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How to Make an Internet Website: 5 Special Reminders

MotoCMS Editorial 5 April, 2017

It is an indisputable fact of the modern reality – the Internet is the in-thing. It is impossible to imagine one’s life without social media, buying/selling things online, or checking the weather forecast in the morning. The Internet has become the ultimate information source for billions of people. No wonder the question “how to make an internet website” starts to intrigue more and more professionals around the world. In this article, you will discover everything on how to launch a perfect website yourself with the help of various Internet website templates.

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How to Make an Internet Website

Here we are providing a few reminders that might be of help to you when launching your first internet-related project.

Reminder 1. Analyze Your Audience Regularly

If you want to start a successful internet company, you should understand who brings you money. Mainly these are the unique visitors that click through your website’s pages, right? That is why you need to know who these visitors are and what content they prefer. Depending on what you learn about your audience, you might need to change your content strategy.

For example, it could be necessary to narrow or expand certain information blocks or pages of your website. Checking your audience’s preferences can also lead to the rebranding of your website. It may seem scary at first, but in reality, one can manage the whole rebranding process quite well. (For more information, look at Reminder 3 on our list)

The easiest way to guarantee that you control your audience development is to regularly use audience tracking tools. By “regularly” we mean as often as you can. The first helpful tool that comes to our mind is definitely Google Analytics. Let’s have a look at this Website Design for Web Developers and its admin panel.

How to make an internet website - email marketing In the MotoCMS website builder, you can launch your Google Analytics account to your website. Just paste your tracking ID and done – survey your site statistics anytime you need.

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Reminder 2. Be Cautious about Ads

Most websites that are connected with the Internet services make money by posting ads. No doubts it is a reliable way to ensure the revenue stream.

But there are two pitfalls here that one may need to avoid, especially if your internet business is in its early development stages. The first pitfall is obvious – Ads may get too annoying. So even if you are 100% sure that your content is breathtaking and original, set your personal ads limits. Start with one popup per a page. Not more. If this does not scare your visitors away, you may consider changing the quantity of the advertising content.

Another pitfall is not to choose wisely who or what you advertise. Remember – there are plenty of advertising options out there. For example, you may stick to posting only Google Ads or choose exclusively traditional ads. The main idea is not to opt for the first offer you get as soon as your internet website is up and running.  

Reminder 3. Rebranding is a Necessary Evil

Yes, you may have spent lots of tedious hours thinking about how to establish your brand. Yes, it took you a reasonable amount of time to develop the identity that your visitors can recognize. Yes, it was much fun to create the appropriate logo, the color scheme, the favicon, and the menu. But the time flies by and you need to keep up with the changing Internet world. The quickest way to do it is to rebrand your website or choose an internet website template that is easily editable.

If you want to make an internet website that has a potential for quick rebranding, then have a look at MotoCMS website templates. With them, rebranding an internet website is as easy as pie.

For example, you can start with adjusting your layout to your current needs. Thanks to the Website Creator from MotoCMS you can change the layout of your website in a few seconds. You can calculate yourself how much time it takes to redesign your website. 

How to make an internet website - admin panel

Another rebranding option is to change one of the dominant colors on your website. Due to the Color Picker from MotoCMS, you may edit the color palette of your website as often as you want.

How to make an internet website - color picker

Reminder 4. Work on Your Website Loading Speed

If these are the Internet-related services that you offer, then your visitors expect your website to be as quick as a flash. How do you make your website this fast? One way to go is to hire a professional web developer.

How to make an internet website - page speed

This way you will have a person responsible for tracking the heavy content, like photos and videos, and minimizing the use of conflicting plugins. Another way to go is to buy a MotoCMS template for an internet business that does all the work for you and your web programmer!

Reminder 5. Social Media Marketing Takes Times

Do not create a social media page for your website, if you do it just because everybody does it. This is a common mistake of beginning entrepreneurs. You have to be realistic about the free time available to you. How much of this time are you ready to spend on social media marketing?

Maybe it makes more sense to create a Facebook account for your internet business a bit later. Or it is more logical to hire a person to look after your social media. Let’s not forget that the content you publish on the social media affects the traffic of your website too!

So, good luck with your website! Let’s hope that the reminders we listed above will help you succeed in the turbulent Internet world!

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