Effective About Us Page Design and Content: How to Hook on Your Online Visitors

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Allison Reed 24 November, 2017

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” they say. Frankly speaking, it’s difficult to object to these wise words. Undoubtedly, the first impression is of vital importance on the web as well as it is in real life. Getting to know people in real life is not a simple task. Getting to know people online is even more difficult. Unfortunately, when you are online you can’t meet your visitors with a charming smile and shake hands with them. Your only weapon is a smartly built website, or, to be more precise, the effective About Us page design and content.

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It’s quite obvious that About Us page is one of the most important pages of any website. Why? The answer is evident. Just think of your own Internet behavior. Imagine that some website has caught your attention with its products. However, you’ve never heard of the brand before. What will you do? Of course, you’ll click on the About Us page to learn more about the brand. And namely this page may become the determiner of your further actions. To put it simply, the About Us page will help you decide whether to take some action or leave the website. That’s why it’s so necessary to take good care of your About Us page design and content.

About Us Page Design or Content: What Is More Important?

If the answer “Both” wasn’t the immediate and the only one possible you had, then you shouldn’t skip this section. To tell the truth, there aren’t too many thoroughly thought out About Us pages on the web. The problem is that the majority of website owners concentrate only on one of the aspects: either design or content. So, some of the pages look great but have boring and useless content. Others, though providing you with all the necessary information, fail to hook you on because of their terrible look.

Before starting to create or upgrade your About Us page, there’s one thing you should always bear in mind. About Us page design and About Us page content are the two pillars of your success. Moreover, they are equally important and should be mutually complementary. To cut a long story short, only the About Us page with great content and attractive design has a chance to convert your online visitor into the customer.

8 Tips to Create an Effective About Us Page for Website

Honestly, there’s no one-fits-all solution or an exact formula for an effective About Us page design. However, there are several wise steps to follow to make your prospects fall in love with your brand. We’ll gladly share them with you in this article. What’s more, we’ll spice them up with some visual examples for your About Us page design inspiration.

Get Your Concept across

It goes without saying that there are plenty of things you want to tell your visitors about your brand. You are eager to share your history and success, to tell about your values and introduce your team. Certainly, all this information is important. However, your main task is not to overwhelm your page and your visitors with it. Consequently, the primary thing is to thoroughly select the info you really need to convey your message. Unless your About Us page design and content fail to get your concept across any other actions are completely useless.

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First and foremost you are to concentrate on your brand’s unique identity. Who are you? What is your mission? What sets you apart from your competitors? It’s a good idea to begin with an inspiring mission statement. Try to keep your statement short and clear, not more than two sentences long.

Honestly, you’ll never impress your online audience with clichés. Hence, take time on brainstorming the ideas to make your About Us page hook on your visitors from the first sight.

Carefully Organize Your About Us Page

Perhaps, there are not many people who enjoy mess and chaos when they need to find something quickly. As a rule, the absence of logic and clear structure of any web page irritates its visitors. As a result, they almost immediately quit such a page to go on with their search on another website. So, not to miss your potential customers you are to take good care of your About Us page structure.

Bear in mind that a well-organized About Us page not only pleases the eye of its visitors. What’s more, it makes the information easily digestible.

Let About Us Page Design Reinforce Your Story

Probably, you won’t be surprised to hear that an About Us page shouldn’t be just a set of facts. Your whole page is to tell a single coherent story. It’s up to you whether to make it serious or funny. The only requirement here is to keep it informative, interesting, and personable at the same time. A good story is able to humanize your brand and provide context and meaning for your product. In other words, it’s a perfect way to gain your visitors’ interest and trust.

Of course, when we say “story” we don’t mean a bare text. Undoubtedly, your About Us page design is also its indispensable part. On the best About Us pages, design and content go hand in hand thus reinforcing the story.



For instance, a hero image can merely replace hundreds of words. Whereas a simple layout and clean white space will make your page look sleek and professional.



Focus on Your Customers

Has it ever occurred to you that in fact, your About Us page isn’t about you? Actually, it’s in human nature to be concerned with our own problems. While searching for a product online we’re all about ourselves. The initial thing that matters is what a brand can do for us. That’s why an effective About Us page should be customer-oriented to the maximum.

Firstly, dedicate your opening statement to your visitors’ objectives. Demonstrate the value your product offers namely to them. Show that everything you do is done with their needs in mind.

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Secondly, try to avoid acronym-infested or too professional jargon. Maybe, you feel cleverer while using it. However, your online visitors may fail to understand you. So, it’s better to talk to your audience with simple unambiguous words.

Introduce Your Team

Do you know that online visitors tend to better respond to About Us pages containing photos of the company staff? It’s not surprising. Actually, it’s easier to take seriously real, live people than an abstract company. Consequently, the pictures of your team members are able to increase your brand recognition and trust.

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There are no strict rules for these photos to follow. They may be face or full-length portraits, show your staff at work or focus on their hobbies.

However, there are two important things to remember. First of all, never mix photos coming from different sources if you want your About Us page look professional. Turn to a specialist not to kill your About Us page design. Besides, be careful with the image extensions. Learn pros and cons for each type of image extensions to make a right choice and not overload your website.

Give the Proof of Your Success

Maybe, one of the best ways to state that your brand is trustworthy and deserves attention is to let your customers speak instead of you. What can better prove your professionalism than your customers’ testimonials? They will definitely act more effectively than your own words. So, don’t hesitate to include some into your About Us page.

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Besides, don’t forget to showcase your awards if you have any. There’s no doubt that they will influence the final decision of your online audience greatly.

Be Visually Diverse

Nowadays it’s a common knowledge that visuals are easier to skim and absorb. That’s why they are a must-have of your About Us page content. A healthy dose of high-quality photos and a short video or even two can significantly impact the level of interest your page arouses.

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Your key information represented via a timeline or other infographics can capture the attention of your visitors in no time. So, if you haven’t used an infographic maker yet it’s high time to learn. The variety in visuals will continuously keep your online audience engaged. However, to be effective every visual element should be carefully thought out and brilliantly executed.

Use Call-to-Action

Whereas your About Us page tells the story of your brand, why not use a call-to-action button to logically complete it? Don’t leave your work unfinished – push your visitors towards some action. For example, offer them subscribing to your newsletter or make an appointment. Naillasi Responsive Website Template


If you neglect this opportunity you may lose potential customers. After reading your About Us page, your prospects may simply click the back button or go to another random page. As a result, you miss a chance to determine their next step.

Hope, now creating an effective About Us page doesn’t seem a daunting task to you anymore. Of course, you’ll have to spend some time and effort to make your About Us page design and content perfect. However, believe us this game is worth the candle!

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