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Use MotoCMS website builder for a free trial period.
Enjoy the fully functional version - with zero obligations!

Wondering what makes MotoCMS so special?

Short answer is - a lot of things. Now take a quick look at just a couple of those things.
MotoCMS 3.0
1.975 sec
3.310 sec

Lightning fast

According to webpagetest.org, the latest version of MotoCMS is 40% faster than WordPress which is considered an industry standard in website building.

An average MotoCMS page takes just under 2 seconds to load. So the MotoCMS-powered websites aren’t just good looking on the outside - their code is beautiful on the inside as well!

MotoCMS 3.0
1.975 sec
3.310 sec
Mobile Friendly Website Builder


MotoCMS 3.0 templates (and websites based on them) are completely responsive out of the box - they’re instantly displayed on all mobile devices.

Older MotoCMS products come with the included mobile website version that you can edit in whatever way that you want.

Save Your Time with Website Builder

2-minute installation

To have your MotoCMS website installed just upload the template files, launch the installer and follow the step-by-step tips.

You’ll be done within minutes, even if you’re a complete beginner and have zero experience in installing websites.

Fantastically Functional Website Builder

Fantastically functional

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a professional with years of experience, MotoCMS is great for you.

In the admin panel the most critical and basic tools are emphasized while all kinds of in-depth changes remain easily accessible should you need them.

Easy Media Management

Easy media management

Ok, we know you like to host pictures and media for your site. That’s ok with us, we like it too.

That’s why MotoCMS has a file manager that’s built right in - add, transfer, manage and delete your media library items directly from the admin panel.

Website Builder for Visual Web

Built for visual web

Using a lot of image and visual content is a big trend for websites today, and MotoCMS is built with that in mind.

In addition to media files manager, you’ll be able to add spectacular image galleries and sliders to your website - there’s a lot of pre-made options already built into the admin panel.