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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
How can I get support if I have any question or problem?

We recommend you first of all to try to find the answer in our Knowledge Base. In case you cannot find the solution there, please submit a ticket. Our support members will be happy to assist you!

What is Moto CMS?

Moto CMS is an advanced content management system that allows you to create attractive, functional and SEO-friendly websites easily, without having any special knowledge or programming skills.

Which should I choose - MotoCMS Flash template or MotoCMS HTML?

Unfortunately there is no straight answer to this question as it depends on your personal needs. Main idea is to decide if you need fast responsive website with static content or a bit slower site that has lots of colorful animations that Flash can provide you with. Both template types are mobile and SEO friendly.


Which hosting can you recommend?

Any hosting which corresponds to Moto CMS requirements will be ok. Our hosting requirements are:

PHP 5.2 or 5.3 or 5.4

Zend Optimizer version 3.3 (for PHP 5.2), or

Zend Guard Loader  (for PHP 5.3 or PHP 5.4)

In particular, we recommend bluehost.com as a highly reliable hosting provider who's servers are fully corresponding to all of our requirements. Also, as a Moto CMS customer you will have a discount with them! Please use the following link in order to get this discount.

How can I transfer the changes I've made on the template's demo to my website?

After you will purchase the template, please contact our support team on http://support.cms-guide.com providing your site address, your demo site address and your FTP details. Our supporters will upload the changes you've made on the demo straight to your server.

Your demo site changes will be stored during 2 months after the end of your demo period.

How to move my site from one server to another?

You need to copy all of the templates files and upload them to another server. Please, don't forget to set the transfer type to binary while uploading. After the files are uploaded you will probably need to re-activate your product for the new server's IP address.

Will I be able to edit my site on both PC and Mac?

Yes. Moto CMS control panel works on any system, that can run Adobe Flash Player. Both PC and Mac are supported.

Do I need to purchase the license and the template separately?

The license is included into the template's package. You don't need to purchase them separately.

Can I use your template for more than one website?

Unfortunately, you can’t. One template's license is required per each domain (website).

Is it necessary to renew my Moto CMS license every year? Will there be any monthly or annual fees?

No additional monthly or annual payments are required. The duration of the license is not restricted anyhow.

How to optimize my site's SEO?

Please find an article about your Moto CMS site's SEO optimization here. Also you can purchase one of our linkbuilding services made for improving your site's google ranking.

How to track all the visitors and search requests from my website?

You can track all the Internet traffic on your website by using google analytics tools, use the following links to read more about it


In order to activate this feature in your moto cms you should do the following:

  1. Register at https://www.google.com/analytics/provision/signup

  2. Navigate to your Google Analytics account and find the code they offer you to add to your website. Somewhere in that code you can find your identifier (something, that looks like UA-123123-1). Please copy it.

  3. Open your moto cms admin panel of your website http://www.yoursite.com/adminand go to the menu preferences>website preferences>website>SEO&Analytics tab.

  4. On this tab, check "Enable Google Analytics" and "Enable Flash Tracing" check boxes.

  5. Paste the identifier you copied from your Google Analytics account to "Tracking code" box.

  6. Click "Save" button and you're done. Google Analytics code is now added to all pages of your site!

After you did this simply login to your google analytics account and track all the data from your website.

Please note, that you don't have to modify HTML source of your site to add Google Analytics tracking code. Our CMS does this work for you.

Is it possible to create multiple Administrators with specific editing privileges?

Unfortunately, this option is not yet available. We hope it will appear in one of our future updates.

Can I use Moto CMS on the localhost?

Yes, you can. Please, find the instructions for the installation of th WAMP server here.

MotoCMS Flash Templates
What does Flash MotoCMS template package include?

The template package includes: Moto CMS license, the template itself, all the source files, guidelines, lifetime support.

Can I try Flash MotoCMS template before buying?

You can try a 30-day fully functional demo of any of Flash MotoCMS templates on http://www.motocms.com/flash-templates/

Will my MotoCMS Flash site be visible on mobile devices?

MotoCMS Flash templates SUPPORT mobile devices! Now you do not need to worry to lose your mobile users when working with MotoCMS Flash templates. We have added a separate Mobile Editor that gives you a chance to build an alternative version of your site for mobile devices. This mobile site is based on HTML and can be seen on any mobile device, like iPhone, iPad etc.

Here you may get more information about Mobile Control Panel features - http://www.motocms.com/blog/project-news/motocms-version-1-8-mobile-editor/

You also need to remember that each and every template include a general design of the mobile site but you have all the tools to make it look the way you need. Look at some made examples that our customers came up with - http://www.motocms.com/blog/project-news/motocms-mobile-optimized-websites/

Is there any manual I can download to guide me through MotoCMS Flash template?

Please, download the MotoCMS Flash manual here.

What media files are supported by Flash MotoCMS?

You may upload .JPG, .PNG, .PDF, .MP3, .MP4, .SWF and .FLV files via Flash Moto MS control panel.

MotoCMS HTML Templates
What does MotoCMS HTML template package include?

The template package includes: Moto CMS license, the template itself, guidelines, lifetime support.

Can I try MotoCMS HTML template before buying?

You can try a 30-day fully functional demo of any of MotoCMS HTML Templates on http://www.motocms.com/html-templates/

Is there any manual I can download to guide me through MotoCMS HTML template?

Please, download the MotoCMS HTML manual here.

Are there any software updates for MotoCMS HTML Templates templates and how much does it cost?

Our developers are continuously working on improving Moto CMS and adding new features to it, so the new updates are released regularly. All our updates are free of charge and will cost you nothing.

What media files are supported by MotoCMS HTML?

You may upload .JPG, .PNG, .PDF and .GIF files via MotoCMS HTML control panel.

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