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How to Make a Transportation Website Under Your Own Steam

MotoCMS Editorial 28 April, 2017

It is impossible to imagine the contemporary industrial world without transport. The world is very much like a huge organism with veins formed by roads and highways. Quick moving cars and tracks resemble blood cells greatly. It is very important for the health of this body to make these cells function in a proper way and move with the necessary speed to the chosen destination. Therefore, so many entrepreneurs in the logistics business want to learn how to make a transportation website that brings profit.

How to make a transportation website - main

Without any doubt, as a professional, you realize perfectly well that nowadays your company cannot work efficiently without being taken online. First of all, with a website of your own, you save your time and the valuable time of your clients. Moreover, this is a good possibility to fight the competition which is extremely high in this sphere. Also, it is quite clear that a company website is one of the most effective advertising solutions. So, a top quality website with powerful tools will certainly help you get more attention from your potential customers. And, lastly, your website is a good way to show how reliable you and your company are. In this article, we will show you how to make a transportation website with the help of responsive transportation website templates, powered by MotoCMS.

There are numerous varieties of transportation businesses (e.g. international delivery, taxi service, moving companies, logistics, etc.).  But the same things are expected of any transportation company:

  •        The key value in this sphere is time. The well-known phrase ‘Time is Money’ is about transportation. When choosing a transport company, customers always pay attention to how quickly it can complete the services.
  •        The second important issue to take into consideration is safety. Whatever field a transportation company works in, it must be reliable.

How to make a transportation website - trans

How to Make a Transportation Website

It doesn’t matter if you are an owner of a successful business with a long history or if you are just a beginner, saving money is always good for any company.  To discover how to make a transportation website yourself is certainly an excellent way to save your money. Now it is quite easy due to MotoCMS high-quality website templates. The best news is that you don’t need to have any idea about coding to succeed. The only thing you have to do is to choose a suitable template. With a built-in user-friendly admin panel from MotoCMS cargo website builder, the whole process of website building becomes an extremely enjoyable task.

How to make a transportation website - leptori

Whether your company provides taxi or moving services to a local community, or you’re offering global logistics services to a wider audience, here are some simple pieces of advice on how to make a transportation website of yours more successful. 

Effective SEO tools

How to make a transportation website - seo

Nowadays there are a lot of transportation companies, so competition in this sphere is really serious. So, the first thing to start with is to make sure that your prospective clients can find your site online easily. MotoCMS website builder offers reliable SEO tools which will secure the position of your transportation website online and take care no prospective customer will miss it.

  The First Impression is Important

One of the main functions your new website is supposed to fulfill is to attract a wider audience. That is why you should do your best to ensure a prospective client won’t leave your page without ordering a service. To achieve this desirable result, pay attention to the following details:

  • Transportation is strongly associated with latest achievements in technology, so, to create the right impression, the design should be modern and stunning. You may use contrast colors and bright pictures to catch the attention. Think of adding some attractive visual effects.  You may consider using pictures of your vehicles as background as well.

How to make a transportation website - taxi

  • Put the logo and the brand name on each page for people to remember so that they will be able to recognize your company easily in future on seeing them.

How to make a transportation website - marinas

  • Use the images of the people who work with you. This simple method will give your company a human face. Both your customers and your team will appreciate this decision. The customers will feel more secure, and the staff members will understand that you really notice their efforts.

How to make a transportation website - delivery

Make Clever Emphases

You should make it clear from the very beginning what the specialties of your company are and emphasize what you are great at.

  • Pay extra attention to the page where your services are listed. Create a clear and understandable description for each of them. Make it easy for a client to choose what he needs. Be honest and give the full information about the price policy right away. Feature the technical details of the services you offer.

How to make a transportation website - unibus

  • Boast your experience – the longer you are in the market – the better. Let the clients know about it. Show your experience be using different types of galleries. You may also add videos showing how excellent your services are.

How to make a transportation website - history

  • Feel free to use testimonials and feedbacks on the home page. The customers are looking for some reliable services – show them that you are truly reliable. Most people are likely to believe the third party. Moreover, contemporary consumers tend to read feedbacks attentively before choosing a company to go with.

How to make a transportation website - testimonials

  • The cargo tracking system is of a great importance for your customers. Pay additional attention to it as well. Keep the system simple and easy to use. Make sure the information is updated as often as possible. A reliable tracking system will help you win the trust of your customers and, as a result, bring you more clients in the future.

Responsive Design is of a Great Value

An efficient transportation company implies communicating remotely in a fast and effective way. In the modern world, most clients and drivers have smartphones or tablets. It means that communication is possible even on the go. With a responsive transportation website, you will be able to provide high-quality services and stay easily reachable.

How to make a transportation website - moving company

Moreover, there is one more thing to take into consideration. Any reliable transportation service requires a lot of paperwork connected with data collecting and managing. To deal with these tasks faster, you may create special forms on your website to be filled online (e.g. your drivers can help keep the information about the cargo updated by filling the necessary information using their portable devices). Thus, you will reduce the amount of paperwork and ensure a higher level of efficiency by eliminating waiting.

It goes without saying that with a website of your own, you can manage your transportation business in a safer and more accurate way. Moreover, it provides you with an opportunity to take your business to a new level.  Go ahead and choose your own transportation website template among the amazing variety MotoCMS offers you. You don’t need to pay for it at once. You have the opportunity to use a free 14-day trial period to make up your mind. Pick your template, customize it and buy it out with all modifications at the end of the test! We hope that now you know everything on how to make a transportation website that matters! Good luck!

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