How to Make an Architecture Website: 7 Engineering Secrets

MotoCMS Editorial 29 May, 2017

If you are in the construction industry, you know that there are two effective ways to advertise your services. The first is a word of mouth. The latter allows you to make an architecture website. One can argue which one is better and why. For example, a word of mouth is definitely more personal than a website.

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However, it usually concerns only one project of yours, whereas a website can demonstrate your full potential. In this article, we will try to showcase architecture website templates from MotoCMS. You will learn how to make an architecture website within a few days and enjoy its productivity!

How to Make an Architecture Website

Analyze the Online Market Niche

You have to know your competitors, both offline and online. Depending on your work experience in the architecture business, you can name a few names of your competitors, right? So, before creating your own architecture website, google these names. Check out their websites and learn from them. Make a list of the things you find attractive on these websites.

After you are done with analyzing your immediate competitors, search a bit more on the national and global level. Hopefully, your list of attractive features for an architecture website will get a bit longer after deep research of your competitors.

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The next step is to choose a template powered by MotoCMS construction website builder. It should perfectly fit your future online project on architecture. To make your choice easier, let us demonstrate every step with the Drafting Responsive Website Template.

Start with Basics

Almost every second beginner makes the same mistake when trying to launch a website. Everyone wants to create one perfect page that will grow into a fabulous website. The truth is a bit different, however. In fact, it makes more sense to work out a consistent layout for an architecture website and then customize its design. With MotoCMS architect website builder, it is as easy as a pie. Log in to the admin panel and edit your website with a bunch of user-friendly tools and easy-to-use widgets.

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After you launch a web theme you like free of charge, customize its design right away. Explore the Design options and edit text styles, colors, backgrounds, widgets’ presets and more. For instance, you are welcome to test the functionality of the MotoCMS admin panel by means of this Responsive Website Design for Builders.

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Make Your Business SEO-Friendly

Make sure that your target audience can find your website. SEO settings will help you to accomplish this goal. First, open a page you need to optimize. Add a short page description, page keywords, and a couple of other details that MotoCMS will ask you to provide. This way the search engines will find your website quicker.

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Remember that it is very important to work out relevant descriptions and keywords to make your online business truly noticeable. Test SEO functionality of our website builder with this Interior Design Website Theme by entering all the necessary data to each page of your website.

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Show Off Your Business Advantages

Your clients trust you and expect to get a wide range of services from professionals. That is why do not be shy when demonstrating your accomplishments. Use About Us page intensively or add a new page to post your diplomas, certificates, and awards.

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The Architecture Firm Website Design combined a set of ready-made pages you can use to boost your successes on the market wisely.


Start a Blog about Architecture

Yes, it may be true that you are better at drafting and drawing than at writing posts. But it is also a well-established fact that websites with blogs are more successful. So, give this blog idea a try. There are many reasons for that. Let’s name at least a few of them. With a blog, you share your experience. You can also discuss the daily challenges you face. Even a nice joke about builders or architects you heard the other day can be used on your website to your best benefit! How so?

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If you become an active blogger, search engines will index your pages quicker and rank your website higher in the search results. It is worth a try, right? Especially, with the tips that MotoCMS offers when it comes to blogging. Go ahead, launch this Flat Architecture Website Design free of charge and test blogging functionality in the admin panel by yourself.

Manage Your Media Files Wisely

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The more attractive the projects you present online today are, the greater number of new clients tomorrow you get. Media Library from MotoCMS website builder for contractors will help you upload your content instantly and structure it in separate folders in one place.

Update Your Content Regularly

Every customer gets annoyed when coming across the information that is outdated. No exceptions. That is why you should update your content regularly. Do you have anything to share with your prospective customers? Maybe, a certificate about participating in the architecture workshop? One more successfully completed project?

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Your prospective clientele will see that you put time and effort into your architecture business and appreciate it. Use this Construction Company Website Design for your future architecture business and updating your website will become a game!

Now you know a few reasons why choosing one of the MotoCMS templates for your architecture business. They are truly one of a kind! Make an architecture website with MotoCMS and enjoy its full potential. Your business will definitely benefit from what the online world has to offer to ambitious architects of the future!

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