How to Make a Design Company Website – When Designers Could Use Some Help

MotoCMS Editorial 24 February, 2017

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Web Designers are strange people. They spend days and nights to create stunning and highly creative websites for their clients whereas their personal websites never see the light of day. Designers remain mostly busy with clients’ projects and hardly get enough time to spruce up the look and feel of their personal websites.

How to Make a Design Company Website

Blame it on their hectic lifestyle or busy work schedule, but web designers sometimes forget to focus on the areas that are instrumental to the success of a website and the result could be a disaster. In this article, you will learn how to make a design company website to showcase your own works and much more. Here we are going to give a roundup of some of the essential ingredients of a website.

Simplicity is the Key

Though all seasoned designers are well aware of this, they strangely tend to ignore this obvious fact when it comes to designing a website for their personal use. They begin to believe that they need to add as much information on their website as possible, and as many features and functions as possible as this might help them capture the attention of the potential clients.

By cutting down on the amount of information and other designing elements, you can help existing elements stand out. If you take a look around, you will definitely notice how other web designers have gone away with the excess. Minimalistic approach is the way to salvation. A Contact page, About Me page, some service pages, the portfolio section and home page – these are enough to make convey your message across.

Show Your Personality

There are thousands of web designers out there and they are doing everything they could to influence the visitors and to drive more businesses. Though there are a number of different factors that contribute to the conversion, the most important factor of them all is the uniqueness of the design. Now, uniqueness can be achieved easily if you can manage to give the design a personalized look and feel.

Your personality is best reflected in the portfolio section. So make sure you don’t make it look boring by presenting information in an uninteresting way. Give it a creative spin by using some jQuery, add a fancy navigation or whatever you feel good. Just make sure that the visitors have a smooth, pleasing and pleasurable experience while they are browsing your website.

Website for Web Designer Tips

In the above example, the UX designer Stefan Ivanov has done an amazing job. The black and white website looks impressive and the use of spectacle has added to its overall impressiveness.

Communicate Clearly

A website for web designer has a bigger purpose than just providing information. It is also about sending your message across precisely and clearly. Since the concept of web design has evolved a lot, you simply cannot expect that the visitors are aware of different types and aspects of web design like – responsive design, flat design, mobile friendly design etc. So, you need to educate the visitors or at least you need to communicate your service properly with the targeted audience otherwise they might not feel encouraged to contact you.

Daniel Hedquist Website for Web Designer

In the above example, Daniel Hedquist’s website is all about the clever use of color. The message is loud and clear and the designer has managed to capture the attention of the visitors by focusing on small details.

Be Creative

Of course, you are a creative artist otherwise how could you have established yourself as a familiar name in the field of web design. But the problem with web designers as with any other artists is that they tend to ignore the requirements of the mass when it comes to adding creative touches. Abstract art may look great and people may appreciate, but they rarely help the artists communicate their message to the general audience easily.

Sadly, we are not living in a perfect world and, therefore, you simply can’t go wild with creativity. Before adding any abstract element in the website, you need to ask yourself first – ‘is this element going to serve any purpose?’ or ‘is it going to help me communicate my message to my target audience?’

If the answers to all these questions are negative, you just need to put a rein on your creative impulse.

Website for Web Designer Janne Koivistoinen

In the above example, Janne Koivistoinen has shown how creative touches can change the look and feel of an otherwise ordinary website.


Of course, a designer’s website will always remain incomplete without a portfolio. Examples of your past works will help people evaluate you as a web designer and if they feel satisfied with the quality of your work, they might contact you.

Now, you would not have to include all works that you have done in your life rather you need to cherry pick the best and the finest among them. Presentation is another factor that you should not ignore while featuring your work on your website. Add an element of surprise in the portfolio section and hopefully, people will love and appreciate it.

Website for Web Designer

In the above example, Caleb McGuire has added a nice creative twist to the portfolio section of his website. Visitors need to click on the thumbnails to be able to get to know more about the project. Overall a nice visual experience.

Call To Action

As a designer, you will definitely love to have new projects. As we all know, getting new and high paying projects is a hard nut to crack. But you have a secret weapon i.e. your personal website. All you have to do is to place a Call to Action button on it but you need to do it slightly differently here. Rather than adding a simple text like – ‘Contact Us’, you can use texts like ‘Available for New Projects’ or ‘Accepting New Projects’ etc. This will make the CTA button look a bit more dignified.

Colourfreak Image

The above website – Colourfreak has managed to make the CTA button look prominent by using a different color for it.

Now, we understand the fact that most of the designers don’t have the time to design a website for them from the scratch. So, here we are going to feature some templates with MotoCMS website builder that will need minor creative editing from your part before you can embrace them as your virtual identity –

Website for Web Designer Template

The above web designer’s website template has got everything that you need to make your website stand apart. All you have to do is to change the Name and add a nice catch line to make it look unique. You are free to make further design tweaks to suit your needs. Its simplistic appeal is what makes this template looks so stunning.

Web Design Template

This is another website template for web designers that helps you keep the focus on the portfolio section. Just replace the existing portfolio with yours and this template will get a refreshingly new look and feel. If you have a thing or two for blogging, this is the template that you should be rooting for. This is cool and simple.

Website for Web Designer Creative Template

This black template looks sophisticated yet simple. Though this template is primarily designed for web designing agency, we strongly believe that this template can meet your requirements. It has got different navigational options for different pages, which is definitely impressive. Just make some simple tweaks and it will be good.

So, don’t waste your time. Start giving your online presence a makeover today. MotoCMS offers you a great collection of templates with professional designs to make a business website:

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Minimal Website Design for Web Developers

Web Designer's Portfolio Template

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Web Designer's Portfolio Website Template

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