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Allison Reed 7 October, 2019

Hello everybody! It’s Allison here again. I want to carry on today with a series of inspiring customer interviews. As you know, MotoCMS company successfully cooperates with web studios and developers around the whole world. Today I’d like you to meet our close friend, Hector Torres, Head of the Business Consulting Company and Florida Web Studio, which offers help to the newbies on the market and to the companies on the edge of further development,  providing them with high-level services.

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He will tell us more about starting a local business and also a couple of words on his fruitful experience with MotoCMS website templates and builder. Before you start to delve into an interview with Hector, let me introduce him to you in more detail. Therefore, you will get a deeper understanding of his sphere of business and his work with our company.

Hector Torres – Florida Web Studio & Consultancy Owner

Hector Torres is a skillful and passionate IT and operations management specialist. His extensive experience, constant improvement, and proven talents allow him to be considered a real expert in the sphere. Hector truly knows what it means to be a leader of the team that achieves top goals and integrates cutting-edge technologies.

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Throughout his career, he has continually succeeded in a team-oriented and fast-paced business environment of Florida web studios. So, when he advises starting a local business and developing it, he truly knows what to say. He is confident that his skills and background knowledge can meet the demands of any future-facing start-up.

In the free time, Hector enjoys going in for sports, watching movies, going to the beaches, and traveling. In his search for like-minded professionals, Hector once became acquainted with IT specialists from MotoCMS, looked through the wide range of MotoCMS website templates, and that’s where our cooperation started.

Horizons Live – Successful Florida Web Studio

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Allison: Tell me a bit about yourself and your business.

Hector: My name is Hector Torres and I own Horizons Live LLC, Florida Web Studio and Business Consulting Company. Our professional team provides efficient business consulting programs and facilitates safe and productive business operations for Florida startups and SMBs.

Allison: Who is your target audience, what do you offer to your customers?

My target audience is people thinking of starting their own business and/or already established startups looking to streamline operations, get online web management assistance, or general business consulting. I conceptualized and launched this business from the ground-up to provide small business entrepreneurs with Web Management and Business Support services.

In the modern business world perspective, every SMB or a startup requires a website, because it serves as a virtual store or services ad 24/7. If your site is not responsive, outmoded, non-attractive to visitors, or needs sustainable improvements, Horizons Live Florida web studio can provide you with professional web design services. Such services for small businesses significantly change your online presence.

Allison: What makes you different from any other Florida web design company?

Hector: Horizons Live has a manageable approach to every customer. We complete the project, including the installation and configuration of a business website. Then you have all the freedom to modify structure and content. However, we are always here to help you if you are too busy starting or developing your new business. So, Horizons Live team can continue updating your website after the first design steps, and become the constant web development and design manager of it.

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We are delighted to manage web design services as a successful Florida web design company for small businesses and start-ups. Our studio provides all the necessary website maintenance services. The main goal of Horizons Live is to make your website drive your business. The websites, our Florida web studio creates for you, are easily found online, contain clear and accurate information, and develop effortlessly.  Every client can get immediate help, advice, or comprehensive consultation from the Horizon Live team.

Allison: What was your experience level in building websites prior to meeting the MotoCMS admin panel? Have you used any other systems before?

Hector: Of course, I have made some WordPress sites and used a couple of DIY options from GoDaddy.

Allison: How did you come up with an idea of creating a website with MotoCMS? What benefits did cut a decisive figure?

Hector: I wanted something better than what I was exercising at the time. I came across Moto CMS many years ago and decided to give it a try. I’ve been hooked ever since because of its easy-to-use admin panel. Moto CMS is now my primary go-to CMS platform.

Allison: What was the last MotoCMS template you bought and why?

Hector: ManuFactor was the last template our web studio purchased. I had a potential client who was involved in building enclosures for traffic signals. Instead, I ended up using it for a general construction services company that specializes in general construction and mold remediation.

You can find the template Hector recently tried below. ManuFactor is a powerful and feature-rich industrial and manufacturing website template. It is a fully re-designable and multipurpose solution with a user-friendly MotoCMS builder inside.

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Allison:  Please, share a few thoughts on getting your website launched. Was it abstruse for you or vice versa? How much time did it take?

Hector: I usually take advantage of the installation service, so it becomes pretty seamless for me in that regard. Once I start editing, the process is rather simple. At first, I struggled to find where the widgets were and how to apply them, but that’s more because, as a man, I wanted to figure it out on my own. Had I read the help files, it would have been much more straightforward. LOL

Allison: What features in the admin panel would you consider the most useful for editing your website?

Hector: They are all handy and easy to use. I really can’t choose just one at the moment. I guess Rows comes to mind, but all of them are really essential.

Allison: What would you like to get with MotoCMS in the future (features, widgets, plugins, improvements)?

Hector: A month or so ago, I would have said the ability to use breadcrumbs and to customize the contact forms a bit more. With the newest releases, those features have been added. If I had to nitpick, I would say that I prefer a more natural way to switch between pages for editing in the previous versions of the admin panel. However, MotoCMS is already more than helpful for our small business clients!

How Can MotoCMS Be Helpful for Small Businesses

The easiest way to make a fast and beautiful fully-functional website for a small business, a local company, or a start-up with MotoCMS is to choose a suitable modern template meeting all the technical requirements. Where can you find such a webpage theme? Have a look at the collection of website templates for small businesses.

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All of these templates have a drag-and-drop editor available, which will assist you in creating a new website quickly and efficiently for it to get on top later. This site-builder serves you in making a web page in a couple of days or even hours. No programming skills are needed to start, and the customization process takes place in a simple editor window.

MotoCMS can offer you a robust multimedia platform and extensive social integration options. MotoCMS responsive website templates also contribute to creating a remarkable website for your small business.

Adjust Basic Items with MotoCMS

With MotoCMS you can easily add your logo, change a site title, and enter some mottos or simple texts on the homepage or to the website header/footer. You can also modify the color scheme.

If you feel the need for some more drastic design changes, you still can always turn to the professional Florida web studio as Horizons Live, who are keen on advanced work with MotoCMS.

Customize Pages

With MotoCMS, you can build as many pages as you need to present prospective customers with essential information. Describe your company, business sphere, and brand, make visitors acquainted with a team, add a blog.

Work with Media Files

The MotoCMS builder enables adding media files of different types – pictures, videos, and music. Embed videos demonstrating your working processes and team-building events. Don’t forget to create an impressive gallery of products or services.

Use Necessary Widgets

Interactive widgets included are one of the highest MotoCMS advantages for small business owners, who want to deal with creating a beautiful website themselves without using the help of any Florida web design agency. Videos, audio, and social networking widgets can be useful and impressive.

Utilize SEO Settings

The most crucial thing nowadays when you start your small business online is to make your website fully SEO-friendly. If you don’t have any specialized expertise or experience in this sphere, you can still do it fast with MotoCMS. Just follow these SEO tips for a small business website.

seo indicators image from search console

Let’s start with the easy editing of title tags, which are a brief description of what this page is about. This element is one of the most critical aspects of search engine optimization. The next step is the SEO-friendly URL structure.

Heading elements include six levels starting with H1, and going to H6 accordingly. Headings allow creating a well-organized content structure and positively influence the indexing of the site.

Also, one of the crucial points of search engine optimization is the website content. Valuable and unique content can attract visitors to your website and affect SEO indicators.

A sitemap is a file listing the pages of your site and demonstrating your site’s structure to the search engines. The sitemap file can be generated in the  MotoCMS admin panel.

Redirects enable sending search engines and users to a different URL from the one requested. You can configure fast redirects in the Settings of the MotoCMS admin panel.

In the Analytics section, you can easily connect your new website to Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Social Media Connection

social media accounts image

Connect your website to your social accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Developing an online presence on social media is one of the necessary tools for small business marketing.

Specify Contact Details

The MotoCMS builder helps you add a comprehensive contact form for your website visitors. Also, you can embed a Google map for better positioning.

Fundamentally, that’s all you have to do to create a stunning website for your small business or start-up with MotoCMS. Be original and creative in the process. If you have some problems or need further modification, feel free to contact one of the best Florida web studios – Horizons Live LLC.

Summing up the Discussion

You have read our interview with Florida web studio owner Hector Torres and realized that he did an amazing job with MotoCMS at hand. All the tasks he achieved success for his clients were enjoyable and fast-approachable. I have no doubt that with the help of MotoCMS you can achieve the same results too!

Stay on track and don’t hesitate to comment on this story or drop me a line sharing yours. And don ‘t forget to visit Horizons Live website and social media accounts. This Florida web studio is really worth it!

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