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20 Logo Design Fonts that Every Designer Must Know

Andrew Simon 18 May, 2020

Logos are undeniably the most required element for every business. It’s the company’s identity, so logo design fonts must be unique and creative. Logo plays a primary role in keeping your brand distinguished from the others and making you noticed in the market. It’s essential in this competitive world. Well, there are plenty of design elements that need to be considered while designing a logo. Proper use of those elements establishes a foundation for the great logo. Among all these design elements, the most significant one is the fonts. It can make a good logo or break your design.

logo design fonts main

Many famous companies have crafted logos using just logo design fonts. No such other elements are used. Still, they can capture the attention of the people. This is how it has the importance and power to make a great design.

An experienced and talented designer from the logo design company has proper knowledge of using the fonts and which one would suit the most. So, you can get help from them to craft a tempting logo design. Choosing the best fonts for logo design is challenging, but it gives an appealing look that nobody has used yet.

How Many Logo Design Fonts Should You Use?

Well, it’s always a point of discussion of how many fonts should be used in a single logo. There are limitations in the space and words you must include in logo design, and you need to present something extraordinary among these challenges.

So 2-3 logo design fonts would be maximum to use in a single logo. If your company name contains more words, you can differentiate it with two different fonts, which surely look appealing. As we all know, there are free logo design fonts and paid ones, so selecting also needs to be decided beforehand. A free logo maker or logo generator can simplify the process if you know nothing about logo design.

More fonts make your logo complex, which will not capture people’s attention and can’t deliver the true message.

#1. Helvetica

The most popular typeface among designers, isn’t it? Helvetica is the first choice of font for many professional designers. If you are confused among millions of logo design fonts, then don’t worry. Helvetica can be your solution.

logo design fonts Helvetica

No doubt, it’s the most ubiquitous font you may see in the business logo design. Many popular companies have used it. For example, Panasonic, Toyota, Harley Davidson, BMW, Jeep, Kawasaki, and many famous names have used it. Since Apple and Adobe use it in a PostScript detection language, it has gained international fame, and then it has become the most used font.

#2. Bodoni

Thin and thick strokes in this typeface can give your logo design an appealing look. It was first designed by Giambattista Bodoni in 1798 and is generally considered a “transitional” font type.

Bodoni is quite suitable for the headlines, logo design, and decorative text, as it looks modern and attractive due to geometric construction. You may observe some similarities between the Bodoni and Didot logo design fonts, as they were both designed during the same time period. However, both have their unique style, which attracts people.


Some companies have used this font in the business logo design, namely Vogue and Calvin Klein. Therefore, this would be the best choice for your logo.

#3. Garamond

Another elegant typeface that gives an aesthetic look to your logo design. The excellent readability of this font makes it a perfect choice for the textbook, websites, and magazine anywhere the long bodies of text are written.


Garamond’s punch cuts first inspired it. However, later on, people have designed many variations of it. From that, the most commonly used is Adobe Garamond due to its uniqueness and attractiveness. If you use it wisely in your logo, then surely it creates an alluring look. It could be a unique identifier for your brand. Therefore, this would be a great choice to include in the logo of the company.

#4. Futura – One of Leading Logo Design Fonts

Futura is the most successful typeface due to its modern and trendy design. That is why FedEx and Swissair used this in their business logo design apart from other logo design fonts.

This typeface is quite popular for its perfect circles and squares, based on geometric shapes. It avoids the decorative, complex, non-essential elements. Instead, it makes subtle departures from the pure geometric design.


Even for the small texts, readers would find it easy to read; that’s why many people are using it in paragraphs. Futura has a remarkable appearance of efficiency and forwardness.

#5. Univers

Univers is one of the greatest font achievements in the 20th century. Frutiger designed it, who was not many fans of the geometric logo design fonts; instead, he added thick and thin strokes, which increased the sensitivity of the design.


Designers from the logo design company highly use this font in the logo, and it gives an amazing look. This clear and simple approach of the font improves the logo’s simplicity, which many companies prefer currently.

#6. Horizon

Bitstream designed another sans-serif font in 1992. It’s a highly stylish and thick font that will surely impress the people of the modern generation if you add it to your business logo design.

logo design fonts Horizon font

It was inspired by the letter style of the original Star Trek TV series. Horizon has sharp, unexpected angles that were designed with digital tools.

#7. Gafata STD – One of Most Alluring Logo Design Fonts

Gafata STD was specifically designed for the small to medium size of the text. It would look appealing when the logo of any company is resized to smaller in size. Even the readability is never compromised.

logo design fonts Gafata

It can be the best choice if you want to use your logo in various situations and places, a perfect example of style and legibility. So, it would never be the wrong choice to use this font in your logo.

#8. Modesto

Modesto was designed in 2000 by Jim Parkinson. He specialized in designing a logo and various logo design fonts. It has quite an interesting history from 19th and 20th-century circuses and hand-painted typography. This is currently one of the latest logo design fonts and with a 23 beautiful and sleek family, which will surely help capture people’s attention if you have used it in your business logo design.

logo design fonts Modesto

This will be a perfect choice for you if you want to craft a vintage logo, which adds the feel of the circus styles, classic wooden.

#9. Big Caslon

Big Caslon is a revival from the family of the serif typefaces from the 1600s. It’s the best example of the typeface entering the digital typeface world. This composition has the power to make a bold and strong impression if it’s used in the logo.

logo design fonts big caslon font

Almost every serif font has sharp and pointy shapes that look aesthetic in the digital world and capture people’s attention. This can be possible by selecting the proper logo design fonts so that a big Caslon would be the perfect choice for sure.

#10. Rufina

Martin Sommaruga designed this typeface in the year of 2016. Rufina applies the typography of the stencils. However, it doesn’t look like a stencil. Instead, this typeface similarly looks to the artistic puzzle.

Rufuna font

Due to that, it could be the best solution if you wanted to craft a logo with the artistic design, such as for the art gallery, museums, or even business related to the art. This is the solution for you.

#11. Raleway

Raleway belongs to the category of free logo design fonts. This clean and simple design can give your logo a professional look, which is more necessary than a complex logo.

logo design fonts Raleway Font

Although it’s a free download font, it still gives an exceptionally elegant graphic in the fonts such as tail on the lower-case “L” and “W.” It can be a great choice to include in your logo. The eye-catchy design will surely attract people.

#12. Rockwell – One of Profesional Logo Design Fonts

Rockwell is a unique logo font with a vintage look that stands out in the market. This strong and bold font gives your brand an appealing visual identity once used in the logo.

Rockwell font

This classic yet simple design creates an attractive look for your logo needed for unique recognition among the competitors. It could be your business signature fonts, which can be used anywhere you want.

#13. Southern Script

A perfect choice of font for the title quotes, phrases. This handwritten font with a flowing design looks very natural. It completely seems like a person who has written by hand didn’t use any design tools like photoshop.

logo design fonts southern script font

If you’re running a fashion brand, then it’s one of the best logo design fonts. Even today, people are moving towards this trend. Even in the business card, T-shirt design, posters, this one would give an appealing look for sure. So, if you want to make people feel that you have designed it by yourself and feel natural, Southern Script would be the best solution.

#14. Choplin

Choplin is one of the best logo design fonts with contemporary and clean geometric design. Gill Sans and Johnston Sans inspire this font. It suits business websites, magazines, photography layout programs, layout for eCommerce platforms to display the various products.

Choplin font

Even this composition gives flexibility and uniqueness whenever used due to the OpenType feature, alternative glyphs. Hence, get the best design that the people will surely like, and your logo gets attraction.

#15. Advio – One of Most Creative Logo Design Fonts

If you’re an artist using various colors in a logo, this is one of the best logo design fonts. There are various ways to use color by a single color or multiple colors in a single design, which we called a gradient.

logo design fonts Advio

Looks great in online and offline posters, logo as the main aim is to attract the people, which can be possible with the colors effectively. So, using this font won’t be the wrong choice for you if you want to use various colors.

#16. Frutiger

Another sans-serif typeface, Frutiger, was created by Adrian Frutiger. It was first used in the newly developed airport in France, namely Charles De Gaulle international airport, for the directional sign system.


This typeface is perfectly suitable for small size texts that can be legible from a long distance. Therefore, it’s a nice choice for small and big text sizes, suitable for the best appearance in any size.

#17. Canilari

This serif font is considered to be the outcast typeface. Patricio Truenos first designed Canilari in the year of 2016. The thick-cut in the font can be a favorite for modern people.


Imagine an out-of-a-box design for your logo, and this would be one of the perfect logo design fonts. Use it wisely in your logo; surely, it takes your design to the next level and gives you a unique stand in the market.

#18. Century

Another solid and legible typeface that can be included in your logo to create an aesthetic look. It was created around the 19th century by Linn Boyd Benton and Morris Fuller Benton.

Centrury Gothic

Century creates a professional and clean look at your logo, and this is what is currently demanding. Along with the logo, it’s a good option to use in a newspaper and magazine where a longer text paragraph is written due to its higher legibility.

#19. Georgia – One of Most Widespread Logo Design Fonts

Tom Rickner and Matthew Carter designed this stylish font in 1993. One of the logo design fonts that are elegant and legible is perfectly suitable for the small size of the screen and low screen resolution.

georgia font

Unlike its older font, Huffington Post and The New York Times uses Georgia, its simplicity and boldness don’t allow people to move away from it.

#20. Panton

Panton is quite famous for headlines and body text of all sizes. Even it suits both print and web design, this modern and unique font makes your logo shiny and attractive.

logo design fonts panton

This font family includes up to 34 typefaces and 36 weights. It has its own style perfectly expressed in softened geometric form.

Useful Bonus – TT Commons Pro

tt commons pro

TT Commons Pro is a completely redesigned version of the well-established classic commercial typeface TT Commons by TypeType that now offers even more functionality and is even better adapted for logo design.

Three widths (Condensed, Regular, Expanded), 60 styles each consisting of over 1546 glyphs, a variable font with 3 variation axes (weight, width, and slant), support for extended Latin and Cyrillic, more than 30 useful OpenType features, and manual TrueType hinting are now available to you.

TT Commons Pro has become a truly ultimate workhorse and, with its 60 styles, covers the whole possible spectrum of tasks for all possible media.

Final Words about Logo Design Font

As we all know, logo design fonts have the utmost importance in designing an appealing logo that captures people’s attention. From myriads of fonts, which one would be a perfect choice is challenging. However, the above-mentioned fonts will surely help you to understand which font style is useful for what kind of logo. Guaranteed, next time, you won’t take much time selecting a font because you have already gone through some of the great typefaces.

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