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Template for Interior Design Website Users Are Searching For

Tina Zennand 25 October, 2021

For interior and furniture design companies that need a professional web presence, MotoCMS website builder suits as good as it gets. With its help, interior business owners can present their works in the best possible way. Such websites should focus upon adequate color combinations, appropriate interior design capabilities, stylish design approaches, convenient structure, and navigation. What technology can showcase your works online better than the MotoCMS template for interior design website with its richest galleries, impressive interactive effects, and extraordinary functionality?

MotoCMS offers you the collection of its premium interior website templates specially created for interior design online projects. Each of the themes presented below is a full-fledged website that can be easily customized and then managed using the Moto admin panel. Due to the awesome functionality and unusual elegant designs, we offer you to create a website with incredible interior design illustrations, furniture layouts and embody the boldest designer’s ideas into reality.

We’ll consider the following aspects:

  • interior design;
  • furniture;
  • flooring.

Best Interior Website Design

Designing the interior for home improvement may be challenging for some people because it requires time, taste, imagination, and desire. Therefore, they often turn to interior designers who have experience and a vision of projects that match clients’ needs.

Thus, with the help of an online platform, you can ensure users that:

  • you can transform even the smallest space into a cozy apartment;
  • hiring a good interior designer is paramount if they want their home to be functional and look perfect.

Choose Your Template for Interior Design Website


Interior Design Example


This is a perfect theme with a discreet and friendly design. With easy navigation, mainly CTA, Up buttons, and menu specifying all the details that may interest potential clients(about you, offers, your team, testimonials, blog posts, contacts), you’ll ensure a good user experience. The potential clients will stay pleased by the variety of categories, visuals, and portfolio cases. Also, social media integration buttons will help you get organic traffic. Just add the link to the site to your social networks’ bio.

Price: $9.9/month

Functionality: in the admin panel, when you click on the Pages section, there are:

  • Ready-to-use blocks with galleries, calls to action, for general content, pricing tables, representing a team, partners, testimonials, contacts, footers, and others. You select them, add to the chosen page and change the content as you need.
  • Widgets: basic ones like text, image, space, button, divider, menu, etc., galleries(slider, grid, carousel, tile), social media widgets, advanced(image/slider), blog elements, and much more for all possible needs.

It means that you can modify all the pages as you want to just by mixing necessary blocks and widgets.

The strength you may use to persuade users to choose you: competent use of space.

It’s not enough to make specific measurements and buy furniture and accessories. Interior design from a professional will help find the right ways and make the most of every centimeter of available space according to the canons of ergonomics.


Professional Design Studio


It is so easy to bring your design ideas into life with this unique template for interior design website. Every item here is neat and straightforward, its aesthetics and bright inserts will undoubtedly melt clients’ hearts. Moreover, Stoolex impresses by the perfect choice of fonts and their colors. If it’s not enough for you, please have a look at the gallery with high-quality images that’s almost impossible to resist.

All in all, if you want to match current web design trends and satisfy your visitors, you’ll undoubtedly need such a theme.

Price: $9.9/month

Functionality: In the admin panel, there is a Design section where you can set up:

  • text styles;
  • colors;
  • background(change presets, colors, add background image);
  • sizes and values of spacings, grid settings, and heading spacings;
  • widgets(accordion, audio, and video player, callback, cookie notification, countdown timer, and much more, it’s just impossible to list all of them).

Also, there is a Media library section where you can add as many images and folders as you want.

The strength you may use to persuade users to choose you: taking into account the features of the room’s purpose.

The interior design of a residential and office space will be strikingly different. A professional interior design project can help you avoid mistakes that can subsequently affect the comfort and efficiency of the space.


Design Projects


If you present clients with complex solutions, this interior design site is able to cover all your needs. Thus, you can tell more about your services(f.e. interior architecture, design, lighting, furniture) and support it with statistics (like years of experience, number of qualified employees, and successful projects). There is also a separate page for sharing your projects, information about them, and images that will undoubtedly evoke users’ trust.

Price: $9.9/month

Functionality: in the admin panel, there is a blog section where you can manage your:

  • posts(edit them, copy, delete, check the date of creation, author and URL);
  • tags(add new, delete old or simply edit);
  • templates of the blog page, blog post, category, and tags;
  • settings(enabling or disabling comments, language, and date format).

Blog posting works like a magic wand that builds trustful connections with clients. Try not to miss an excellent opportunity to boost your site traffic, share some tips, tell more about your services and even call readers to action.

The strength you may use to persuade users to choose you: integrity.

Regardless of whether clients are changing the interior design of one room or several at once, integrity remains one of the main principles. All interior elements inside one space should be in harmony stylistically and be as useful as possible in terms of functionality. Moreover, the renovated premises should fit the overall concept of the space so that the help of a specialist would come in handy.

Template for Interior Design Website – Interioni

Beautiful Living Room Design


The template for studio design is focused upon a neutral color spectrum, stylish elements, and elegant interior image works. The combination of these crucial issues is able to convey a sensation of the company’s professionalism and interior design capabilities.

A few words about the advantages:

  • here’s a separate Pricing page that plays a vital role in converting users to potential clients as the absence of prices often makes them leave because they don’t know whether they can afford the services you present and leave the site;
  • the use of unique icons for presenting what you do.

Besides, the development of your website helps you attract offline customers, just add your address and specify opening hours in the footer. Also, we recommend you to be open to your visitors, share your latest news, offer discounts for subscriptions or the first order.

Price: $9.9/month.

Functionality: in the admin panel, there is a Settings section where you can set some general options like website name, page title format, default language, etc. Also, here you can work on:

  • updates;
  • SEO;
  • analytics;
  • fonts;
  • code injection;
  • mail;
  • feedback(chatbots/callbacks);
  • integration(comments, Google Map, Google reCAPTCHA, Instagram, Google Search);
  • redirects;
  • advanced settings(time zone, cookies, enabling lazy loading).

The strength you may use to persuade users to choose you: repair/renovation without hassle. Professional interior design is your opportunity to shift the worries about the selection and implementation of your stylistic preferences, the selection of colors, and the search for the necessary interior items and accessories on the designer’s shoulders.

Here are some more examples for you to choose the best template for interior design website:

Designer Website


Template for Interior Design


Best Interior Website


Interior Studio Website


Importance of Furniture in Design

The most common mistake when buying furniture is a choice based on appearance and dimensions to the detriment of functionality and purpose. With the help of a template for interior design website, you can prove to visitors that a competent designer-decorator will find interior items that will meet your aesthetic needs and become the best option in terms of performance and cost.

Let’s have a look at some examples.

Wulf & Wilson

Furniture Makers


It’s a genuinely multi-functional site: pages and subpages cover all the aspects of your business, blocks for video and images of your work, and catalogs of products for different types of rooms. With a drag and drop editor, ready-made blocks, and dozens of widgets, you can delete, change or add all the options you need.

Also, you’ll stay pleased with a Homepage, mainly high-quality background images with call to action buttons and blocks for vision and mission statement that engage users and make them read further.

Subscription Form

Besides, there is an advanced contact form with unlimited fields, files attachments, automatic notifications, and secure reCAPTCHA.


Furniture Catalog


This is a website for interior design with a nice and pleasant design with blue inserts. It has all the necessary features that quality and professional site has. To succeed, tell your story, share strengths, offer free consultation on site, add testimonials and visuals to evoke trust.

Also, we recommend you to work on a Contacts page that already includes Google Maps, blocks for subscription form, your address, phone number, mail, opening hours, and links to social networks. Just fill it with information.


Meet another good template for your business representation. To build your brand awareness, you can add your unique logo design on the left, and change a color palette and fonts in the admin panel according to your style.

Furniture Website


Flooring As an Integral Part of Interior

The choice of the floor in terms of its functionality and suitability for specific needs is of great importance. However, you should pay attention not only to the technical parameters but also to the design possibilities. While there is a wide variety of flooring colors, shades, and patterns, there are still many subtleties that can positively or negatively affect the overall appearance of a room. Therefore, this sphere of business is much in demand, and MotoCMS website builder can help you share nuances and prove that flooring is as important as the choice of furniture or interior design.


Flooring Site


This responsive template with a light and modern design matches 2021 web trends. Thus, it has most of the features a common user appreciates, and your chances for success increase. Show that you’re professional that clients can rely on:

  • enumerate your advantages, like free delivery, high-quality products, discounts on new collections;
  • add statistics(years of experience/amount of projects/happy clients);
  • tell what you offer(f.e. natural stone, tile, laminate, wood, carpet), present trending products;
  • insert a search tool widget so that visitors will certainly find what they’re looking for.

Flooring Catalog

Flooring Store

Besides presenting your business niche, an online platform is an excellent opportunity to sell. This template for interior design website includes the features of the eCommerce plugin, mainly:

  • cart option, comparison list, and registration;
  • filters by categories, prices, brands, size, color, and vendor;
  • descriptions of products.

Choice of Floor Material


Functionality: in the admin panel, you’ll be able to monitor orders, customers and sales, track statistics, set up all the details on products, brands, categories, discount codes, currencies, payments, taxes, and much more.

Benefits From MotoCMS

MotoCMS simple site builder offers profitable conditions for every client. Thus, you get:

  • 14 days trial period
  • FREE hosting & SSL certificate
  • FREE Domain Name for 1 year
  • Easy Website Builder
  • Full Website SETUP
  • Lifetime Updates
  • VIP Live Chat & Email Support

Also, suppose you want to transform your site into a shop and get additional profits by selling decor elements, for instance. In that case, we could offer you an eCommerce plugin that differs from a standard template by advanced product settings, numerous store sections, and various payment gateways.

Other Niches Connected With  Interior Design

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Lightning Online Shop

Lightning Store

Website Template for Home Decor

Decor Website Template


Each of these beautiful, elegant, and classy interior designs powered by MotoCMS will be an excellent solution for your online interior project. So, if you still don’t have a website for showcasing your design works online, it’s a great chance to do it with one of the solutions mentioned above. Select one of the premium templates and register a 14 day FREE Trial to evaluate Moto CMS functionality!

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