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Latest Graphic Design Trends You Should Know

Alice Berg 31 October, 2018

In the era of digital art, web design trends can disappear as swiftly as they appeared. What has been contemporary over the past few years may look obsolete now. Although some trends have withstood the test of time, many have left the scene making room for new webtrends. If you want to avoid boring and dull graphics and want to keep up with recent innovations, check out the latest graphic design trends in this article!

latest graphic design trends main image

Now we are going to proceed to the latest graphic design trends and check which of them stay up-to-date, and which are forgotten. this article will be supported with the brightest examples ans graphic elements to make reading even more exciting for you. Let`s start!

New Era of Graphic Design – Flying and Floating Elements

graphic design trends - Flying and Floating Elements

So far, we haven’t experienced flying cars or cities. However, the concept of flying and floating elements has definitely been making swift progress in modern graphic design. Anti-gravity design is among the latest graphic design trends and has all chances to advance in 2019. When floating in and out of the screen, these elements create the abstraction of a window to the new world taking branding to a higher level.

Handwork Digitalization

graphic design trend Handwork Digitalization

Inventors utilize advanced tools for creating graphic objects when working with modern graphic designs. It made possible moving the usual brushes in Photoshop to the background. Transferred to the digital space and complemented by outstanding effects, hand drawings in digital space are now the latest graphic design trends. Huge corporations collaborate with graphic designers with great relish to give their brand a trending image.

Multiple Brand Color Schemes

graphic design trends ebay animation

Companies used to strengthen their brand’s association and awareness as a whole by the same colors in brand’s design. 77% Of marketing leaders say branding is critical to growth and plays such a crucial role in promotion. Usually, a company chooses a few colors that will stand them out and make recognizable. However, rebranding with a profusion of color schemes is the recent trend. For example, eBay decided to add new colors, while keeping their recognizable logo. Thus, color upgrade sufficiently influenced the sphere of web design.

Trending Responsive Logos

graphic design trends for most famos logo brands

Graphic design ideas of simplicity and clarity have been developing over past two years. Designers follow logo design trends and create logos that stay clear at different sizes. Now it’s possible to download and scale up any logo quickly. The drop-shadows, perplexing illustrations, and other complex graphical elements have shifted to simpler laconic images. Latest graphic design trends tend to replace complex elements with more focused forms. As 90% of consumers use multiple devices to visit the same website, this innovation is especially beneficial for mobile users. Responsive logo design principles are very similar to that of responsive design – just applied to individual elements of a logo instead of individual elements of a website.

Small sizes provided by cutting down the number of details in a logo lead to greater legibility. Thin lines are made thicker. Other elements are inserted and inverted, the gradient is smoothed out, illustration is recreated into flat graphical shape. Thus, flat graphic design moves hand in hand with responsive and is one of the latest graphic design trends.

graphic design trends - design moves

An excellent example of flat graphic designs is MasterCard logo redesign. Simplified and modernized, the new brand logo of MasterCard is optimized to be more adaptable across the digital world.

Isometric Graphic Design Hits Modern Design Trends

Modern graphic design trends

Nowadays the latest trends seem to be gaining much inspiration. One of the examples can be the isometric design. This is a technique of visually drawing and creating 3D objects in two dimensions. The isometric icon is an expansion of this design technique and the field. Being an almost perfect mix of flat and depth, isometric icons are an evolution of the material and the graphic design itself.

Isometric icon has a more realistic look while still using flat layers. More and more projects are shifting to its usage. Such designs are appearing on websites and print projects across plenty of different industries.

graphic design trend - isometric icon sets

Many designers are also planning to create and use isometric icon sets with realistic shapes and elements combined with bright color schemes. This is an eye-catching combination for users, which turns the viewer`s attention to the graphics.

New Level of  Minimal Graphic Design

graphic design trend Less is more

Minimalism is among modern graphic design trends again. It all started long agoin the 20th century and still is predominant among companies like Apple. Minimalist graphic patterns are graphic design elements that are reduced to the essentials. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is the author of the unofficial statement of minimalism: “Less is more”. One more motto belongs Buckminster Fuller: “Doing more with less”.

When implemented correctly, minimalism focuses viewer’s or customer’s attention on what’s truly important. However, the main drawback to minimalistic graphic design patterns is that they don’t work for complex websites. Ideal place for minimalist designs is online portfolios and personal blogs. They often aim to focus readers’ attention on particular sections or content not distracting them by non-essential details.

minimalist color palette graphic design trend

We will see the comeback of the minimalist color palette – soft and hard pastels, mint and stormy blue, sandy yellow, Scandi pinks and grin tints (color-coded FE4365,  FC9D9A,  F9CDAD, C8C8A9, 83AF9B, etc.) While black and white will forever be an adorable classic, a broad spectrum of pastels adds more individuality into the minimalist design.

One More Comeback – Color Gradient as a Trending Graphic Design

Color Gradient webtrends

The gradient is among web design trends again. Modern graphic designers create something that feels new by blending colors. The trend will continue to be one of the most prominent Webtrends, although it will be more multifaceted. Plenty of innovation is expected.  For example, using bright and vivid colors in combination with various textures. “Gradient 2.0”, called by design communities around Behance, will also delight the effects of double tone.

webtrend - background design with gradient

We’ll see more cool background designs diversified with gradient soon.  For example, Mixpanel, an analytics company has adopted a gradient background as the main background of their site:

webtrend - Instagram rebranding

Instagram has used gradients in their rebranding as well. Bright colors combined with trendy gradient and neutral background refreshed the brand without straying too far from what made them famous.

Modern Graphics – Colorful 3D Designs

Colorful 3D Design webtrends

3D has been quite stable design evolving among other graphic design trends over the last few years. Designers have been inventing stunning 3D masterpieces, which make every viewer almost immerse into the image. In the nearest future, designers will combine objects that remind the real world with ones that whirl us away to various universes or straight into the future. In addition, being one of the latest graphic design trends, the 3D design is a potential leader among web graphics designs trends in 2019. This trend will manifest itself especially in collaborations of various companies for creating logos and product placement.

webtrends - 3D technique

Combined with outstanding color transitions, 3D technique definitely makes million-dollar combination even when translated into the typography. Experts include this combo in design trends. As long as typography is one of the webtrends, multi-color designs like the following one will certainly be new design trends in 2019.

logo design trend - multi-color designs

Websites with Slick Video Backgrounds

logo design trends - Background video

Such digital graphic designs as full-screen videos and video backgrounds forge ahead current design trends. High-quality video provokes emotion and frequently feeling much better than pictures. According to web design statistics, the first impression users have of a website is 94% design-related. Along those lines, videos are such a great way to attract visitors. Background video is especially suitable for university websites, travel blogs, various resorts, and sports websites.

Latest Graphic Design Trends in Fonts

Typography is incredibly powerful – it solidifies branding, helps create the eye-catching effect, and conveys a needed message. The variety of fonts is expanding at a rapid rate – new trends haven’t left them without any attention. The list of best graphic design fonts include.

Bold Typography as on Adidas Website

Adidas logo design trends

This is a bright example of the thick fronts use, you can read more about the bold typography in the related posts on our blog.

Handwritten Fonts Continue to be among the best Fonts for Graphic Design

Handwritten font logo design trend

Bold Handwritten Brush Fonts

brush fonts logo design trend

Geometric and Graphic Fonts

graphic fonts logo design trend

Custom Typefaces

typefaces logo design trend

Vintage Graphics and Script Fonts

logo design trends - vintage fonts

Watercolor Fonts

logo design trend - vatercolor nostalgia

Watercolor and handwritten patterns have been becoming more and more popular designs with current graphic design trends. They move hand in hand and complement each other perfectly. A watercolor typeface looks like it was created with a paintbrush. Trendy colors give watercolor fonts elegant and refined scent.

The Comeback of the 1980s and 1990s Graphic Design Patterns

logo design trend - MTV and video

Everything new is actually well-forgotten old. Especially this rule is relevant for web design trends. Design concepts from past decades are influencing contemporary graphic design in different ways. Many of them were created for print campaigns but now returned to us in digital format. Retro graphic design provokes nostalgia, repeats the most popular motives of the 90s design, refresh 80’s color palette.

web design trend - pixels

The 90s graphic design is presented by bold fronts, flashy animation and a large number of moving elements while the 80s graphic design is ruled by pixels and the bright neon culture of MTV and video games.

web design trend - 80s color palette

Shades of red, vintage yellow and orange colors are especially popular with designers today. Other cool graphic designs utilize blue and green. The 80s color palette is used for vintage graphic designs and illustrations more often than for photography. 80s logos are taking popularity again at the same speed with 90s graphic design trends.

Brand New Logo Design Trends

web design trend - complex colors and geometry

Bright color palettes are the latest graphic design trends both in the logo and web design. As the prognosis predicts, the trend will remain on the wave of popularity. Extraordinary colors and pretentious forms are what will characterize logo design trends in the nearest future. We will see the rebranding of famous companies’ logos with a combination of pinks, pale green and yellow shades together with gray-violet. The mix of complex colors and geometry is what will make the leading brands stand out among many others.

web design trend - classical drawings and engravings

Among other logo design trends is the tendency to compose complex graphic design icon in various styles. The modern logo combines classical drawings and elegant engravings. This trend seems to be on the verge of the absurd but gives the logo a fresh new look at the same time. No doubts, following such Webtrends will lead to real brand recognition in the future.

Modern Design Trends – Using Authentic Imagery and Photos

web design trend - Authentic Imagery

One of the current graphic design trends is the use of realistic and authentic photography. Real images make users feel something special when they interact with the website giving landing pages trendy background. More and more companies start using authentic images that represent their brand to make the content more original.

web design trend - realistic approach

Advertising and photography have been linked with each other for a long time. The latest web design trend of expanding brands with authentic images has also become an essential part of commercial making. Such a realistic approach is a convenient and effective solution for many brands.

Evolution of the Latest Graphic Design Trends – Animation

web design trend - illusion of motion or rotation

Traditionally, the animation wasn’t considered one of the latest graphic design trends. Today, mediums merge and force the graphic designers to work on even UI animations. With the support of SVG, interactivity, and animation have become a part of modern design trends.  However, the animation is rather a specialized skill. What is well-known instead is motion graphics. Motion graphics is a subgroup of animation that creates the illusion of motion or rotation. It’s quite frequently combined with audio and multimedia.

GIFs continue diversifying the latest graphic design trends. Most people would identify a GIF as the reaction and such a great way to send a funny message or Tweet to friends. However, this year, GIF usage as a company brand representation needs to be upgraded to the next level. Just as infographics that significantly contribute to articles, etc.

Recent Graphic and Web Design Trends – Artistic Illustrations

Illustrations that keep the warmth of the author’s hands are current trends in graphic design. Each design is a work of art created by talented professionals in the sphere. That is why they never go out of style. Hand-drawn graphics always bring a special, realistic and unique atmosphere to the picture, which provides UX best practice.

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