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How to Make a Science Website: 7 Simple, but Useful Tips

MotoCMS Editorial 24 April, 2017

Science is a power moving the contemporary world ahead. People may argue what progress is for human civilization – blessing or bane – but they cannot stop it. In fact, science is an umbrella term which refers to multiple fields of knowledge.

How to make a science website - main

Still, in spite of all the differences, these fields do have one thing in common: their proper development is impossible without the exchange of knowledge.

It goes without saying that nowadays this exchange cannot function properly out of the Web. Moreover, the Internet lets researchers spread the information with amazing speed. So, if you aim at sharing the results of your research with the public, you have no choice but to make a science website of your own, using responsive science website templates.

How to Make a Science Website

If you are a newbie in the virtual world, you may find useful the following tips concerning the startup of your website.

How to make a science website - supernatural

What to start with

Unfortunately, most researchers, especially the beginners, are always short of money. So, very few of them can afford to pay to a professional web designer for creating a website. Of course, being a scientist you may try to create a website yourself. But, even if you know some coding, this project is extremely time-consuming. Luckily, there is no necessity to waste your time any more as you can pick a user-friendly website builder from MotoCMS.

How to make a science website - neutron

With any web theme from MotoCMS, you are able to start your own website within several hours without a single line of coding.  Moreover, it is quite easy to manage such a site in the future as well. As a result, you will save plenty of time and have an opportunity to concentrate on your favorite work.

How to make a science website - espresso

Think of the target audience in advance

To create a successful website, you should have a clear view of your target audience. Your project’s main aim may be to present yourself as a researcher and to share the information about your research and publications among your academic and professional peers.

How to make a science website - scientia

Also, your intention may lay in attracting funds to your research. You may plan to offer some commercial services connected with your scientific field. So, while working at your site take all such details into consideration.

Representation of the information

Your chief aim is to spread information.  In this case, the representation of the information is of the greatest importance. It is a good idea to pay attention to the next aspects.

Solid appearance

Science and research are considered a serious sphere of life.  Try to choose calm colors for your website. Avoid sharp contrasts and a lot of visual effects. Multiple animations are also a wrong decision in this case. Still, there is no need to be grave and depressive as well. The trick is to find a good balance.

Simple logical structure

How to make a science website - neutron page

Keep your site easy to navigate and do not create too many pages. Put the most important information on your homepage. Create a logo and a brand mark for your site if you don’t have any.  Emphasize the topic of your current research and research goals.

How to make a science website - ufo


Many researchers communicate using a very special language which consists of different complicated terms. If you don’t aim only at your colleagues, you’d better try to keep away from difficult terminology. Make your language clear and understandable, and your audience will appreciate it.

Visual illustrations

Modern people are not ready for big blocks of written text anymore. It is an excellent idea to introduce some illustrations to back up the theory. The text is always accepted better when it is broken by some visual material. Include pictures, diagrams or models when possible, to catch the attention of the visitors. You may add video demonstrations or PowerPoint presentations as well.


How to make a science website - neutron blog

Blogging is a real help in any field nowadays. You can write posts yourself or include relevant information from different sources.  This is a good way to start a discussion as well. So, use it to share your ideas and to see the feedback of your community.

Clear links and contacts

First and foremost, any research site is an information source. Take care to keep all the links simple and clear (especially links to publications (journals, books, etc.)).  If you cite any source, you must adhere to the official rules of scientific citation. By doing it, you pay respect to your colleagues.

Moreover, do not forget to create the links to your social networks accounts. Use your widgets for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. on your site to do it. Thus, you will implement one more way of spreading the information about your research.  

How to make a science website - social buttons

Also, make sure, your visitors can contact you easily. Include different kinds of basic contact information, including your real postal address. It is really important if you care for a feedback or look for further connections. Mention your professional and academic affiliations if you have any.

How to make a science website - contacts

Update the information

Quite often the biggest problem with scientific websites is that the information is outdated there. It creates a really bad impression as science is associated with future not past. So, try to add new content whenever possible.

Tracking the visitors

How to make a science website - analytics

In science, analysis plays an important role. Do not forget about this while working on your website. Use your Analytics tools to improve the functionality of the site.  On seeing the activity of the visitors you can make certain conclusions and increase the traffic.

Do not be shy

Last but not least, do not feel shy about your achievements. There is nothing wrong in featuring your Honors and awards. Speak aloud about you successful teaching and other relevant professional experiences. Be proud of yourself.

Your scientific research is very important, so share it with the people.  Earn money by helping people with the knowledge you have.

Create a scientific website now and make the world a better place to live. It is so easy to do with a science template from MotoCMS. Moreover, you are welcome to enjoy a free 14 day trial period. And do, please, note, that if you make up your mind to purchase the template, all the changes you have made during the trial period will be here for you. Enjoy the quality and convenience.

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Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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