistency.

Let’s not forget about the pages that any auction website has to contain, such as FAQ or Contacts. If you think that you will have to develop each of these pages yourself, then there is good news for you. When choosing MotoCMS, you automatically get access to multi-page website templates. In fact, all the auction templates from MotoCMS contain such pages, as Home, Buy, Sell, Community, Help, FAQ, Contacts, Privacy Policy, and 404. They all are developed to specifically suit the needs of the auction market.

For example, the Home Page contains several banners and a catalog of products with testimonials and photos. The Buy Page includes information about all the available bidding categories and a menu. This menu gives your visitors a chance to read more on the shopping tools and your partner centers. It goes without saying that our templates can save you tons of your precious time!

So, do not allow your doubts to hold you back! Make an auction website with MotoCMS! Enjoy the freedom of earning your money from any corner of our planet!

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Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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