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AI in Web Development: Best Practices and Perspectives

Web Design & Dev
Naida Alabata 17 April, 2018

AI in web development is becoming extremely popular. Winning in the digital marketplace not only requires you to be present where your customers are. More than an increased digital footprint, it means capitalizing on every opportunity that can give your customers the best possible experience at every touchpoint. You also need to make sure that your website is not lagging behind your competitors.

AI in web development main image

Offering an engaging and dynamic user experience means more than making it “look good” in the eyes of the customer. It also means optimizing their online journey throughout your website, whether they’re checking your credentials or purchasing your products or services.

How your customers experience your website gives them an overview of their expectations of you as a business partner; so imagine how a hardworking and meaty website will say so much about you.

The Role of AI in Web Development

This is where an effective AI in web development and AI in web design plays a very critical role: artificial intelligence programming means developing your website in a way that provides rational solutions to your customer’s problems.

artificial intelligence programming image

Compared with the more conventional programming, optimizing your website with AI development in mind means involving a myriad of other disciplines, such as neuroscience, psychology, or linguistics to create systems that mimic human behaviors.

To ensure your customer’s highest satisfaction and keep their loyalty, there is a need to give them what they need even before they ask.

In fact, study shows that 57% of customers in 2020 will put their trust in companies that can give them human-like help. Interestingly, Gartner predicted that 85% of customer interactions will be powered by artificial intelligence in the same year.

This is your chance to get ahead and create a website that will rock.

Best Practices of AI In Web Development

To effectively start integrating AI in web development, here are some important principles and perspectives to take note of so you can design your website in a way that best works for your customers.

Quick loading time

Your customers have a very short attention span. Don’t let them wait for your website to load or you’ll run the risk of them closing the tab. Considering AI web development can help you boost your loading time, so your customers will keep coming back to your website.


Based on the latest statistics, the globally mobile population has grown to 3.7 billion unique users.

AI in mobile web development

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and imagine the kind of mobile experience you want to get from your favorite brand. If you see fluidity, then that’s the way your website should go. Create a mobile-ready website, so users will enjoy visiting your website anytime, anywhere.


Marketing campaigns exist for a reason: that is, to generate sales leads with the help of your website.

inbound digital marketing tracking tools

Make sure that the way you integrated AI in web development has completed and optimized landing pages, so those specific target audiences will be redirected to contact your sales support, set an appointment, or make a purchase in the most hassle-free way.

Geared for SEO

A solid SEO strategy is further optimized with data analysis tools. Search engine marketing is dependent on the data collected, making analytics tools very useful.

Now, combining the forces of AI and SEO can help you track and analyze how your website is doing, where most visitors are coming from, and what are the rooms for improvement.

All you have to do is design your website by adding AI in web development to best accommodate the visitors you generated from SEO leads.

Highly secure

ai security web development image

Cybersecurity evolves by the day—so should your cyber defenses. When designing your website, you must always consider the safety and security of your customer’s information and follow security protocols to prevent financial and reputational risks.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web applications add more flavor to your website. They combine the limitless features of the web, as well as apps, to boost the user’s overall experience. Progressive web apps include push notifications and animated pages, which you can consider adding to your website as well.

Machine Learning and AI

After AI in web development comes machine learning, which allows users to create software that analyzes the user inputs. As smart as it sounds, this helps you decide what elements can work best to create the best user experience.

This enabling technology creates smarter applications that adapt over time by gathering user information, such as idiosyncrasies and preferences, to help you create winning marketing strategies.

E-mail marketing

Let customers subscribe to your website to stay up-to-date with your brand’s latest promos and announcements.

AI in web development and email

Marketers like you need a hand in converting leads into loyal customers and is one way to make it possible. Just remember: you’re going to need all the data of the customers flocking to your website, and one of the most effective ways to do this is by integrating AI in web development efforts.

Social Media Marketing

AI in web development can serve tremendous opportunities to boost your social media efforts. More than 2.5 billion people are already on social media and will continue to grow in the next three years, so there’s no reason for you not to link your social media marketing efforts with your AI web development strategy.

For example, Facebook is putting its efforts on the improvement of artificial intelligence with its facial recognition feature—this prompts users when a contact uploads their photo and use it as their new profile picture, even without tagging them.

Taking advantage of AI in your social media efforts not only gives you the power to integrate facial recognition capabilities. It can also offer tremendous benefits like social media content generators, chatbots, and data curation.

Tracking Enabled

Your website’s design should show whether or not the way you created it is effective. Gauge key indicators like traffic, conversions, and goals to stay on track of your website’s analytics.

Perspectives On Artificial Intelligence Programming

World of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is changing the future of user experience in such a way that it blends how the environment looks like in real life with audio, video, olfactory and haptic elements.

AR and AI in web development

Today, developers are able to design websites that allow users to interact with your mobile devices. For example, some sites now require you to visit websites or applications to manipulate your preference in terms of home lighting or your air conditioner’s temperature.


Using AI in web development not only helps you create a more personalized website for your customers. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, you can also make it a part of your customer’s in-house experience.

Want to take your user experience to the next level? Digitize the way your customer’s shop, for example, by letting them talk to robots that can understand their needs.

AI, AI, and more AI

AI is not a new buzzword. In fact, it is evolving and will continue to persist and refine itself to benefit many aspects of our lives. It will continue to revolutionize the way we work, play, and perform our daily tasks.

With the massive growth of data brought by the Internet of Things (IoT), AI is not just a nice-to-have for your web development; it is now becoming a critical tool in helping you do your business and changing your customer’s way of life. If you’re not following the AI development trend yet, you’re going to lose the competition.

Constant innovation

Building the right framework that will allow smaller players to compete in a highly-competitive marketplace will go a long way in helping customers address their business challenges.

The need for constant innovation and invention lies not only in the hands of big tech giants, but the emerging ones as well. Therefore, AI in web development not only benefits the established companies but also every organization that seeks continuous growth.

Growth of Interfaces

Conversational interfaces include a human touch to create a more personalized user experience. Some websites use Facebook’s Messenger to stay in touch with visitors by using a feature that’s very familiar to them.

ai and ar development image

Aside from the website, voice interfaces are now also upon us: we use voice to research on search engines, send messages, make, accept or reject calls, control our devices and shop. The options are limitless, but they all require AI to collect and store user data.

Artificial intelligence is everywhere and will continue to progress by the minute. Rapid technological advances allow you to be more in touch with your customers and address their needs in real time. With the help of AI in web development, you can stay connected with your customers and attract new ones more efficiently.

AI will evolve, and so will your business. The only question is, what’s next? If you have any ideas or responses on the topic – don`t hesitate to write them in the comment section.


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Author: Naida Alabata
Naida Alabata is a Junior Content Marketing Specialist at Xight Interactive Asia, in Manila, Philippines.  She opts to share her expertise in business and entrepreneurship, branding, and digital marketing as she writes. She has a vast experience in being an entrepreneur and a marketer, as she has managed and promoted her co-owned business with her colleagues.