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Jack Roger 10 September, 2021

In today’s digital world, businesses must gain the trust of their potential customers, which can be attained only by displaying reliable and trustworthy content on major marketing touchpoints, mainly the brand’s official website. Thus, trust plays a vital role in converting your potential customers to existing ones and can be achieved seamlessly by displaying Google reviews on the website.

Around 93% of potential customers go through online reviews while they are in the purchase decision process. This is mainly because one customer tends to trust another customer much more than the brand’s promotional content. Hence, by embedding Google reviews on UseViral, you shall easily be able to gain your potential customers’ trust and be able to convince them to purchase your products.

Google Reviews

If you are wondering about the process, keep reading as we have mentioned the best tools for smoothly embedding Google reviews for your website. They are handy, easy to use, and do not require technical expertise or coding skills.

Let’s start!

Best Tools To Embed Google Reviews Widget On The Website

Taggbox Widget

Taggbox is a social media aggregation tool and a leading user-generated content platform that allows you to collect, oversee, and embed content from social media networks and significant sources, including Google. You can easily embed Google reviews if you own a Google My Business account. Not just that, once you aggregate the content, Taggbox enables you to customize the widget per your personal preferences.

The users can leverage a variety of customization options like templates, layouts, fonts, colors, etc., to enhance the look and feel of the widget. Additionally, you can adjust the width and height of the Google review widget to the website’s overall look.

Taggbox Widget

Taggbox understands how negative reviews can ruin your brand’s reputation. Hence, it offers users an advanced content moderation feature with a profanity filter to remove unwanted and offensive content from the widget.

Besides, it integrates with all the major website builders like Wix, WordPress, Shopify, etc., for the users to insert content into the website in a few easy steps. Lastly, the platform offers advanced analytics that enables users to get detailed insights into information like total impressions, clicks, etc, to determine the success of the Google review widget.


The second Google review widget on the list is Tagembed, another responsive social media aggregation tool that lets the users curate and embed content from various social media platforms, including Google reviews for websites. The platform offers various features to make the widget more impactful and effective. The users can select it from various options, including templates, layouts, fonts, etc., and customize it as they want to.

Additionally, they can utilize the content moderation panel to maintain the content of utmost quality on the widget. The integration of Tagembed with various website building platforms allows the users to integrate the Google review widget on any CMS platform, including Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, MotoCMS, etc.

Besides, the detailed analytics feature of the platform lets the users get crucial insights and numbers to track the widget’s performance on the website.


Another amazing platform that can be used by brands and businesses to embed Google reviews for websites is Elfsight. Intending to elevate trustworthiness amongst your potential customers, this tool allows you to integrate content from your selected Google my business account and display it on your site.


Talking about the tool’s features, it offers a flexible interface of various customization options to its users. Additionally, it offers six layout options for you to select the one that deems fit as per your choice and preference. If you need to make a few modifications on the widget after publishing it, you can do it easily on the admin board. Once you are done customizing, you can save the changes, which will be displayed on the website.

Lastly, if you face any issue while using the platform and need assistance, the robust back support team of the platform is forever active to assist you as and when required.

Best Examples To Integrate Google Reviews For Your Website

Display Google Reviews On The Homepage

Your website’s homepage is the first place where your potential customers reach as they click the link. It is after going through the homepage that the customers decide whether they wish to explore the website further or not.

Adding Google reviews to the homepage would instantly catch the attention of your website visitors and urge them to go on and have a thorough look at your website and what your business has to offer.

Incorporate Reviews In The Header Section Of The Website

Yes, you read it right! Please choose the best reviews from the lot and embed them into the header section of your website. Make sure you display it in an attractive way to attract the maximum audience. If you feel that doing so would be a little over the top, think again! Your customers’ words about your brand and its products need to be flaunted since it can help your potential customers decide on their purchases.

Integrate Reviews In The Form Of A Slider

If you are looking for a way to set Google reviews on your website visually appealing, then you can do it by embedding a slider form. You can place the content strategically in a section of your website like the product page or the Our Story page, for tapping into impulsive buying.

Think about it. Your users are already interested in your products and are surfing through your product pages. Reading Google reviews would give them that extra push to purchase the product right away!

Display Reviews In The Form Of A Sidebar Widget

Beautifully integrating the voice of your customers in the form of a sidebar widget is an ideal way to motivate them to purchase your products. For example, you can do so by embedding the content on a page dedicated to special discounts or promotions. Doing so would make your customers keen on your products. Ultimately, all customers love good product deals, and leveraging this strategy would further aggravate their need to buy the product immediately.

Embed Google Reviews Location Wise

This example is great, especially if you have various business branches across multiple cities, within a particular city, across states, or even countries! Often, users are hesitant to visit another branch of the same business since they are thoroughly convinced with the services of a particular one. Embedding Google reviews location-wise can instill faith and confidence in your potential customers, and they will be confident to visit the brand anywhere!

Closing Note

We have reached the conclusion section of the article. We’d like to emphasize that the more trust your customers have, the more sales and conversions you get! More than 90% of customers are not confident to make purchases from a website if they do not see customer reviews. This is a revelation big enough for you to leverage your customer’s reviews, isn’t it? Get going now, choose the best tool, and set Google reviews for your website.

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