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Ashley Lipman 20 September, 2019

Everybody loves getting something for free. As far as marketing and SEO goes, it’s always nice to gain access to an anchor text generator free of charge, other website ranking tools, and so much more. But it’s often tough to discover the most effective free tools for search engine optimization. That’s where so many businesses run into trouble.

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You see, if you aren’t paying attention, you could use free tools that cause more harm than good. Obviously, this would be totally counterproductive to your overall goals. You can use the best anchor text in the world and it won’t mean a thing if you’re causing your website more harm than good in other ways.

So, it’s time to focus on tools that’ll make your search engine optimization results much better. Whether it’s an anchor text generator, a tool to perform an anchor test, or some of the other tools that we’ll mention below, it’s in your best interest to learn about them, use them, and improve your search engine results as soon as possible.

Sound good? Then let’s discover some solid ways to improve your anchor SEO and other metrics involved in search engine optimization.

Google Analytics

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If you haven’t set up Google Analytics on your site yet, you are missing out on too much valuable data and you should fix this problem immediately. Not only is it free to use, but it also’s easy to set up, gives you the ability to create powerful reports, it’s intuitive, and makes it easier than ever to connect with Webmaster Tools. By connecting it to Webmaster Tools, you’ll learn so much valuable data like internal search phrases, which can be used to improve your anchor SEO and help you choose the best anchor text during link building since you’ll want to rank for keywords that visitors are already searching on your site. It will also provide tons of AdWords campaign data, data about your landing page, data involving content groups, and so much more.

When you set up Google Analytics, your website ranking efforts will become easier than ever because you’ll have all of this incredibly valuable information to work from. You can use the search query data as somewhat of an anchor test because you should do everything in your power to improve your SEO for those specific keyword phrases,  checking and building backlinks using this anchor text is a smart way to boost your search engine visibility.

Google Webmaster Tools

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As touched upon a moment ago, Google Webmaster Tools is going to be one of the most powerful tools in your free SEO toolbox. It’s almost as valuable as getting your hands on an anchor text generator free of charge, or possibly more so.

This tool is broken down into a few crucial areas. One area is search queries, which shows you valuable keywords that lead to your website. This keyword list is long in most cases since people will find your site by searching for many different types of keyword phrases.

This is truly where the value of an anchor text generator used in conjunction with Webmaster Tools comes into play. WMT will share with you wide varieties of keywords that people will ultimately search for. Compare this data with your generated anchor text lists and create anchors for the phrases you’ve missed and you’ll have solid rankings for a plethora of keywords.

Besides search queries, there’s also a section focused on links. This section of Google Webmaster Tools is quite useful because it lets you view external and internal links and shows you where they came from, and it even provides information about the pages they link to. If you think these pages are harmful to your website rankings, you can use the link disavow and get rid of them altogether so they do not harm your site.

Other sections include keywords, crawl errors, sitemaps, robot.txt, and even more advanced features. Each of these sections is valuable in their own right, so learn more about them, explore them, and use this valuable data to improve your overall SEO.

Google Keyword Planner

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Just like the other tools mentioned today, you’re really missing the boat if you aren’t using Google Keyword Planner to its full potential. This incredible tool is just as effective as an anchor text generator because it will help you discover the best keywords in your niche. Once you’ve learned these keywords, you can then begin search engine optimization campaigns to start ranking for them and driving massive traffic to your site from search engines like Google.

This tool is so effective because it lets you perform a wide range of activities. You can use it to create top-notch AdWords campaigns quickly and easily, discover the best keywords to create a silo structure for your website (which is huge for SEO purposes), use it to discover niches and topics to write about, quickly and easily find local keywords, and even learn the competition’s best keywords which you can spy on and swipe.

There’s no question that your anchor text generator will help you discover a lot of great keywords. But the Keyword Planner will help you catch those high-powered keywords your competitors are ranking for that the other tool may have missed. So use this incredible resource to your advantage and you’ll rank for the ideal keyword phrases in no time flat.

SEOJet Anchor Text Generator

original anchor text generation software SEO Jet
SEOJet is the original anchor text generation software based on the intensive backlink research by long-time SEO pro, Adam White. In that research, he looked at #1 ranked pages and categorized every single anchor text into 12 different anchor text categories. Comparing each top-ranked backlink profile to each other he found surprising correlations in the backlink profile of almost every #1 ranked page.

Using that data he created SEOJet, software that builds out a link building plan for you helping you choose the anchor text for every single link. The software looks at your current backlink profile and gives a personalized plan that you need to succeed in Google. It also shows you how natural your backlink profile looks to Google and then suggests the links you need to fix it.

Linkio – Free Anchor Text Generator

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It’s rare to come across an opportunity to gain access to an anchor text generator free of charge, but that’s exactly what the good people at Linkio have made available to SEO experts and specialists from around the world. This top-notch tool is powerful because it lets webmasters automate their backlink building efforts with complete confidence.

People have been incredibly impressed with the amount of time it helps them save. Most anchor text generator software provides you with valuable data, but Linkio has taken it a step further. They provide their users with an effective plan of action based on the data it discovers.

This eliminates all the guesswork that typically goes into website ranking, so you’ll know the best anchor text to use to improve your anchor SEO during the link building stages of your search engine marketing campaign. When all is said and done, you can even perform an anchor test while checking your ranking results and you’ll truly see the value of putting this powerful tool into action in your business.


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Why do we love Woorank so much? Let me count the ways.

Again, search engine optimization is all about analysis. This may seem like your average and ordinary analysis tool, but it can provide powerful insights into things that might not seem so obvious at first glance.

Just like a high-quality anchor text generator, Woorank has the ability to create a customized report in a matter of seconds. This report is great because it tells you about your top priorities and areas that you need to focus on, it provides insightful geodata, it has a section on social shareability and the best feature of all focuses on the mobile web.

Mozbar Anchor Text Generator

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As far as free SEO tools go, nothing beats the MozBar, with the only exception being a top-level anchor text generator. Why do we think this tool is the bee’s knees? It’s an awesome time-saving search engine optimization tool that allows you to research competitors’ websites and it can even provide valuable insight into your own website.

When you use the tool in accordance with the Google search engine, you’ll learn valuable insight like domain authority, link analysis, page authority, and search result rankings. With this info, you can improve your website SEO by leaps and bounds.

SEOWorkers Tool

Once you enter into the SEO game, you’ll begin to realize two things right off the bat. You’ll learn the true power of an anchor text generator tool and you’ll learn that analysis is something you’ll always have to stay on top of, so having the right tools is crucial to your success.

This online analysis tool is so effective because you can plug a website URL right into it – either yours or one of your competitors – and it will generate a report for you. This report can save you lots of time because it provides a plentiful supply of data and background information necessary to improve your search engine rankings.

Not only does this tool provide valuable data, but it also teaches you how to use this data, which is important because the information is only valuable if you know how to use it. So if you haven’t used this incredible free tool yet, we highly recommend adding it to your SEO arsenal as soon as possible.


When you first decided to build a website, you probably didn’t realize how complicated search engine optimization can be. It’s incredibly difficult if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. So take advantage of the info we’ve shared with you today. Begin using our favorite anchor text generator Linkio, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, SEOWorkers Analysis Tool, and the rest as soon as you can to improve your rankings in the search engines.

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