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5 Smashing Tips on How to Make an Antique Website

MotoCMS Editorial 10 May, 2017

Home is one of the most important concepts of our civilization. As Jane Austen once said, “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort”. What makes home comfortable? There are many answers to this question, and antique is one of them. So, if you want to make homes from houses, you should try to learn how to make an antique website with the help of antique dealer website templates.

Having read this article, you may realize that It is much easier than it seems at first. If you are reading this article, then there are two options. The first one is that you need an online shop for antique. The second one is that you are thinking about purchasing a website template for an antique restoration business. We will try to cover both options today so that you get the full picture of the antique business.

In this article you will learn:

  1. Why the cash flow is crucial for an antique business.
  2. How you can recognize the best CMS.
  3. Why you may need to add a Sales page to your website.
  4. How an antique website can signal a recession.
  5. How you can benefit from your partners.

How to Make an Antique Website

Tip 1. Control Your Cash Flow Wisely

The antique business is all about long-term investments. That is why it is necessary to plan where you get the cash flow for the current operations. This is where a website proves to be a real money saver. When created properly, a professionally-looking website can save you reasonable money. Here I mean the money you would have spent on advertising, rent and other monthly expenses. If you are starting an online antique shop, you can rent a place that is a bit out of center till you start getting some real money. This can take up to one year, by the way. If you are planning to launch an antique restoration, you can work from home. Just get your orders and pay individual visits to your clients.

Tip 2. Choose the Best CMS

Antique is not what we refer to as our primary needs. But when we choose to deal with it, then we all expect the highest quality. That is why you may need to look for the most professionally-looking website templates that are affordable to you at the moment. Start with comparing prices of different companies. Then check if the cms you like provides the live tech support, offers free trials, and promises the satisfaction guarantee. If it does – congratulations, you have found the MotoCMS website templates for the antique business!

Let’s see how you can test any MotoCMS template for free during a 14-day trial. You find a template that you like, you click on the “Try Free for 14 Days” button.

How to make an antique website - trial button

If you think “Here it comes. Now they will ask me about my credit card number, its expiration date” and so on, we have great news for you. The only information MotoCMS needs is either one of your social accounts or an email.

How to make an antique website - register

After you provide this information, you are given a link to the admin panel of the chosen template. Yes, this easy and crystal clear. No hidden pitfalls. What is more, you are immediately assigned a personal assistant that you can contact anytime you need.

How to make an antique website - zoe

Tip 3. Organize Sales and Plan Discounts

Sales can be one of the main sources of refreshing your assortment. So, if you see that the sales are dropping, it is advisable to organize a sale with 10-20% discounts. Your website can help you plan all the sales and inform your prospective customers about them. The same goes for antique restoration businesses. You can always offer considerable discounts for certain services during the slow periods.

How to make an antique website - template

With MotoCMS, you can even create a separate page devoted to Sales/Discounts. Usually, all website templates from MotoCMS are already equipped with all the pages necessary for a certain business field. Just have a look at the abundance of pages that this Antique Restoration Responsive Website Template offers.

How to make an antique website - pages

But what to do if you want a Sales page and you do not see it on the list? You click the yellow “Add” button and right away you start creating a new page. Amazing functionality, don’t you agree?

How to make an antique website - new page

Tip 4. Get Ready for Slow Periods

The economy can be sometimes unpredictable. There are two ways to deal with it. Firstly, you have to have some savings. Secondly, you can stimulate your customers more intensively. Whereas a website can not help you with savings, you can definitely use it for successful marketing. For example, you can always embed the MailChimp widget. It is a powerful subscription tool you can use to send your loyal customers newsletters once a season.

How to make an antique website - mailchimp

But more importantly, a website can help you to track the slow periods. Thanks to the Analytics tab, you can connect your site with Google Analytics and check how successful your website is and plan the next steps accordingly.

How to make an antique website - analytics

Tip 5. Be Active in the Design Community

Personal contacts are important in any business. So, how about creating a list of designers, antique restorations, builders, carpenters, and others who are somehow connected to creating homes? Praise this list as a treasure because this is what it actually is. Your prospective customers will love to get recommendations from you concerning the designer they should hire. And vice versa. Your partners might be very thankful if you post some information about their services on your website. How do you do this? Well, the easiest way is to use your blog to talk about your partners. The blog functionality is already created for you, as you can see!

How to make an antique website - blog

Well, now you know that a professionally created antique website is achievable. You can make an antique website yourself and manage it successfully. It means that your dream to bring beautiful furniture into comfortable homes can come true! So, choose MotoCMS, build a strong Internet platform for your business, and become the place to come back to in case you want more antique!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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