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Simple Website Builder : Get Your Dream Website Ready in Minutes without Coding Skills

Daria Kosych 21 January, 2021

Are you dreaming of creating an efficient website but think that it’s impossible without proper technical skills? Then we have great news for you. Nowadays, you don’t have to be an IT geek to build an attractive highly-functional website. Moreover, you don’t have to possess even the basic tech knowledge. Despite the age and online experience, anyone can quickly launch a website with a simple website builder from MotoCMS. In other words, the only requirement is your desire.

What Is MotoCMS?

MotoCMS is a convenient WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) website builder. It enables even a novice with no coding skills to create a website of any complexity in no time. Whether you want to launch a landing page, an online store, or a complex multifunctional website, MotoCMS simple website builder is your chance to cope successfully with the task. How? Let’s find it out without any further delay.

Variety of Website Templates for any Purpose

To begin with, MotoCMS rich collection of 2500+ professionally designed website templates covers more than 60 topics. That’s why anyone will find the template according to his needs and taste. Just visit MotoCMS best simple website builder templates store to ensure.

Website Templates for any Purpose

Moreover, every template has a complete set of pre-made pages necessary to create any kind of website. Actually, they are almost ready websites waiting for you to give them online life. Furthermore, all the templates are 100% responsive and cross-browser compatible. To put it simply, they perform well and look marvelous on any modern device in any browser.

Superfast Installation with No Tech Skills

As soon as you choose a template, you’re able to install it by yourself. Just follow the simple steps MotoCMS 3 User’s Guide describes. All in all, the entire process of installation will take less than 5 minutes. However, if you don’t have time or desire to install the template, you’re welcome to order our Installation service. MotoCMS specialists will gladly do it for you within 6 hours.

Elementary Customization with No Coding

Elementary Customization

You don’t have to know a single line of coding to build a stunning website with MotoCMS simple web creator. As a matter of fact, the process is as easy as pie and comprehensible even to a kid.

First and foremost, the user-friendly admin panel provides you with a convenient Block Editor. It enables you to create a website using ready-made content blocks.

Every block possesses its unique design. Find the content block you need, drag it to any place you like, and customize it according to your requirements.

Actually, the process of customization will be neither tiresome nor time-consuming with the drag-and-drop functionality of MotoCMS simple website editor. It lets you add various objects such as texts, images, videos, or widgets only by dragging and dropping them on the page.

Also, you can easily customize content elements, manage widgets and adjust settings to design the website of your dream. The best thing is that you immediately see any change you’ve made.

Helpful Widgets for Any Imaginable Functionality

Helpful Widgets for Any Imaginable Functionality

A wide range of handy widgets allows you to add any functionality to your website. So, there’s no need to look for plugins or install additional software. Firstly, structured widgets help you place different objects on your page. Secondly, basic widgets such as image, text, button widgets make it possible to edit and customize the items. Thirdly, gallery widgets let you revitalize your website with carousel, grid, or slider galleries.

Then, media widgets give you the opportunity of adding any kind of media content. Next, social widgets enable you to implement like and share buttons of various social networks. What’s more, you can keep in touch with your online audience with Mailchimp or use Google Maps via the Google Map widget. Follow the simple steps the interactive text and video tutorials inside the admin panel describe and get the desired result.

Simple Website Builder – Solution for Ecommerce

Effective Solution for Ecommerce

The MotoCMS simple website builder is undoubtedly a wise choice to create a convenient online store. MotoCMS eCommerce templates with their minimalistic style and various galleries are a great way to find new customers. They provide you with all the tools necessary for creating any kind of online shop.

To start with, you can see the detailed statistics on your customers and their orders via the store section the admin panel includes.

Next, you can choose the currency and a payment system out of 7 payment methods (Manual Payment, 2Checkout, PayPal, PostFinance, iDeal, Skrill, and PayOne). Moreover, the shipping functionality helps you set product shipping costs according to actual and volumetric weight with Shipping rates.

Powerful SEO-Integration for High Rankings

Best Simple Website Builder SEO-Integration

Of course, by launching a website, you expect to occupy a high SERPs position and bring new customers. It’s not a problem with MotoCMS simple web creator. Its admin panel contains everything you need to optimize your website.

You can easily enable permalinks and specific .html suffix for the entire website or separate website pages. Besides, you’re able to add meta tags such as descriptions and keywords, ALT, and titles for images. It means that you don’t need additional plugins to make search engines notice your website and raise its rankings.

Google Analytics for In-Depth Traffic Analysis

Built-in Google Analytics

Do you want to have an opportunity of getting the detailed statistics on your website performing? It’s a piece of cake with the best simple website builder. You’ll receive all the necessary data for the meaningful analysis.

Google Analytics carefully gathers the info and insights into your website’s users and behavior. Due to this feature, you’ll always have a clear view of your customers and identify your most popular products.

Lifetime MotoCMS Updates via One Click

Lifetime Updates

Purchasing a template has never been more profitable! For $9.9/month, MotoCMS easy website builder presents you with:

  • Lifetime Updates
  • FREE hosting & SSL
  • FREE Domain Name for one year
  • Full Website SETUP
  • VIP Live Chat & Email Support.

Thus, any MotoCMS website template provides you with various benefits and guarantees you regular free system updates for one year. Moreover, you have nothing to worry about, you do not need to choose and buy an expensive hosting and domain name, and also do not have to deal with an SSL certificate anymore! All the details will be assumed by MotoCMS. Consequently, you’ll get free access to every new feature and functionality as soon as it appears.

Also, you can choose a lifetime plan which is a great solution for those who want to pay once and not owe anything to anybody. The only thing you should pay attention to is that this plan doesn’t include hosting and domain name support. The best thing is that it’s a matter of seconds to get a great website updated to the latest version. Make just one click, and that’s it.

Professional Customer Support 24/7

Simple Website Builder Support

Anytime you need some advice, the MotoCMS team of highly-qualified specialists is ready to give you a helping hand. You can start an online chat or request a callback from the support team 24/7. MotoCMS Customers Satisfaction Statistics is reliable proof that MotoCMS provides all customer support services extremely well.

You also have an opportunity to visit MotoCMS Help Center that offers you a searchable knowledge base. The base contains FAQs, user guides, video tutorials, and different issue solutions. What’s more, you can use it to submit a support request or get access to the MotoCMS community.

The Final Key Argument for Choosing MotoCMS Simple Website Builder

It goes without saying that one live proof is better than thousands of words. That’s why we are eager to show you the samples our customers have already created with the MotoCMS site builder.

Simple Website Builder for the Trade Website

Sygentis owners have chosen one of the responsive website templates to bring their business online. Hardly will anyone deny that they have succeeded. With unique icons and structured blocks, they showcased their marketing and trade strengths in the best possible light.

Simple Website Builder Template Example

They also created a home page’s user-friendly layout that grabs visitors’ attention and an intuitive interface that makes users’ interaction as simple and effective as possible. So the person gets all the necessary information and stays satisfied with the services presented with the help of the MotoCMS website template. Moreover, they included Google Maps on their website so that people can find them easily.

Simple Website Builder for the Training&Courses Website

Mira Munt wanted to help people get a better, painless, and comfortable life and decided to share her knowledge with the whole world using one of the gorgeous MotoCMS templates. Undoubtedly, her smart choice has paid off. The website grabs attention at first sight due to the fishes in the pond calming you and provoking you to learn more about unique therapies. Also, user-friendly navigation and lightning-fast loading speed of the pages grant the visitors a positive user experience.

Best Simple Website Builder

Mira represents her services with this eye-catching website template, mainly current courses, lectures, and training. Honestly, it’s rather difficult to ignore those fishes on the home page and quit the site.

Moreover, as you scroll down, your interest keeps rising thanks to various visuals, including beautiful galleries and convenient blocks of useful information. As a result, you want to learn more about the owner, her team of professional therapists, and the services themselves.

Why MotoCMS?

By the way, not only novices can benefit from MotoCMS simple website builder. If you are a freelancer, a professional web designer, or a developer, you can take advantage as well. Thus, there is an incredible chance for you to increase your income continuously without any financial commitment with MotoCMS White Label Program.

It provides you with the opportunity to create your business by retailing templates under your own brand. Nobody will know about it as you’ll change the content, add brand links, logo, customize widgets, dashboard color(if you wish to), overall functionality, and get a personalized CSS.

So you can become independent: manage different projects according to your customers’ requests and point out your pricing plan. Sounds seductive, yeah? Follow the steps and start making a profit from your business with the MotoCMS set of tools! Whether something is not clear, you can look through common FAQs or contact our reliable and professional customer support.

Put aside hesitations and test one of the templates MotoCMS simple website builder offers right now. The free 14-day trial period will be quite enough to ensure by your own experience that MotoCMS is the best way to create a stunning website in no time.

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