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How to Create an Art Portfolio – Creative Portfolio Website Design

MotoCMS Editorial 23 February, 2021

Building a website can be quite challenging if you are an absolute newbie in web development and web design. Whether your niche is, a strong presence on the web can help you grow your business fast and effectively. Have no idea how to create an art portfolio or a personal site on your own? We can help you to build a functional, trendy website with MotoCMS templates quickly and cost-effectively!

How to Create an Art Portfolio – 5 Creative Web Design Trends for 2021

Since you decided to build a robust online presence for your business, you need to make an efficient promotion for your site. No matter what niche you are in, your website should meet the recent web design trends to be popular and demanded. Therefore, it will be useful for you to get to know the latest creative portfolio website design tendencies.

Minimalistic Design

Minimalism is one of the most popular trends of all time, especially in web design. Suppose you want to create a thrilling platform to showcase your works. Pick one of the minimalistic themes offered by MotoCMS. Thanks to such design, users will navigate the site and find relevant content quickly and easily.

Bright Colors and Fonts

Vivid color schemes are predicted to be the go-to for web design in 2021. MotoCMS provides a wide selection of creative website templates with trendy colors and font. Moreover, there is an option to adopt color schemes and font sizes so your site can evolve with the trends!

High-Resolution Media

To draw the users’ attention, the website should be well-designed and visually attractive. Thus, MotoCMS included high-resolution photos to all themes so that the clients to be satisfied with their choices. Besides, if you add high-quality pictures of your latest work to the portfolio, your platform will look more reliable and reputable.


In addition to the trends mentioned above, there is a move towards people designing with accessibility in mind. MotoCMS web constructor allows its customers to make their websites as easy as possible for every visitor could access them. Moreover, all templates are compatible with different mobile devices and browsers.

Motion Design

Many of the MotoCMS templates include adding video, which is also considered trendy this year. The motion design is predicted to make waves into 2021; therefore, this feature will be handy. Add GIFs or incorporate a video into your website’s header to bring your products and services to life right now!

How to Create an Art Portfolio with Top-Notch Web Templates

A portfolio is a crucial part of artists, designers, photographers, painters, fashion stylists, tattoo artists, and other creatives activities on the web. An eye-catching, professional website can help you reach success and win more leads and job offers, meaning long-term and stable growth. It has never been easier and cheaper to solve the issue ‘How to create an art portfolio’ than it is today. Thanks to an extensive MotoCMS collection of creative web layouts, you will find the theme that will ideally suit your needs.


The Modeling Portfolio Website Template is a perfect solution for creating an art portfolio for a modeling company. Its minimalistic design allows highlighting the portfolio and other essential details of your business. Moreover, the modern fonts will make your site look trendier.

The theme comprises a full set of ready-made pages like:

  • About;
  • Offers;
  • Blog;
  • Workshops;
  • Testimonials;
  • and Contacts.

The template also comes with an extensive selection of tools and widgets, including contact forms, presets, Google Maps, etc. Besides, the layout is mobile-friendly, cross-browser compatible, and high performing. Summing up, the power to design, build and publish responsive websites consistently makes Ether the ultimate designer web template.

how to create an art portfolio for model agency


M. Barton

This Graphic Designer Website Template is a brilliant example of a thoughtful art portfolio design. With this multipage MotoCMS layout, you can do what you previously never thought is even possible! It gets really satisfying to customize such a thrilling theme, as you know that it will attract a lot of people’s attention.

The design’s color scheme looks incredible and emphasizes the designer’s or artist’s artworks in the best possible way. Once the site visitors scroll through the homepage, they will fall in love with your sense of taste and style. Here you find several sections displaying images with a block of text. Include the relevant information about you and your services on each page to add informativeness to your stunning web design.

creative art portfolio for photographer



Artores is a versatile portfolio web design for designers and other creatives like photographers, web designers, etc. With this Personal Website Design Template, you can easily find the look that fits your style and emphasizes your artworks best. The layout has all the necessary features for efficient theme customization:

  • an eye-catching homepage design;
  • a handy admin panel to customize the template in a few clicks;
  • an extensive selection of color schemes and Google fonts;
  • high-quality media for creating a stunning portfolio;
  • user-friendly lower blocks to display your professional skills.

Using the MotoCMS drag and drop builder, you can demonstrate your professionalism and experience online. This is an excellent way to draw your target audience’s attention for promoting your services locally and worldwide.

professional art portfolio for designer


Richard Gore

Don’t know how to create an art portfolio for a writer? MotoCMS has an ideal solution for you and your business! This Creative Portfolio Website Template can help you to impress your readers and potential clients successfully and cost-effectively.

The theme looks minimalistic yet creative, as it allows visitors to focus on the crucial elements of the website. Once you create a site with this template, you can be sure that it will be stylish and attractive even in ten years from now or more.
The process of website customization is straightforward, so it won’t be challenging for you to make everything on your own. Check out your competitors’ platforms to define what information must be included and build exclusive content to generate traffic on your site. Make it remarkable and let it stand out from the crowd to attract even more clients and scale your writing project.

creative website template for a writer



Are you a total newbie in web design? We know how to create an art portfolio of the highest quality without great money, time, and effort losses. Get your site up and running fast with the Web Developer Portfolio Website Template from MotoCMS. This theme has been designed to meet the customers’ needs so that designers could effectively develop their businesses.

Therefore, each portfolio page is made to characterize specific sides of the professional’s personality:

  1. The ‘Homepage’ is intended for introducing your activity as a designer, photographer, etc.
  2. ‘My Projects’ is where you should add your latest projects that can potentially interest your audience.
  3. The ‘About’ page will help your website visitors to get to know more useful information about your brand.
  4. Besides, don’t forget about the ‘Contacts’ section, where you should indicate your current address and contact details like email, phone number, and more.

With DevLing, you will quickly and comfortably create a website for your designer needs!

how to create an art portfolio for designer


Peter Smith

Are you a photographer who doesn’t know how to create an art portfolio with zero coding skills? The Art Portfolio Website Template will solve this issue for you within a few hours. Pick this layout as the base for your future website, set it up using the MotoCMS assistance and your own imagination.

This theme represents an innovative Moto 4 solution, which goes with modern updates compatible with all devices. Customize the template with the drag-and-drop function’s help and personalize it to build a deep connection with your audience and raise your earnings. Include a functional contact form, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds, Google Maps, and other widgets to make your platform more functional. To sum up, this art portfolio is an excellent choice for you whether you want to showcase your portfolio or plan an exhibition!

build a portfolio for your website



Dezingo works well for marketing all kinds of artwork — painting, photography, web design, and more. The possibilities of this Startup Website Design for Creatives are endless, as MotoCMS supplied this theme with all necessary tools and widgets. The website layout has a handy menu, making it easy to navigate between different pages and sections. Thus, your potential customers can see behind your business’s scenes by enjoying your compelling web content.

It is easy to figure out how to create an art portfolio with the MotoCMS web constructor, as this is a reliable, user-friendly CMS platform. Test the template during a 14-day trial period for free to ensure this is what you’ve been looking for. Be aware; you will be impressed with how easy it is to launch a website even with no web development experience.

web templates collection



Fresh perfectly suits creatives looking to sell their artwork and develop on the Internet market. You will enjoy its beautiful and bright design when you scroll down on the Company Portfolio Website Template’s homepage. The header menu appears clean and straightforward, making it easy to navigate via laptops and mobile devices.

This MotoCMS theme comes with nine pre-built pages:

  • Homepage;
  • About us;
  • Pricing;
  • Our team;
  • History;
  • Testimonials;
  • Blog;
  • Gallery;
  • and Contacts.

The template’s vivid colors meet the web design trends of 2021, so if you purchase this option, your site will look stunning and attractive for everyone!

trendy website design


10 Tips on How to Create an Art Portfolio with MotoCMS

1. How to Create an Art Portfolio That Will Showcase Your Experience

Let your work do the talking by making projects easy to view in large formats. Customize the ‘Portfolio’ page to reflect your art and demonstrate your experience to prospective customers. Put your portfolio on the homepage to allow all visitors to enjoy your works right away!

2. Add Big and Beautiful Images

Images are a crucial part of any professional art portfolio. Ensure the chosen web template can show big portfolio images, display projects galleries, etc. Keep in mind that the visual part of website design is what you should focus on when customizing the layout. Thus, you can attract more clients and grow your business.

3. Write Clear and Concise Headings

The website visitors won’t stay on your platform if it is hard to navigate. Therefore, you should create clear and concise headings to highlight the critical content. Be aware that all MotoCMS templates are designed to focus on crucial elements of your website. Thus, if you don’t know how to create an art portfolio effectively, look through the best web templates from MotoCMS 3 and Moto 4 to pick the most appropriate option.

4. Stick to Your Brand Identity

Don’t copy your competitors’ platforms, even if they are popular and successful. Leave the viewer awestruck with your artwork and intrigue users with your vivid imagination and creative brand concept.

5. Share Your Story with Enthusiasm

Every professional website should have a well-thought-out About us page to share the brand’s story. Use this section to narrate the stories or ideas behind your art activity. Showcase the best pieces that you are very proud of, explain your business’ backstory, and describe the journey you went through to get such impressive achievements!

6. How to Create an Art Portfolio That Will Keep up with the Times

Don’t choose cliché examples as inspiration for building a stunning art portfolio. Stand out from your competitors by offering unique ideas. Keep up with the times to grow your client’s base and grow your business.

7. Use Tools for Efficient Web Promotion

Pay attention to the set of tools and features that goes with the template when picking the right web layout. With the efficient SEO tools, plugins, widgets, and other features, you will be able to personalize the theme and build a functional multipage platform. Moreover, you can promote your site on the Internet without much money and effort.

8. Insert Clear and Compelling CTA Buttons

Great calls to action are the key to increasing your income and raising your business potential. Ensure your website content is accompanied by engaging CTAs that clearly state what the user should do next.

9. How to Create an Art Portfolio Using Handy Forms for Easy Communication

Make your website as user-friendly as possible so that people stay on your site or get back to you again. Include handy contact forms so that your local and prospective clients could reach you at any time just by filling out the form.

10. Incorporate Customer Testimonials

People always want to see what others say about a product or a service before making a final decision. If you have customer reviews, showcase them to your audience. However, they don’t have to be posted right in the center of the homepage. Place them lower to leave enough space for your services description and call-to-action buttons.

How to Create an Art Portfolio – Conclusion

Sunning up, using the right website template will help to successfully showcase the artist’s work, create a strong connection with the target audience, and draw prospective clients’ attention. Follow out tips and tricks on how to create an art portfolio that will outshine your competitors. Build a superb reputation locally and worldwide, and demonstrate your remarkable works and creations to attain your career goals!

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