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How to Make an Electronics Website: Benefit from Clients’ Impatience

MotoCMS Editorial 4 May, 2017

The boom of modern technologies is what makes the 21st century so special. This boom has lead to shifts in many industries and markets. For the electronics market, it means enormous supply and demand. As a result, many professions that have something to do with modern technologies are well-paid. Of course, electronics repair professionals belong to this group. But there is no limit to perfection, especially in terms of the money you earn. Therefore, in this article, we will explain how to make an electronics website yourself using only top electronics website templates.

How to make an electronics website - main

How to Make an Electronics Website

So, if you are an experienced engineer who knows his or her way around electronics, learn how to make an electronics website in this article. We will track how you can benefit from the impatience of your prospective clients. You will learn:

  1. Why the attention-grabbing list of your services should be the number one priority for your website;
  2. What communication tools you may need to gain the trust of your clients;
  3. How and where you can use the funny stories about the successful repairs your website;
  4. Why the responsivity is a must for an electronics website.

Create The Eye-Catching List of Your Services

All Internet users are impatient by nature. Now let’s picture Internet users who are currently having a panic attack because of their broken devices. Would not you agree (based on your own experience) that they are probably the most impatient of all? So, if your prospective customers do not see what they need in 3-5 clicks, they leave your website. That is why it is crucially important to state right away what services you provide. There are two appropriate pages where you can mention this information.

These are either your Homepage (like in this website template) or a separate Services page. Either way, the list of services has to stand out and be designed to catch the eye of your prospective customers. The best example is this Responsive Design for Computer Repair Website from MotoCMS.  

How to make an electronics website - template

Establish the Best Communication Relationship with Your Clientele

Let’s imagine a person holding a broken device. What does this person dream about when browsing the Internet in the search for a helping hand? Exactly – the contact form or a callback widget. Each of the solutions has its advantages and disadvantages.

How to make an electronics website - contact form

A contact form usually contains four fields, i.e. a name, an email, a telephone, and a message. This communication tool allows some time distance between you and your client.

Not to make this time distance too long, you can state a response limit. So, instead of Contacts simply type in something like We’ll Contact You in a Minute. This simple trick will help you gain the trust of your future clients in case you keep your promise, of course.

How to make an electronics website - contacts edited

A callback widget is another tool worth mentioning. There are several Click to Call widgets that you might find online, e.g. CallBackHunter. After you follow the instructions, you will be given a code for your callback widget. All you need to do is to copy and paste the code in the Code Injection that you can find in the Page Properties tab on the right.

How to make an electronics website - code injection

Share Your Funny Success Stories

People who need help with their electronics want them fixed now. Or even quicker. I am sure that it is no surprise to neither of us. That is why it might make sense to work on your Success Stories section. From what I heard, every person who provides electronics repair services knows quite a few of these stories. Share them with the world and demonstrate that you can save any device in the blink of an eye. Even the device that has been dropped into a meat-mincer by accident.

It is up to you to decide where this Success Stories section goes. It can be a part of Homepage, a separate page, or you can include it in your Blog. That is right, electronics websites can and should contain the blog functionality. There are many reasons why. The two main are:

  • Blogs are one of the most powerful tools to grow the traffic for your electronics website.
  • Blogs make your content available to the wider audience.

It is all very nice, you’d say. But where do I find the time to keep this blog rolling if I do not even know how this whole blogging thing functions? MotoCMS knows the answer. Just for electronics engineers, we have developed a user-friendly admin panel. It already contains a blog that is ready to go. In the photo below, you can see a typical blog structure in detail. There are following blogging elements already developed for you by MotoCMS team:

  1. The Blog tab in the Menu.
  2. The date of publishing.
  3. The Recent Post section on the right.
  4. The Post Content in the middle.
  5. The Comments and Social Links below a Post Content.

All you need to do is to fill the blog with your stories. How to make an electronics website? Simple, right?

How to make an electronics website - blog

Get Responsive Electronics Website

Devices tend to break when we need them most. For example, one can easily break a computer right before the big promotion opportunity. What will this person do then? Right, use a mobile or a tablet to look for help. That is why responsivity is a must-have on your electronics website. If you choose MotoCMS electronics website templates to build your online project with, you have nothing to worry about. The responsivity is already there for you to enjoy. Just switch between different modes to see what your website looks like on different devices.

How to make an electronics website - responsive

As you see, if you decide to make an electronics website, you may literally thrive on your prospective customers’ panic. Now that you know what content is more likely to attract the attention of your prospective customers, be the first to offer them help. Modern devices are not getting any cheaper. Neither are your services. Enjoy the constant growth of the money flow with the professional MotoCMS electronics website templates of the highest potential!

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Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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