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How to Choose the Right Website Template – 6 Tips for Your Website

Daria Kosych 2 August, 2021

Nowadays, a website is a very complex entity, but more people have the opportunity to launch it despite that. Once the number of online platforms has grown, the options of building and enhancing them have also multiplied many times. Therefore, it’s natural to ask yourself: is it possible for anyone to create a website having no or little knowledge about this process? To help people who want to launch their own website at any cost, the designers came up with a great solution: website themes. Today, we’d like to provide tips on how to choose the right website template and consider its benefits.

What Is a Template?

A template is a structure that needs minor customizations, especially for personalizing it, and after finishing them, it may be uploaded. More pragmatically, it is a pre-made website that’s 80% ready and only requires slight modifications such as replacing default texts and images with yours. The idea is simple, and over time it proved to be really successful: designers create templates, and users modify them according to their needs and preferences. The web is full of various themes, and we believe that even the most exigent tastes can be satisfied.

How to Choose the Right Website Template

Who Need It

Paid themes I would recommend to those who want to:

  • save time on setting up their site;
  • customize the site without editing the code and change almost any element on the site;
  • pick up a ready-made design option, and not draw it from scratch;
  • get a nice and neat design;
  • responsive site looking convenient and readable on tablets and mobile phones;
  • create professional landing pages, forums, online stores;
  • enjoy complex functionality;
  • get support 24/7 and advice on customizing a theme.

Thus, selecting the proper template is a prevalent but essential matter, and it should be seriously treated. By taking into account the tips below, it is almost impossible not to select the proper template. Of course, if you have other ideas, please use the comment form and share your thoughts with us.

Tip #1: Determine what kind of a website you need

Each kind of website has its own peculiarities. A common mistake in the web design community is to ignore the specificity of a website.

  • E-commerce templates should emphasize the products, the call-to-action buttons must be easy to find by the viewers, and the images should be of high quality.

MotoCMS Ecommerce Shop


  • A corporate website must impress, and its design should inspire trust, power, and safety.

MotoCMS Corporate Website


  • A kids-related website should be funny, and the colours used must express joy, the background may contain some funny illustrations, etc.

Website for Kids


These are just a few of the little things about these websites. Anyone who doesn’t know how to choose the right website template for their new website must be aware of these particular features.

To understand this idea better, imagine the template suitable for corporate solutions used as a presentation website for kindergartens. Would that be appropriate for the users? I guess not. No matter how wonderful these templates are for their own niche, they suck big time when used for websites of other topics. People won’t appreciate them because they don’t meet their expectations.

All in all, it’s better to choose a specific category and website type(landing page/eCommerce/multi-page) to find a template for business requirements.

Tip #2: Choose the template you need but not the one you just visually like

Selecting the winning template is not an easy task; many people choose it based on their personal likings, which is not recommended. A template that will be effective is always selected using your mind and not your feelings! Anyone who should select a template must have a clear understanding that their personal preferences don’t matter and that the primary purpose is what the future users will need. My suggestion is to write down your users’ expectations regarding the future website and only after that start searching for templates that meet all/most of these expectations.

Also, though it’s essential to choose a template for business requirements objectively, hurrying isn’t a good option. The final decision should be made according to a proper judgment, or else, sooner or later, the consequences won’t be positive.

Tip #3: A good template should be customizable and flexible technically

At first sight, anyone may state that this tip is too obvious actually to be a tip, but would someone suggest readers buy a bad template with lots of bugs that is hard to customize? Yes, it’s possible to say that, but a more in-depth evaluation will have a totally different answer. Many people, especially those who are not very skilled in web design, consider that a very customizable template is not finished or poorly coded. Some of us may say that a template having too many editing options is annoying, but this “freedom” allows the user to create non-default elements while using a template.

MotoMCS Gallery


A personalized template, having many original items, assures that people won’t have the feeling of “yet another website”, which is embarrassing. If you don’t understand how some templates differ and their unique features, check each theme’s descriptions.

Tip #4: Pay attention to the seller and inquire about customer support

As we have mentioned before, the Internet is full of countless templates, but it doesn’t mean that all of them are wonderful and perform well technically. Unfortunately, most of them are of poor quality (believe us – we’ve been in the templates industry for long enough, and we’ve seen templates out there that we would want to forget forever). If someone indeed cares about their online presence, it’s highly recommended to pay attention to the seller. There are many possibilities of studying the seller, starting with testimonials from previous buyers to things such as pre-sales support helping you with the suitable template.

Still, even the best templates may contain some flaws; therefore customer support is essential. For some users knowing their back is covered is critical; for some, it isn’t. But the industry standard is that support is a big fat plus for the seller.

Tip #5: Keep your eye on the big picture

Some websites are created just for fun or for non-business activities, but most of them are launched to have a clear business purpose. Some websites are created to sell products, others to distribute information, and others to let people know what kind of services someone provides, and so on. People usually fall into the trap of neglecting the long-time perspective. The idea is to select a template considering the overall situation – a template is just a tiny part of a more significant project.

Restaurant Web Page Template


Let’s take this example: you are the owner of a small restaurant, and of course, you can’t ignore the clients and decide to launch a website. A very good friend of yours recommended our website builder and templates, so you selected our services. Undoubtedly, the templates suitable for your area are good-looking, but how to choose the right website template? Define the one that matches your style, even if others impress you more.

Tip #6: Don’t be in a hurry, and don’t be a Scrooge

The vast amount of people who buy templates have many expectations from them. Not to get disappointed with the template, they should invest money and time. A free template is attractive for being free, but in most cases, it should have a severe downside (lack of support, poor technical quality). Once again, we don’t state that a free template should be neglected, hands down, but you should be more careful in these circumstances.

On the other hand, the rule “more money – better quality” does not work all the time. The best recommendation is to select a template without being under pressure and emphasizing the financial aspect too much.

We hope that we haven’t scared off anyone interested in purchasing a template, but the tips above may be beneficial in not making a wrong decision.

Benefits Of Using Template for Business Requirements

Affordable Price

If you’re the owner of a small business or just on the way to it, you need a profitable and successful decision for presenting your services. But if you want a website developed from scratch, you will have to spend money at all stages of development, starting with creating the technical requirements and ending with testing and improvements.

Fast Launch

Let’s say you decide to order a website development from a company. How is this process going? You write a technical assignment, it is coordinated, contracts are signed, and deadlines are approved. Then the development of the site begins, which may take not a week or two but much longer. What happens when someone buys a template? He just pays for the purchase, installs it on his site – and that’s it! Within a few minutes, you have a ready-made website, where you should only change the appearance and information the way you need.

Variety of Products

There is a myth that all the templates are similar, but it’s not a true statement. There are thousands of various niche-oriented examples of future websites, so that following our tips on how to choose the right website template, you’ll definitely find the very one.

Ecommerce Personaliized Experience



MotoCMS templates are fully customizable and responsive themes. Usually, managing it doesn’t cause difficulties; therefore, even a novice can cope with it. In addition, there are detailed guides and reliable support so that you won’t stand alone anyway.


Even though two users can purchase the same template, the final results will be completely different as they’ll change the design, mainly elements, blocks, and colours, and add unique content.


You no longer need to create separate sites for mobile and desktop versions. Due to adaptive and responsive templates, your site will look fantastic on any screen resolution.

SEO Friendliness

Every MotoCMS theme has special tools for easy website optimization. Thus, you can add meta descriptions to every page including demanded keywords and add alt attributes to all pages on your site.

How to Choose the Right Website Template

Some people genuinely face such a problem – how to choose the right website template? Which one is ideal for me? A large selection leads to the fact that it is more challenging to make decisions as doubts constantly arise.

With the help of discussed tips, MotoCMS catalogue, and convenient filters, you can choose the right one quickly and easily. By the way, have you seen our latest templates? Here are just a few of them:

Sports Team Website Template


Chess Website Template


How to Choose the Right Website Template Tips


Take your time, think twice, and you will surely buy the best template for your project. Good luck!

7 responses to “How to Choose the Right Website Template – 6 Tips for Your Website”

  1. Whenever we search for templates, almost all of them seems good to us , but as you have suggested it’s better to look into the fact whether the theme is going to support your website requirement or not. May be you are looking for a template for your e-commerce project, you bought the most appealing theme but at the end of the day , the theme was missing payment integration module.
    So it’s better to try the demo first, if possible admin panel also.

  2. Nathan Brook says:

    Nice thread. HTML based templates are just the best. You can modify them in every way and they load quickly.

  3. Jack Dawson says:

    These people have absolutely nailed the portfolio template. Clean, Fresh and Creative.


  4. For me, this really hit a nerve as I found it quite overwhelming to choose a template when I was building my website.

    Thank you once again for a beautiful beautiful work you’ve done with this website!
    I’d like to ask for your advice. I’m searching for the right website builder, I want to build a website for my coaching business. Few e-commerce features, as people would need to be able to pay via my website for their coaching sessions, buy a couple of e-books and tickets to participate in seminars/workshops. It needs to look professional. I want to add many of pictures in the articles and on the main page.

    Nice thread. HTML based templates are just the best. You can modify them in every way and they load quickly…

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