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How to Make a Legal Website: Design Tips for a Legal Eagle

Lawrence Jones 17 February, 2017

In the 1930s, comedian Will Rogers said: “The minute you read something that you can’t understand, you can almost be sure that it was drawn up by a lawyer.” He was being funny, but there’s a kernel of truth in every joke. When building a website for your legal business, being understood is clearly important, but there is more you need to know. In the US alone, there are over a million lawyers out there, a number that grows by 34,000 every year.

Legal Website design - main

That’s a lot of lawyers and a lot of competition. In this article, we will show you how to make a proper legal website design with the help of various law website templates.

How to Make a Legal Website

One of the main ways potential customers will come into contact with you is online. They may stumble onto your site through a search engine, be referred by a previous customer, or in you through social media. However they get to your site, once they’re there you want them to get in contact with you. By following these five simple rules, you can learn how to make a law website and get a head start on the competition in one of the most competitive businesses out there.

Keep It Simple

Whatever branch of the legal services you operate in, the fact you are service is something to keep at the forefront of your mind. The first rule of services marketing is to keep things simple.

Take a look at the example below and there’s no confusion. Immediately you can see what is on offer and most importantly how you can make contact. The customer proposition is clear, and this is backed up with continued reinforcement using strong images.

Classy Legal Web Template with Photo Background

Legal Website Design - Classy Legal Web Template with Photo Background

The user experience is basic – but not amateurish – with site navigation clear and uncluttered. Within a matter of seconds, you’re left with no confusion about what the company provides.

Another example offers only one single customer touchpoint, which streamlines and simplifies interaction. For many, this stripped-down site might not offer enough options for customer contact, but the beauty of a template is that you can edit and change it as frequently as you want. Add multiple phone numbers, email addresses and even contact forms – pick what works for you.

Law Firm Website Template in Grey Tones

Legal Website Design - Grey Web Template

If you do one thing and do it well, it’s worth highlighting that – and this sort of site layout can provide it.

Make a Legal Website – Establish Your Expertise

The law isn’t easy and there are no shortcuts to success. It takes time and experience to navigate its complexities and do the best for your clients. When weighing up options, visitors on your site must be interested, but they need validation to help them make the best choice. It’s all a part of the buying process.

Your years of experience, your standing in the community, your prestigious clients, and your successful case wins are all ways of establishing authority, trust, and your stature.

Clearly and boldly is how this attorney website builder template presents a legal business. Immediately you are drawn to the strong image (we’ll come on to this later), and the prominent claims made. Twenty-five years is a long time in the business, you must be doing something right.

Web Template in Olive Green Tones

Legal Website Design - Web Template in Olive Green

When thinking about how to make a legal website, consider your business from a customer perspective. Figure out what your customers want and then give it to them.

Make a Legal Website & Invest in Your Brand

Planning your site is a process that demands time and patience. Spend some time listing your achievements and clarify your unique selling points. These are the fundamentals of your brand and you need to make these clear to the visitor. You need to build your brand into the fabric of your site.

Moto CMS templates with a website builder offer serious flexibility for you to create a site that can help you establish a strong on and offline brand presence. The freedom and simplicity of templates powered by Moto CMS lawyer website builder are their strength, allowing anyone with quite basic knowledge of how to work a computer able to create professional-quality sites.

The law may be the product of hundreds of years, but that doesn’t mean your site needs to be old. The contemporary template below sets out a confident and modern approach. You can see how the traditional aspects of the law have been married to a really exciting, scrolling-style website in the other template.

Modern Web Template for Lawyer

Legal Website Design - Modern Web Template for Lawyer

Law Firm Website Template with Scroll

Legal Website Design - Law Firm Website Template with Scroll

Your brand should convey some of your approaches and also your personality. Create a site that sells you and your business. It’s an investment in your brand that will pay off.

Make a Legal Website – More than a Picture

The phrase that ‘people buy from people is true – and it’s even more important in a business like the law. Your customers need to know with whom they will be dealing, your qualifications and experience, areas of expertise, and so on. For instance, if your law firm specializes in personal injury cases, you need to articulate your achievements in this sphere. But words aren’t enough, which is where high-quality photography can help.

This personality-led template brings the professional to the forefront of the site, breaking down barriers and creating trust. Pictures can also be used to create a personality – be you formal, relaxed, contemporary, or brave.

Grey-red Law Firm Web Template

Legal Website Design - Grey-red Law Firm Web Template

It doesn’t just need to be people. Featuring pictures of your office, your surroundings and even your customers (if they agree, obviously) can add currency to your own personal brand.
Using a template enables you to quickly and easily add photos. Choose whole page bold images, scrolling galleries, or grid galleries. Go even further by dropping in Vimeo or YouTube videos. Whatever you can do to break down barriers to your customers is going to help.

Sharing Is Caring

There are loads of ways to share your knowledge and expertise, promote your brand and get new customers. The first way is to use social media. This template includes a whole host of social media buttons at the bottom. But why expect your visitors to scroll all that way down?

Lawyer Website Template with Creative Slider

Legal Website Design - Lawyer Website Template with Creative Slider

It’s simple to drop in a Twitter feed to your page. What would previously have taken some coding knowledge (and a whole host of testing and fixing) can now be done by copying and pasting a simple link.

The template below includes a regular news feature, perfect for sharing content. If you have enough content you could create a blog, or break down the barriers even further by providing a cool legal glossary like in the examples below.

Law Firm Web Template with Hero Header

Legal Website Design - Law Firm Web Template with Hero Header

Content sharing, and content marketing, are the new focus for professional marketers. The usual ratio is 80% social content to 20% sales. It’s a basic rule of thumb, but it works. Sharing is caring.

Make a Legal Website – Invest in Trust

We often seek legal advice in difficult, challenging, and stressful times. We are looking for the support and guidance of an expert. If you’ve gone through the expense and difficulty of becoming a lawyer, you don’t want to let you – or your business down – with a poor website.

Newspaper-Style Web Template for Law Firm

Legal Website Design - Newspaper-Style Web Template for Law Firm

Legal Website Template with Blue Header

Legal Website Design - Legal Website Template with Blue Header

The rules for legal websites are no different from those for any other service industry. Understand and respect your customers, create a compelling offer for them, and back it up with the kind of site that reinforces your brand and not detracts from it. Find a template that fits, spend some time forming it and you’ll have a site that is functional, compelling, and gets results.

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