Black Friday 2021 – Prepare Your Site for a Sales Boom

MotoCMS Editorial 18 November, 2021

Every year, many people wait for the beginning of Black Friday to get the opportunity to purchase many desired goods and services at the most attractive prices. The Global Sale is grabbing the attention of buyers and sellers worldwide, stirring up competition and demand for all sorts of marketing tools and tricks. How not to get lost in the chaos and shopping boom to benefit from Black Friday 2021 for your business? Let’s talk about this and identify the main entry points that will provide solid footholds and allow you to take control over your sales funnel.

When Black Friday 2021 and What We Can Expect


Black Friday appeared as a phenomenon back in the 19th century, as the entry point into the chaos of Christmas sales. The ability to purchase multiple goods at a lower price has appealed to consumers and sellers alike, spurring Sale Day’s globalization. Now, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are some of the most expected events of the year, bringing together billions of people worldwide.

Historically, US residents anticipated Sale Day on the last Friday of November following Thanksgiving. Nevertheless, the increased excitement and fierce competition influenced the change in the dates that large corporations determined on their own. Now, search engines return November 26 for “when Black Friday 2021,” but some shops propose 11/11-11/28, 11/26-11/30, etc. Most retailers are trying to start seasonal sales as early as possible to extend the duration of the discounts and attract more shoppers. This strategy is also helpful for ordinary users who get more time to familiarize themselves with the many promotional offers and Black Friday guides prepared by seasoned experts, professional buyers, and marketers.

Highlights of Black Friday 2021

Referring to information when Black Friday 2021 starts and reflection on what business should expect, it is worth remembering in-store vs online shopping statistics, which clearly demonstrates the current situation and upward trends. The Covid pandemic has had a considerable impact on the modern world, motivating users to focus on the possibilities of contactless technologies and online stores. Many analysts have noted the changes in Black Friday history that come with the current growth in online sales and the gradual transition to online shopping.

Thus, this year we can expect a boom in online sales, and we recommend that business owners pay special attention to preparing their own web resources for the start of sales. Make sure that your online store is ready for the influx of buyers, you have what to offer them, and they know about your opportunities. If you do a good job, you will be pleasantly surprised by the size of your income when Black Friday 2021 ends.

Black Friday 2021 Preparation Stages

On-Site Black Friday

Getting ready for the most anticipated Sale of the Year is an opportunity for a business to generate significant revenue, increase customer flow, and improve brand awareness. Many entrepreneurs point out that Black Friday allows them to get monthly profit in just 1-2 days because on this day:

  • online stores traffic increases of 60% on average;
  • the number of emails sent through email campaigns increases by 50-55%;
  • sales can increase by 100-400%, depending on the chosen strategy and product demand.

Nice prices on popular products and services = increased sales and cash flow. However, it does take some preparation to keep the Sale days running smoothly and seamlessly. The best marketing experts from MotoCMS have identified several stages that managers should pay special attention to. Check out our recommendations based on years of observation – perhaps some tips will be the key to increasing your sales.

Stage 1: Deals Strategy Development

Black Friday On Site

Consistency and competent structuring of sales is something without which it is impossible to create a long-term and predictable sales funnel, even if you plan to sell most of the assortment when Black Friday 2021 arrives. Spontaneous decisions with chaotic implementation give the same ambiguous and random results. You must clearly understand what you can offer customers, how you will offer them your products and services, and what tools you will use to do this.

  • Analyze the current assortment to know for sure about the availability and quantity of each item.
  • Evaluate the demand for the offered goods and services to determine the options you can set discounts for.
  • Determine the number of discounts, think about bonuses and loyalty programs, and their ways of interacting with each other – whether deals will be cumulative, is it possible to get a discount when buying multiple products, etc.

Developing a strategy for Black Friday 2021 is a complex and responsible stage since the possibilities of modern competition impose certain restrictions on the business owners, minimizing the influence of the magic word “discount.” It is especially true for selling popular products and services that customers can purchase from any other store. Consider introducing value-added services and benefits that differentiate you from the competitors, such as free shipping or small order gifts.

Lifehack. Try Google Trends and alternative resources for keyword and user searches. Study customer demand for specific products and services during previous sales. Use this data to develop your marketing strategies and prepare your business resources for SEO optimization, starting PPC and newsletters campaigns.

Stage 2: Business Resource Preparation

Many online retailers are developing independent landing pages for Black Friday 2021 to minimize the load on the official site and save on advertising. However, you can also use banners, pop up notifications, and individual design elements on pages. In any case, information that your web resource participates in sales must be visible and publicly available. Allocate space on the homepage for details on when Black Friday 2021 kick-off and its terms, dates, discounts & extras. It will be great to offer links to specific products/services, catalog pages, or categories. MotoCMS Landing Page for Black Friday


Restructure your online store using eCommerce design elements to showcase unique offers creatively. It can be a separate catalog page explicitly created for promotional products and discounts. You can also place a block with bonus offers above the page product group or create a filter to sort by discount size.

Clothes Website


Keep in Touch with Technical Support

The technical component of your web resource is especially vulnerable during a large flow of clients since the servers can not withstand the load and fail at the most inopportune moment. Contact the engineers and programmers who ensure the site’s correct operation so that the specialists can optimize one and prepare scenarios for solving possible problems in advance and fix them on time.

If necessary, you can also involve a few additional people to process orders and quickly respond to customer inquiries. Increased traffic should not be an obstacle for your customers who want to interact with a fast and responsive web resource.

 Stage 3: Interaction with Current Customer Base

The newsletter ahead of Black Friday 2021 is an outstanding opportunity to remind about business opportunities & offers. At the same time, it is the risk of losing customer contact due to the increased activity of competitors. The client may overlook your single email through hundreds of similar ones or perceive several identical letters as intrusive spam. Take care of developing email templates ahead of time to create a few small emails with a nice deals portfolio. Make your first newsletter 1-2 weeks before the start of the Sale to notify clients of an upcoming event, and send another 1-2 emails a few days in advance.

Instagram Sale

Use social media and a blog by sharing posts that can interest the target audience and increase the traffic of your web resource. Here are some valuable ideas for announcing Black Friday 2021:

  • stories and posts with promo codes for subscribers;
  • information about fleeting offers;
  • bonuses for following or tagging a friend;
  • discounts data with exact numbers and bonuses details.

Don’t forget about targeted advertising, chatbots, and SMS messaging capabilities. Remind your customers of their previous successful purchases and select products that will be available at attractive prices. We also recommend that you check for reviews of your offerings, as the independent opinion of clients who have already purchased and used your offerings is key to making purchasing decisions from new users.

Stage 4: Attracting New Customers

The Black Friday 2021 Sale is the most anticipated event for most buyers, including your potential customers. That is why we recommend you pay special attention to online marketing and promotion during this period. Among the popular tools, we can highlight:

  • SEO Optimization: Expand the base of your keywords by adapting the existing ones. Don’t forget to add them to meta descriptions and Alt attributes.
  • Content Marketing: Increase your audience through collaboration and posting information on third-party resources.
  • Influencer Collaboration: Engage media personalities and bloggers to raise awareness of your products and services.
  • Contextual Advertising: Even if your web resource does not make it to the top of search results in terms of organic reach, it may end up there with the help of paid advertising.

We also recommend paying attention to the quality of content creation and transparency of information. Advertising data and user expectations must match your capabilities – this will help you attract more visitors to your web resource and motivate them for further interaction.

Black Friday 2021 at MotoCMS

Black Friday 2021 at MotoCMS

As one of the in-demand website template creators, MotoCMS stays on-trend and joins Black Friday 2021 with the best deals and discounts. It is an excellent opportunity to get your own web resource at an attractive price and save on many valuable services to optimize and improve one. Developers offer discounts up to 50% between 11/26 and 11/30 on the most popular products:

  • Website templates based on MotoCMS online builder, allowing anyone to create a powerful web resource using a visual editor. All-in-one products do not require specialized knowledge and skills and will delight future owners with great functionality, technical characteristics, and tools for promotion and site management.
  • Ready-made website themes with a built-in eCommerce plugin will be an excellent platform for online sales, giving their owners advanced control over product catalog and order processing. Each template for online shopping is a full-fledged web store that supports drag & drops editing and intuitive customization for quick launch.
  • Small and multifunctional landing pages are recognized masterpieces of the best MotoCMS designers and developers. They manage to fit in a squeezed space the maximum of valuable information and opportunities for interaction with site visitors. A wide variety of themes and categories allow everyone to find the perfect solution for their unique tastes and needs.

Besides, you’ll get discounts on most customer services from professional content creators, online marketers, SEO specialists, engineers, and web technicians. They can either help with a turnkey business resource development, which allows you to delegate us all the hassle of creating a website, support rebranding with creating a new logo and design, or improve performance to speed up the loading of web pages. Take an option that suits your needs & requirements, and MotoCMS provides you with the best pricing plans at most of our website templates & services.

Instead of Сonclusion: Black Friday as Long-Term Strategy

Big Sale

There are many business recommendations, statistics, and strategic ideas for participating in the Sale of the Year. It is up to you to decide which marketing tools you will use for Black Friday 2021. However, your success directly depends on competent structuring and a conscious approach to planning and management advertising campaigns. Focus not only on the desire to sell as many goods and services as possible but to get more opportunities for further interaction with your customers:

  • Pay attention to tools that allow you to expand your customer base and stay in touch with them – subscription forms, databases with received personal data such as email addresses, interaction with blog subscribers, and social networks.
  • Save statistics and track the performance of your campaigns. Accurate data and numbers are the best witnesses and your assistants for further planning business strategies and marketing plans. Black Friday 2021 does an excellent job of identifying the value of your offerings and your customers’ pains – benefit from this information.
  • Track your competitors and the effectiveness of their strategies & advertising campaigns. The chaos of Black Friday allows you to understand better not only the needs and pains of customers but also the opportunities of competing businesses. Use this information to improve and optimize your strategies.

In business, the winner is the one who knows how to identify growing trends and quickly adapt to changes. Try to interpret the opportunities of the Day of Sales as ways to optimize your business processes and improve customer relations to prepare your site for a sales boom when Black Friday 2021 kicks off.

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