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Release Notes

Moto CMS Release Notes

These release notes summarize changes made in all update releases. Check out what’s new in the latest version of Moto CMS. And remember – do not hesitate to contact us directly and tell us what you think, either using a contact form, or by submitting a ticket.

Moto CMS 1.8.1v.1.8.1, released September 2nd, 2013

What’s new in Moto CMS 1.8.1

MotoCMS 1.8.1 is a minor update which delivers the following improvements:

  • The SEO version has been changed:
    • The code has become cleaner and more WC3 valid.
    • Some minor errors of the H1-H6 tags functionality have been fixed; the H1-H6 automatic generation has been removed.
    • Some fixes have been made within the Mobile Version.
Moto CMS 1.8v.1.8, released May 22th, 2012

What’s new in Moto CMS 1.8

MotoCMS 1.8 is a major release that delivers the following innovations and improvements:

  • Mobile Editor has been added.
    • The new Mobile control panel has been integrated into the system.
    • The Mobile control panel contains a default HTML template for mobile versions of websites. The template’s height and width can be modified; it is possible to choose the preloader and change the background.
    • The Mobile Editor contains the set of advanced widgets: Contact Forms, Galleries, General, Maps, Menus.
    • The SEO options are disabled in the HTML version to prevent double indexing.
    • A new object “Block” has been added to the Mobile control panel.
    • An unlimited number of pages and pop-ups, the “Under Construction” and “Password Protect” options are available within the new control panel.
    • The option “Redirect mobile devices to alternative version of site” has been added to the Main control panel.
    • The “My Account” option has been added to Main and Mobile control panels.
Moto CMS 1.7v.1.7, released February 21th, 2012

What’s new in Moto CMS 1.7

MotoCMS 1.7 is a major release that contains the following innovations and improvements:

  • The speed of files loading has been increased.
  • MotoCMS has been updated to the latest Adobe Flash CS5.
  • The ability to pin objects to screen edges has been added.
  • The links to the technical problems solutions have been added to the control panel.
Moto CMS 1.6v.1.6, released November 11th, 2011

What’s new in Moto CMS 1.6

MotoCMS 1.6 is a major release that contains new options and tools (Search widget, Background widget, Buy Now Button widget, etc.) and significant improvements of the previous features (RSS widget, Contact Form widget, Media Library, HTML Widget, etc.).

  • The ability to protect pages and pop-ups with a password was added.
  • The New Search widget for a website texts searching has been integrated.
  • The Contact Form widget has been improved:
    • The Radio button and Text area items have been added.
    • The settings for SMTP server adjustment have been added.
  • The Atom publishing protocol has been integrated to the RSS widget.
  • The New Background widget that allows users to customize the website background pictures and colors.
  • The Buy Now Button widget has been created.
  • The ability to integrate popular online services (Picasa, Flickr, Facebook) into Flash CMS has been created.
  • Slots and modules were combined into new widgets category. All the slots were sorted out into a new category of Template elements, and some of them were supplemented with new icons.
  • The connection of widgets with content has been improved.
  • The design of Preferences window has been changed.
  • The ability to add Vimeo videos to the HTML widget has been added.
  • The ability to place YouTube videos directly into pages has been integrated.
  • Some changes made to general design have been made.
Moto CMS 1.5.2v.1.5.2, released September 1st, 2011

What’s new in Moto CMS 1.5.2

Moto CMS 1.5.2 is a minor release that improves the capabilities of the Facebook templates and fixes some errors of the previous versions.

  • The ability to display alternative content (images, HTML code) in Facebook templates for the non-fans who visit your Facebook page.
  • Some minor system errors have been fixed.
Moto CMS 1.5.1v.1.5.1, released August 8th, 2011

What’s new in Moto CMS 1.5.1

Moto CMS 1.5.1 is a minor release that fixes several errors and adds some useful options to the system.

  • Incorrect gallery contents display error while adding multiple images at once to the module fixed.
  • The ability to manually input the ID for a YouTube video within the “Media Player” module fixed.
  • An option that allows the users to input non-latin characters into the “Contact Form” module fields added. Please note that the “HTML Widget” doesn’t support this mode of operation and will be disabled in case of the “non-latin input compatibility mode” is enabled.
Moto CMS 1.5v.1.5, released July 7th, 2011

What’s new in Moto CMS 1.5

MotoCMS version 1.5 is a major release that contains new tools and options (some of them are innovations), and significantly improves the previous ones.

  • HTML Widget added. HTML code can be embedded in a website over Flash objects (an ability to add a forum, a blog, a comment field to a website).
  • An ability to create stretched websites added. It is now possible to change the height of single pages of a website. Please note that this feature is only available within definite Flash CMS templates.
  • Media Library Integration (YouTube) + Video Gallery added.
    • It is now possible to search for YouTube videos via the Media Library using the Search YouTube Button.
    • An ability to place video and graphic files into one Media gallery and easily create galleries added (please note that this feature is only available in the “Photo Gallery Preview” module and the “Photo Gallery Lightbox” slot).
  • Social Network Sharing Slot added that allows the website visitors to share current pages in social networks (Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, MySpace, LinkedIn, Vk).
  • Contact Form module improved. Checkbox, combobox (select) and file upload items have been added.
  • Youtube Quality Option added. You can now implicitly choose the quality of each YouTube video.
  • Property Dependencies added. Developers can now set property dependencies for all objects (each property can depend on a set of other properties).
  • Placement Attributes added. The Placement selection toolbar displays the placement of every object (weather the placement is masked, stretched or sticky) and allows the users to manage these items within the control panel.
  • Modules (widgets) categories are now divided into sections for easier discovery and usage.
Moto CMS 1.4v.1.4, released April 12th, 2011

What’s new in Moto CMS 1.4

MotoCMS version 1.4 is a major release that improves the system functionality, adds new tools as well as optimizes existing ones. Also, a new built-in News Widget module has been added, and some system errors have been fixed.

  • Object manipulation in the control panel improved.
    • Multiple objects can be selected and modified (transformation, rotation, resizing, etc.)
    • Objects in the control panel can now snap to each other and the website center or edges.
  • News Widget module added that allows to publish news via the control panel much easier.
  • Contact Form module improved.
    • Contact form display in the control panel is now identical to the one on the website.
    • Tab order of form fields can now be changed as well as their order in resulting email.
  • Content saving process optimized. Content XML files now occupy less space.
  • Automatic content recovery on errors added.
  • Font smoothing added for the custom fonts – the appearance significantly improved.
  • New methods to ActionScript Moto API added.
  • Website display errors in IE9 fixed.
  • External rich content module incorrect behavior fixed.
  • Overall control panel performance and responsiveness improved.
Moto CMS 1.3.3v.1.3.3, released December 21st, 2010

What’s new in Moto CMS 1.3.3

MotoCMS version 1.3.3 is a minor release that offers some changes over the previous version, supporting new technologies, improving performance and ease of use. Some of the notable features are:

  • RSS Reader has been added to the set of the built-in widgets. It allows users to add the RSS Feeds to the pages of MotoCMS based websites.
  • Google Maps module added. It provides an interface to the Google Maps API within MotoCMS and allows users to create interactive maps with various map markers and content in map bubbles.
  • Batch Add option implemented. The option allows users to add multiple items to the website gallery simultaneously, without wasting time on adding files one by one.
Moto CMS 1.3.2v.1.3.2, released November 16th, 2010

What’s new in Moto CMS 1.3.2

Moto CMS 1.3.2 is a minor release that fixes several issues and contains the system speed improvements.

Moto CMS 1.3.1v.1.3.1, released October 28th, 2010

What’s new in Moto CMS 1.3.1

Moto CMS 1.3.1 is a minor release that adds slideshow option to external galleries.

  • Photo Gallery Widgets now can be used to display customizable slideshow.
  • Content placement names changed a little to be more obvious: added layer names.
  • XML files optimized by removing attributes that have default values.
Moto CMS 1.3v.1.3, released September 28th, 2010

What’s new in Moto CMS 1.3

Moto CMS 1.3 is a major release that contains brand new and useful features like a built-in Image Editor that allows users to edit images directly in control panel, and long-awaited improvements to Media Library like folder structure and any file upload.

  • Media Library updated
    • Media files can now be sorted and organized using folders. You can easily control, reorder and rename these folders.
    • Multiple elements can now be selected at once. You can now move, delete or preload multiple media items in one click.
    • Any types of files can now be uploaded to Media Library (doc, pdf, txt, zip etc) to be used on the site.
  • Image Editor added
    • You can now edit images in your Media Library directly in control panel.
    • Basic image editing operations supported (resizing, rotation, mirroring, crop etc)
    • Some professional image filters and operations available (brightness, saturation, colorization, RGB editing etc)
    • All changes to image are tracked in history so you can easily undo and redo editing actions.
    • Image Editor has lightweight embedded Media Library browser for quick image selection
  • HTML code generation greatly improved to help increase SEO ranking of websites.
  • Overall system responsiveness and performance increased.
Moto CMS 1.2v.1.2, released July 6th, 2010

What’s new in Moto CMS 1.2

Moto CMS 1.2. is a long-awaited major release that offers many changes over the previous version, supporting new web technologies, improving performance and ease of use. Here are the remarkable features you will be happy to know:

  • Control Panel Rebranding that allows you to remove all references concerning Moto CMS and replace Moto CMS logo with your own.
  • Under Construction Mode that activates a placeholder web page and notifies visitors that your website is coming soon; meanwhile you may continue your work on the website.
  • The ability to set a FavIcon for a website via Moto CMS control panel.
  • The ability to pre-load images, MP3, FLV and SWF files during the website loading stage. This makes it possible to display images instantly while browsing a website, to get rid of extra progress bars, and to start background music just right after pre-loading.
  • The ability to preview a website either in the same window or in a new one.
  • XML Sitemap Generator.
  • The ability for Flash developers to put content of the Rich Content Module into a separate file, what reduces the website loading time and makes it possible to create a great number of pages.
  • The ability to adjust content position in the Rich Content blocks.
  • Control panel interface updates. Improved display of pages and pop-ups in the control panel; a filter for fast page search has been added.
  • Moto CMS components were updated for more convenient and automated assets loading (image, video and SWF). Improved YouTube Player performance. Now it works without using JavaScript code.
  • Object effects management tools improvement. Now you have an ability to change the effects order for a particular object, hide or delete them. Moreover, you may also copy all effects of one object and apply them for another.
  • Such modules, as image gallery, info module and music player now provides the ability to manage data sources (rename, delete or duplicate them) and to choose a file source just right from a module.
  • Pages, pop-ups and website properties improvements. There also has been added a sort order for pages what allows creating powerful presentations.
  • Auto-validation and correction of XML files if they are damaged by different unsupported symbols.
  • The Lock Object information is stored.
  • File upload without changing a file name in the library.
  • Improved display of HTML content page. Support for alt and title image attribute values.
  • New types of image views (thumbnails and list). The chosen mode and thumbnail size is stored.
  • Improved Media Library performance by means of creating temporary light size images for its elements.
  • Speed improvements: XML files load much faster due to the optimized XML structure and engine objects.
  • Pop-ups size and location in the control panel is also stored.
  • New module – Advanced Catalog Module.
  • Rasterize Object’ function added (Each Object can be converted into an image).
Moto CMS 1.1v.1.1, released December 21st, 2009

What’s new in Moto CMS 1.1

Moto CMS 1.1. is a minor release that contains some improvements for web developers and users and provides additional options and tools for search engine optimization. Due to the development of new Flash CMS templates new requirements appeared, what caused further Moto CMS engine improvement and optimization.

  • New property type: property Type=”link” that provides an ability to link site elements to any page, pop-up or external URL.
  • The ability to block the basic menu elements.
  • New property for ContentHolderVO – isStatic, used for static containers.
  • Pop-up auto-closing while moving to another page.
  • New color effect and property type – “colorMatrix” – for more flexible elements’ color management.
  • The ability to create a template for a module what allows you to build similar modules with different elements structure.
  • There are new page and pop-up properties: keywords, meta description, “nofollow” and “noindex” attribute values. “Nofollow” value has also been added to the links.
  • Login Form AutoFill Function.
  • Improved control panel and components performance.
Moto CMS 1.0 – Releasev.1.0, released November 4th, 2009

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