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You’re kidding – Your Interior Design Company Has No Website?

Tina Zennand 15 December, 2010

For interior and furniture design companies that need a professional web presence, Flash suits as good as it gets, since with its help interior business owners can present their works in the best possible way. Interior design Flash templates should focus upon adequate color combinations, appropriate interior design capabilities as well as stylish design approaches and convenient navigation. What technology can showcase your works online better than Flash with its richest galleries, impressive interactive effects and extraordinary functionality?

Moto Flash CMS offers you the collection of its premium Flash CMS templates specially created for interior design online projects. In fact, each of the templates presented below is a full-fledged Flash website that can be easily customized and then managed by means of Moto control panel. Due to the richest functionality and unusual elegant designs, interior templates powered by Moto CMS allow to create Flash website with wonderful interior design illustrations, furniture layouts and embody the boldest designer’s ideas into reality.


Flash CMS Template for Interior Solutions

This marvelous Flash CMS template will help you to create a great visual presentation of your interior designer works. The convenient drop down menu is one of the most impressive items of the template. Due to the in-built DropDown Menu module, the menu can easily be edited and modified right within the control panel.

The gallery is equipped with scrolling component that allows to view the images by means of the scrolling wheel. A convenient, stylish and elegant gallery solution.

Try the LIVE DEMO to get a feel for things and view this CMS Flash template in action.


Flash CMS Interior Design with Page Flip Effect

This Flash CMS template design is really popular among Flash developers and website owners for its stylish way of showcasing images. The images are thrown on the splash page: each image is a separate gallery category. To open a sub-gallery you need to click on its image.

The template is equipped with the page flip component that allows to exhibit images in a stylish original way. You can create as many pages of your flip book as you wish, and upload plenty of images that will be stored in the rich media library.

Try the LIVE DEMO to get a feel for things and view this CMS Flash template in action.


Full Screen Gallery Interior Design

This Moto CMS design is peculiar for the full screen gallery that is equipped into the template. It allows visitors to easily browse the full screen images and view the interior design illustrations in detail. You are free to upload as many images as you need and edit them right within the control panel by means of the advanced Image editor integrated.

Try the LIVE DEMO to get a feel for things and view this CMS Flash template in action.


Flash Interior Design Template with Interactive Menu

This fabulous template is peculiar for the unusual menu design: to navigate it you just need to mouse over the menu sections. When the template is downloaded, you see a black page. But as soon as you start pointing the mouse over the page, the yellow menu sections appear.

The gallery can be navigated by means of the interactive “forward” and “back” arrow buttons.

Try the LIVE DEMO to get a feel for things and view this CMS Flash template in action.

Creative Flash Interior Design Solution

It is so easy to bring your design ideas into life with this special Flash CMS template. The stunning drop down menu allows to navigate the menu in an interactive original way.

The image gallery is equipped with the scrolling thumbnail preview that can be easily navigated with the help of the scrolling wheel. In order to view the image in detail, just click on the image thumbnail to open a big preview.

Try the LIVE DEMO to get a feel for things and view this CMS Flash template in action.


Stylish Interior Design Flash Project

This brilliant Flash Interior design amazes with stylish design approaches and high functionality. The template design is focused upon adequate color spectrum, stylish elements and elegant handpicked interior image works. The combination of these important issues is able to convey a sensation of the company professionalism and interior design capabilities.

Every item of the template is neat and extremely simple. The menu functions allow to create as many sections and sub-sections as necessary. The gallery is also full screen and can be navigated by means of interactive arrows at the foot of the page.

Try the LIVE DEMO to get a feel for things and view this CMS Flash template in action.

Each of these beautiful, elegant and classy interior designs powered by Moto CMS will be an excellent solution for your online interior project. So, if you haven’t still had your own website for showcasing your design works online, you have got a great chance to do it with one of the above mentioned Flash solutions. Select one of the premium templates and register a 30 day FREE Trial in order to evaluate Moto CMS functionality!

Tags: flash cms Flash CMS Templates
Author: Tina Zennand
Tina is a writer who has been working with MotoCMS since early 2010. In her articles she covers various aspects of web design and web development. She is also a marketing guru for MotoCMS websites. You can follow her on Twitter.
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  • great templates the title was so attracting one

  • Noura

    Can we add e-commerce to these interior design templates?

    • @Noura
      MotoCMS is working at the e-commerce module that is going to be released and added to the control panel in the near future.

  • Never thought it would be possible to actually make my own website. I’m only a couple days into this, but everything that I’ve wanted to “create” has been not only possible, but just about as logical/rational as they could have made it. Having high hopes.

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