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Well-thought-out Google shopping campaign setup to promote products and boost sales

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Need Professional Google Shopping Ads Services?

In case you are looking for a top-notch Google shopping campaign setup service, your search ends here!

Do you want to enlarge your retail business and boost sales, but don’t know where to start? The Google shopping campaign setup is a perfect choice that will provide you with one of the ready-to-run solutions from Google ads campaign performance specialist. Performing Google shopping ads services, we will explore your business niche thoroughly, create Google Merchant Center и Google Ads accounts for you, and configure them according to your needs.

Moreover, we will gather and create product data feed, set up the conversion tag, and collect dynamic remarketing audiences for you. Therefore, you will get a professional promotion campaign that is created by Google ads expert and implies all ins and out of efficient product advertising.

  • Google Account setup

  • Well-thought-out product promotion strategy

  • Free 30-day campaign management

  • Languages:

    English, Russian

  • CMS:


  • ETA:

    10 business days

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Benefits of Google Shopping Ads Services

Not ready to purchase the service yet? Examine the reasons how the Google shopping campaign setup will benefit your business and boost your sales.

Hassle-Free Process

Hassle-Free Process

Don’t know how to set up a Google shopping campaign? Let us do this for you! Our specialist will research your business niche, analyze your competitors, collect remarketing audiences, and optimize Google shopping ads for you!

Conversion Tracking Tag

Conversion Tracking Tag

We will generate a conversion tracking tag and add it to your site. Therefore, you will check how many users do a particular action on your website, like signing up, clicking on a download button, or purchasing a product.

Remarketing Audience Collecting

Remarketing Audience Collecting

We will collect a list of users who visited your website but didn’t do any action. After this, our google ads specialist will show ads to these users. Our Google shopping ads services will help you to increase the conversion rate.

Targeted Shopping Campaign

Targeted Shopping Campaign

Our specialist will make a professional Google shopping campaign setup. Therefore only your targeted audience will see your ads. For instance, only users from a particular place will see your promo ads at Google.

Negative Keyword List

Negative Keyword List

It will help to increase your ROI (return on investment). Our specialist will find keywords with a high competition rate and add them to the negative keywords list. Also, it will help you to avoid an irrelevant match.

30-day Campaign Management

30-day Campaign Management

We don’t leave a promotion campaign as it after performing the service. We will provide free 30-day campaign management. Therefore, we will track your progress and update your promotion campaigns to increase the conversion rate on your site.

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Google Shopping Ads Services - Workflow

  1. Gathering Order Details

    For starters, we will need to get your email address, your website URL, log in details to your site’s control panel, and information about your business (address line, city, state/province, postal/ZIP code, country, business phone number).

  2. Getting Administrator Access Permission

    If you have an account at Google Ads, you will need to grant the administrator access to your website. Otherwise, we will create a Google Ads account, performing Google shopping ads services.

  3. Indicating Target Audience

    We will do thorough research and set up Google shopping ads to show up to those who are interested in your services only.

  4. Google Shopping Ads Launching

    Our specialists will create product ads and launch a promotion campaign. After this, we will monitor your progress and adjust your Google ads to attract more clients at a lower price.

Google Shopping Ads Services Сost

Google Shopping Ads Services

Google Shopping Ads Services


  • account registration assistance

  • competitors analysis

  • product data feed collection and inputting

  • conversion tracking tag setup

  • 30-day company management

  • Google shopping ads optimization


What are Google shopping ads?

It is the type of product ads that contain an image, price, and merchant name. Shopping ads always correspond to a particular group of advertisements that correspond to a user’s search. Hence, a user can browse a feed of products and select some products from a list.

Where do Google shopping ads appear?

Google Shopping Ads appear in the feed at the top of search results. Also, they can appear in the right sidebar.

Can shopping ads appear on YouTube?

Yes, shopping ads appear on YouTube as a list of products under a video or as a popping up message on a video. Google shows product adds on partners’ YouTube channels, and you have no option to manage it.

What is a negative keyword list?

It prevents ads from showing up for particular phases. This part of Google shopping ads services helps to avoid irrelevant phrase matches and create an effective promotion campaign strategy.

How much does it cost to get on Google shopping?

It can cost you $1 an hour, or $1 a month. Google charges for the number of ad impressions only.

What is the minimum budget for Google AdWords?

There is no official minimum from which you can start. You can set up $5 as a daily budget, or spend $1000 a day.

What is a remarketing audience?

It is a list of users that you can re-engage. In other words, remarketing audience is a group of users who visited your site didn’t buy anything. Therefore, you can contact them, promoting a better offer.

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Cristiano Morse

This one is the most cost-effective service. Some investments and professional Google shopping ads services from this company have turned into dozens of new clients. I will order more product promotion campaigns since my profit has doubled in the last month.

Harrison Lawson

They are professionals who know how to promote products at Google properly. A few days after a promo campaign launch, I started receiving first orders from clients. Moreover, I was taught how to manage a Google shopping ads campaign by myself. Order the service if you want to start selling online.

Jennie Armitage

Thank you guys for an excellent Google shopping ads management service. You did a great job. I highly appreciate all the effort and time that you’ve spent explaining all ins and out of successful product promotion at Google.

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