MotoCMS Bestsellers 2016: Look at Our Customers’ Favorites

MotoCMS Editorial 10 January, 2017

How to choose a perfect template for your website? The most reasonable solution is seeking for the one in the category that fits your business. But what if there in no web theme that does not meet your requirements? Don’t be upset. More often than not, the subject of a template does not conform to the purpose of its owner.


If you have not found your template in your category, go through the whole collection of website templates made with MotoCMS. Maybe, there is a template that is waiting just for you!

MotoCMS Bestsellers 2016

But before that, you can take a sneak peek at top MotoCMS bestsellers of 2016 that we collected for you. In the list, there are the templates that turned out to be the most popular ones among our customers in the year that passed. We hope this compilation will help you to make the right choice and launch a website that satisfies all your needs.



Spectrum is the best reason to bring to naught the search of your ideal web theme. Why? Because no matter what kind of a website you are going to build, this multipurpose template will comply with your demands 100%. Thanks to a built-in block editor, you can edit almost 20 ready-made pages with absolutely no coding experience.

Another important benefit from getting Spectrum is its five child home pages: restaurant, consulting, financial, photographer and industrial. Use any of them to save your time on creating a professional niche website for your business or for your customers, if you are a web developer.


Franz Shwarz


The second most popular template in our list is the ready-made portfolio for photographers. Thanks to its classic black-and-white color palette, this web theme became one of the top templates in the category of Art & Photography.

The original design is perfect for showing off your photography, which you can add in a few clicks with a user-friendly file manager in the admin panel powered by MotoCMS. The template is also great for those photographers who would like to start own blog. Thanks to blog functionality, you can create and customize your blog right in your web browser and with no coding skills.




Evolution is one more great multipurpose website template for business with five home pages on board: general, medical, web design, car repair and real estate. The trick is you can take one of these pages, set it as your home one, add your personal content and in such a way save hours on developing a welcome page for your website.

Just make use of a simplified page editor in the admin panel from MotoCMS, allowing you to assemble your home page with dozens of original pre-made blocks and manage your professional website without hiring a professional web developer.




If you are a building contractor or deal with architecture, the web design template you are looking at may be another good solution for your website. Your website visitors will enjoy well-chosen typography, elegant color palette and the original layout for each page.

Use a built-in admin panel powered by MotoCMS to add your personal content and your website is ready to go! No extra web development experience required. Don’t forget about blog functionality, allowing you to create and publish unique content right on your website.


Here is one of the most beautiful web themes for a restaurant business made with MotoCMS. Do you have a high-resolution photos of the food you serve at your cafe or restaurant? Add them to this pre-built website design and get dozens of new clients every day!

There is a wide range of pages that will help you to introduce your eating house online to the full extent. Use an admin panel from MotoCMS to type in text, upload media files, customize your website design etc.




Wegy is the best example of a template that was made with the latest trends in web design. The whitey minimalistic appearance will help you to emphasize the content you have on your website with ease. The sticky menu bar in the top makes the scrolling process much convenient, allowing a user to access any page of your website almost instantly.

Don’t forget about parallax effect and around 40 types of animation you can use for any element on the layout to beautify your website design. Consider that the template is fully responsive, so your website will be adjusted to all modern devices automatically.


Marco Bruno


Welcome another ready-made online portfolio for photographers, allowing a beginner with no website builder experience to launch own photography business within just one day. Customize the design with dozens of user-friendly tools and widgets. Upload your personal content with a drag-and-drop file manager and demonstrate your works with three kinds of responsive galleries.


Video Content


The next ready-made website from MotoCMS in our list of bestsellers was developed for the movie production companies, as well as independent filmmakers. The template is great for the online promotion of your business. For example, you can use the social media widgets to bind your website with your accounts in the most popular social network.

By the way, if you have a YouTube or Vimeo account, you can use the Video widget to broadcast any videos from your channel. It is also possible to upload your .mp4 files via Media Library.


J. Ohira


Another MotoCMS bestseller of 2016 is this awesome made-up photography website. The design requires no extra customization. If you are a photographer with no website, you can try to create your online portfolio free of charge just right now.

Launch a 14-days trial version and start building your photography website with a built-in admin panel. If you like the final result, note that you can get the web theme you customized with all modifications at the end of the trial period.


Car Repair


This website template for a car service station is like a good and reliable vehicle. It has unique attractive design, extremely fast speed of loading and the most advanced functionality to manage your website easy and with no coding skills.

Take advantage of the MotoCMS website creator that you get with your template. There are a great many of tools that turn the process of your website editing into a mere thing.


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