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Allison Reed 16 May, 2018

The sky is the limit. MotoCMS has become more powerful and reliable like never before. Frankly speaking, we were waiting for this moment to come for the whole year! Now, we can make the official statement. We are proud to be granted MotoCMS Trademark!

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Why is it SO important to us? MotoCMS values the safety of all our customers. We need to make sure that every product to which you refer is the original item that was produced by MotoCMS family, thus giving you a guarantee that you can rely on the reputable brand name.

The competition in the market is getting tougher. The number of scammers trying to steal your personal data or sell products of the poor quality continues to expand. MotoCMS is proud to have a growing community of the avid web design fans. We value your attitude to the digital solutions that we produce. So, it was of the predominance importance to receive a service mark that identifies and distinguishes us from others.

Why Are Trademarks Important?

A trademark is a word, phrase, or symbol that marks the identity of a specific company, product or service that a specific brand produces. A trademark provides the lawful owner with the lifetime guarantee to use, modify, and take all advantages from the use of the registered mark.

Why are trademarks so important to all modern-day businesses? Here are the top reasons that brands and entrepreneurs need to consider.

  • First of all, a trademark prevents other person or organization from the unauthorized use of the brand name and the offers that it provides.
  • A trademark is an official identification that makes a brand different from other companies/organizations that work in a similar field. Owing to the trademark, customers can distinguish reliable businesses that provide quality services/products from the ones to which they will hardly ever refer in the future. For example, MotoCMS Website Creator is one of the most built-in admin panels. This stands out with the ease of installation, a handful of tools, widgets, and the intuitive drag-and-drop interface. A selection of ready-made MotoCMS website builder templates lets you pick the pre-designed web solution that matches your specific business needs ideally.

MotoCMS Trademark registration process

  • A trademark is a status symbol that makes it easy to differentiate a brand from a range of identical organizations in the market. For example, MotoCMS is the ultimate web builder that allows you to create visually stunning and fully responsive web pages for all purposes imaginable. People appreciate the quality of the all-in-one solution for the effective visual promotion of their content. They may simply call is a page builder than calling is MotoCMS website builder every time they refer to it. Even a newbie web developer can simply differentiate the heart-shaped branded logo design from a series of others.
  • Trademarks allow businesses to take extra benefit from using social media platforms. The brand name is the first thing that people enter when looking for your official pages on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. It goes without saying that you can make your organization more findable while using the branded hashtags. More public engagement results in the higher demand for a brand and its services. This translates into more traffic, more clients, and more brand recognition.
  • Trademarks never expire. Some of the most widely recognized brands like Mercedes and Pepsi-Cola were registered more than 100 years ago and still remain noticeable globally.

What Benefits Does MotoCMS trademark Bring to Customers?

There are plenty of benefits that you (as a customer) can derive from trademarks of the preferred brands. First and foremost, these keep you protected from using products or services that are delivered by inaccurate brands and manufacturers. A trademark helps you to identify what kind of products or services they would like to buy on seeing the recognizable word/logo/slogan or other indicators of the origins of the products.

MotoCMS Trademark certificate image

  • Trademark makes it easier for the customers to find brands.
  • It makes products and services offered by a specific company easy-to-distinguish from a range of similar offers.
  • It guarantees the consistent level quality of products and services that a brand sells.
  • MotoCMS trademark guarantees that the digital goods and services that you order from us are of the highest quality.
  • Also, you can rest assured that whatever kind of issues you face during the personalization of MotoCMS items, you can also rely on the professional assistance provided by the qualified team of technical support managers.
  • MotoCMS trademark prevents the public confusion as per the source of goods and services acquired by a customer.

MotoCMS strives to become better all the time. Receiving MotoCMS trademark is one more peak that we have conquered. More achievements are yet to come! Thanks to the active engagement of our customers and the feedback that you leave, we know that we are on the right path. Also, we know which way we need to continue moving in order to let you enjoy fully everything we produce.

By the way, do you have any suggestions on the things that should be enhanced or the new types of services that you’d like us to provide? We’ll appreciate you sharing your ideas via comments.

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