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White Label Website Design – A Key Solution to Boost Your Business

Daria Kosych 12 May, 2021

Get high-quality, stunning websites for your clients, thought out to the smallest details with no effort! Whether you’re a freelancer, have a web studio, a developer, website builder, marketing, or social media manager, white label website design is your lifeline when you’re under a deadline.

Enjoy websites that look and function correctly – add the logo of your brand and start selling sites to your customers today!

How It Works

White label website design is a type of partnership when one company produces goods or services, and the other sells them under its brand. In such a way, each partner can focus on their competence (production or sales) and thus save on product launch costs. By choosing this format of partnership, both companies receive a whole range of advantages.

The company that buys the product gets:

  • Fast launch of new products and reduced costs.
  • Focus on the core business and additional income from the affiliate program.

At the same time, the manufacturer gets:

  • Selling goods or services without unnecessary promotion costs.
  • Access to a new target audience and product popularization.
  • Formation of successful cases for other potential partners.

White Label Website Development You Get

  1. Custom logo: add your logo and start selling the website builder.
  2. Get templates for landing pages, CMS, and e-commerce websites.
  3. Custom domain + customer sites with your subdomain.
  4. Responsive web design that meets client’s desires and goals.
  5. User-friendly CMS.
  6. Point out your tariffs – choose the prices according to your business requirements and needs.
  7. Different ways of cooperation – convenient pricing plan.
  8. More clients and more orders.
  9. SEO optimized sites.
  10. Various widgets and plugins.

Benefits of Being White Label Website Builder Reseller

All the advantages of white label website design development can be called “how to make your life easier”:

  • you get more time – there is no need to spend it on website development, do what you love;
  • in case you can’t keep up with orders and cope with a flow of clients or some tasks are difficult for you, you can ask a reliable website builder for help;
  • no technical skills and knowledge required;
  • more customers and more services to offer your clients, while your services are presented in the best light;
  • flexible and reliable cooperation;
  • become a white label website builder reseller and get money for almost doing nothing.

Web Design Isn’t My Cup of Tea

To become a white label website builder reseller you don’t need to have a Master’s degree in web design! Look who such partnership is suitable for:

  • freelancers – white label website development can be a good side job or job without obligations;
  • wholesalers – it’s a perfect way to scale your business;
  • IT consultants – imagine you’re working on the project, you have a specific task, but the client also asks for web design. With white label website design, you won’t lose the client and earn more money while spending less time;
  • marketing agencies – in case you’re great at marketing, social media branding, etc., but you realize that web design will be a perfect addition to your services, entrust it to MotoCMS. You’ll spend time on your project while another company works on your clients’ wishes – everyone’s happy;
  • tech startups – if you need a website but don’t want your clients to know that you didn’t create it, there is a decision. With white label website development, you’ll identify your brand name, services, prices, and all the relevant content. Thus, your future customers will be pleased with your work and trust you more;
  • web studio agencies – you can choose a white-label website design solution to reduce your workload.

Check Out Examples of Top White Label Website Design Builders

Are you interested in white label website design cooperation but don’t know what company to choose? We want to present you with the advantages of the top 6 website builders and make your choice easier. Undoubtedly, each of them provides an advanced level of services and profitable offers, but only one will fully meet your requirements.

MotoCMS – Reputable, Qualified and Flexible

It combines the concept of content management and SaaS to create a powerful website that is flexible enough for both novice and experienced developers. Whether you want to create a simple landing page or a robust online store, this website builder offers incredible features to help you cope with that effortlessly.

MotoCMS White Label Website Design


Meet an ideal solution for any project and any purpose! Become MotoCMS white label website builder reseller and enjoy such benefits:

  • Drag-and-Drop function providing simple editing with an intuitive control panel;
  • The adaptive design ensures a website’s perfect look on any device;
  • SEO Optimized Templates for business promotion;
  • Various widgets and plugins;
  • E-commerce features for clients who need an online store;
  • White Label Demo for your clients to decide whether the templates meet their expectations;
  • The white-labeled platform for you to present the products as your own;
  • Integration with marketing tools(with the help of Google Analytics and Google Search Console) helps you be aware of essential information (like the number of website visitors, etc.).

MotoCMS Website Design

Be sure that you won’t notice even a hint about MotoCMS products – check out how the admin panel will look(no brand name and logo!).

You’ll Appreciate It

  • Brand Links and Content
  • Personalized Brand Logo
  • Dashboard Color Customization
  • Customized Widgets and Functionality
  • Personalized CSS
  • Creating Your Pricing Plans
  • MotoCMS White Label Trials
  • Turnkey Packages for Freelance, Agency, or Enterprise

Focus on your growth – leave the rest to MotoCMS White Label Website Design.


WIX – Dubious White Label Website Design

Wix website builder is ​​famous because of its visual appeal. Among other advantages, we can point out:

  • responsiveness of templates;
  • convenient visual editor;
  • precise styling tools;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • advanced layout;
  • an app store with two hundred widgets;
  • free information about using the constructor;
  • ability to add HTML code to pages;
  • a unified control panel for your online store;
  • e-commerce websites (beautiful product collections, secure payment solutions, dropshipping, brand loyalty)
  • the highest international security standards, etc.

WIX Website Templates

Unfortunately, WIX provides excellent services, but it has no straightforward white label website development program as desired. You can create sites on their fully customizable platforms – bring bold ideas to reality with WIX and Editor X, maximize traffic and brand awareness. Still, first, you should get a Partner Program(you can design, build and grow your clients’ businesses) and earn 100 points for every client website. So, you don’t decide what amount of money you can get for every project (as in MotoCMS).


WIX Partner Program

It’s free to join the partner program, but there are five stages you should move up to get it:

  • Explorer(0-300 points)
  • Pioneer(400-900 points )
  • Creator(1000-1900 points)
  • Icon(2000-4900 points)
  • Legend(5000+ points)

All in all, WIX provides you with outstanding opportunities for your business projects, but you won’t work as a separate company with your own rules.

Duda – Easy and Clear Partnership

It’s a robust platform for creating websites, blogs, or online shops. This website builder allows you to create a site of any complexity and edit its content in the visual design mode. You will be able to customize the site elements for each device to get the same site display on your desktop, mobile phone, or tablet. Also, an intuitive drag-and-drop editor will reduce your site development time.

Duda Website Builder

Become Duda white label website builder reseller and start promoting your business. This company offers agencies such solutions as:

  • client login
  • website editor
  • website preview tools
  • white label template gallery
  • email communications
  • client dashboard
  • changing brand name and colors
  • adding your logo

Duda White Label Website Design

Everything’s great with a form of cooperation Duda presents but you should pay attention that it’s available ONLY to Team,  Agency and their Customers. It doesn’t identify the prices, which is not convenient, but the customers can start a 14-day free trial. All in all, it ensures growth for every company regardless of the number of clients.

Weblium – Website Builder Thought Out to Details

Weblium impresses with its design and convenience. It is a beginner-friendly website builder that helps you quickly create a simple, professional-looking website in just a few minutes. Indeed, the process of building a website will feel as comfortable as playing Lego.

Weblium White Label Website Design

Launch your website quickly with such additional features:

  • Free domain for a year
  • Built-in SEO optimization
  • Free SSL Certificate(visitors’ data and connections are protected)
  • Responsive  design (automatically configures all the versions of your site)
  • Cloud hosting

Meet the Best White Label Website Design Partnership

  • Present your clients with a unique brand(logo and domain)
  • Your team can work on the project
  • Easy editing with the help of drag & drop editor
  • Choose your tariff plans
  • Get effective SEO
  • Best marketing tools
  • 24/7 support

Weblium White Label Website Design

Moreover, everybody can work with Weblium products – freelancer, web studio, or a big agency. Also, what’s excellent about Weblium white label website development is that there are no hidden fees. Therefore, you’re presented with three pricing packs, and each of them has a detailed description of the services you get:


  • basic
  • growth
  • enterprise

Book free demo and explore the benefits of white label website design.

Jimdo – Simple and Easy to Use

It is a visual editor that has millions of clients who use it to create straightforward websites. Jimdo is a good website building service for creating business cards, blogs, and online stores.

Jimdo Website Builder

Thus, it has many advantages:

  • The functionality, sufficient for the development of sites of different types.
  • Professional templates and quality customization tools.
  • Nice built-in blog elements;
  • Two visual editors and, accordingly, two different approaches to creating sites in the system – more simple and more functional;
  • A solid set of elements in the advanced version of the editor;
  • Availability of a free period, which is enough to get acquainted with the capabilities of the service.

Among disadvantages, we’d like to point out:

  • The high cost of tariffs, especially considering their functionality.
  • A strange control panel and an inconvenient interface.
  • SEO optimization tools, considered to be premium features available only on paid plans.
  • There are few templates. All hope is for their deep customization or creating your own from scratch;
  • The store is inconvenient to operate, not worth the money;
  • The free tariff is seriously cut in terms of features;
  • Tariffs are overpriced.

Affiliate Program Instead of White Label Website Development

With Jimdo affiliate, you don’t become a white label website builder reseller but earn up to 150 euros commission per customer who buys a premium plan. It is a perfect decision for agencies and freelancers. Moreover, there is no limit – you get money for every new client. With an intuitive affiliate tool, you get access to a wide range of advertising materials and in-depth statistics that help Jimdo boost sales.

Jimdo Affiliate Program

Besides, we should note that the program is free. All you need to do is to sign up to Impact Radius and verify your email address. If everything is fine, you get promotional materials and start working.

GoDaddy – 24/7 Support

Enjoy the simplicity of working with the constructor and excellent technical support. Even though GoDaddy’s website builder is not available for free and the templates are a little bit outdated, there are some useful functions like:

  • multimedia customization: built-in photo albums, video support, audio, and animation at a high level;
  • very convenient drag-and-drop;
  • photo galleries, etc.

GoDaddy's Website Builder

Besides, you can contact GoDaddy technical support by phone and via online chat and access the knowledge base, where many training videos are collected.

GoDaddy White Label Website Builder Reseller

This company offers impressive white label website design terms – you can sell not only website builders but also domains, hosting, email, etc., and present it as your brand products. So, you start your own business and set your prices! Choose from Basic and Pro reseller programs with pre-built and customizable e-commerce storefronts with your name, credit card processing, 24/7 support, sales and commission reports.

GoDaddy White Label Website Design

 Affiliate Program – Get Money for Promotion GoDaddy

There is an opportunity for you to earn money from sales. The program is free, but you get a commission every time the visitor purchases the product with the link from your site. No risk for you! Choose what product to promote and set up your affiliate account for placing ads.

Leaders That Don’t Have White Label Website Design

Strangely, some famous and robust website builders don’t have such an option. Check out three of them:

  1. Tilda is a website builder for creating your website without programming skills; a convenient constructor with a simple visual editor allows you to create impressive websites with sliders, full-screen images, parallax effect, and other beautiful things.
  2. Squarespace – an amazingly sophisticated and simple at the same time, user-friendly, intuitive editor which features and functionality appeals to the broadest possible audience. Moreover, it’s the best choice for those who want to create an online store.
  3. WordPress.com is also an incredibly versatile platform. With this CMS, you can create almost any website: a blog, an online platform for small businesses, an online portfolio to attract new clients, an online store, etc. You can find solutions and answers at WordPress.com and get started easily and quickly. But you can’t start a business on this.

Contact Us to Discuss

Taking into account all the pros and cons of top website builders’ partnership terms, MotoCMS is a right white label website design platform. Enjoy quality and transparency of future partnerships. Get the astonishing web design and development services – your clients will be pleasantly surprised and wish to appeal to you again! We’ll cope with the development of high-tech projects from a small company website to a web service with various integrations and complex functionality. Contact us if you still have questions or want to discuss your business development.

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