How to Make a Software Website: 5 Professional Secrets

MotoCMS Editorial 4 April, 2017

Software websites are aimed at either professionals who know what to do with it or beginners that look for advice. Either way, a software website has to look innovative, user-friendly, and up-to-the-minute. If you have a question or two about how to make a software website using software website templates, this article may serve as your seat belt.

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How to Make a Software Website

It does not really matter how fast your software related business evolves. There are always certain professional secrets that you can learn to guarantee your safety in the Internet world.

Secret 1. Concentrate on One Product at a Time

The software industry includes billions of businesses that deal with development, repair service, and consulting. That is why you may need to choose what your website is going to be about. Of course, it can be used as a multi-functional tool. But in practice, it makes more sense to create a software website with one clear objective.

It may happen that you have a few software products that you want to present online, like an educational program, a game, and an app for business purposes. Do not mix them all in one online project.

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Every product deserves its own platform for being advertised and appreciated online. In short, make sure that your website is all about that one particular product you want to present to the world. This way it will be simpler to advertise the product and make it more desirable. 

Just for the record – according to the Software Industry Financial Report 2016, the leading software companies spend about 38.3% of their total revenue on marketing. This is a fact to think about when creating a software website. Would you agree now that it is much easier to advertise only one product on one website?

Secret 2. Gain Your Customers’ Trust

People who want to buy software, often need to be persuaded that this is your product they need. Do you represent a comparatively young and ambitious software company? Then you have practically no other choice than offer free trials. It is not necessarily bad.

Providing the free access to your software can make the quality of your product better. You receive the additional time to find bugs in it and add a feature or two without any severe criticism from your prospective clients.

How to make a software website - free trial

One more way to go to facilitate the process of “getting-to-know” your product is to develop the online tests for your software. It is of special importance for the software that should be eventually downloaded by your prospective customers.

As you know, people are getting extremely cautious when it comes to downloading the software that they have never tried before. Especially nowadays when everybody cares about their private information.

Secret 3. Be Short and Sweet

When you start your software website, make the descriptions of your product or service as concise as they can be. These descriptions should be the first thing your prospective clients see when looking at your Homepage. Use the upper part of your website’s Homepage to state your goals.

Do not clutter the screen with slogans like “The Breakthrough in Software”, “The Groundbreaking Software” or anything of this kind. Respect the time the visitors spend on your website. Let them decide whether they find your offer as outstanding as you think.

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And only after this invite your visitors to the Services Page. This is the place to get into details about your offer and advertise it intensively. Look how elegant the Services Page look in this amazing Computers MotoCMS 3 Responsive Website Template.

How to make a software website - services

Secret 4. Value Your Personal Time

Do not underestimate the amount of time you may spend on making a software website. Even if you know a thing or two about the web development, it may take a reasonable amount of time to create an online project that completely suits your needs. The much better option is to make a software website using website templates. 

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With a template available at the market, you can predict right away what your website may look like after a few adjustments. And if you opt for the best cms for a software website, i.e. MotoCMS, you will even have a direct access to the template of your choice for 14 days for free. How great is that?

Secret 5. Think External Offers Through

There are several quite successful online platforms that are said to help you with selling your software. If you want your software business to grow into a renowned brand, choose a personal website that you can edit any time you want.

How to make a software website - dxscript

For example, if you create a software website with MotoCMS templates, you will get to know that making a website may resemble a children’s game. Thanks to the powerful Website Creator, it will take only a few clicks to adopt the layout of the template to the concept you have in mind. Just drag and drop the layout elements till you are satisfied with your future software website!

Hopefully, having read this article, you can say what professional secret mentioned above fits your concept of a software website. Remember that there are no correct answers in the business world. So, it is highly probable that you can invent your own strategy to advertise your software product or service online. The main thing, however, should always be the success and progress of your software business!

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