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10 Children’s Charity Website Templates – Free and Premium Donation Templates

Allison Reed 30 December, 2019

A time-tested adage says: “The heart that gives, gathers”. If you’re involved in charity and helping others, you know that this adage has a lot of truth and meaning to it. However, there’re many child charity organizations that fail to attract all the people that are ready to give. They just don’t have a sound web presence. May I tell you a secret? You can power a charity foundation website without spending a cent on its design using free website templates. No doubt, some of them can be found among children’s charity website templates and deserve your attention.

children's charity website templates main image

As a child charity organization, you can’t probably afford hiring out an expert to build the site for you. Frankly speaking, that’s not an excuse to stay the hell out of all of this anymore. In fact, modern children’s charity website templates are the best friends for non-techies. Even a newbie can customize and adjust any of them thanks to best website builder for nonprofits. So, if you make the right template choice, you’ll get a highly customizable charity and donation website template that speaks to the hearts of those ready to give for a worthy cause.

Things To Consider Choosing Children’s Charity Website Templates

To tell the truth, once I first looked for a free charity theme, I was surprised by the number of high-quality free children’s charity website templates available. Moreover, I would say that some of them could give premium templates a run for their money. Indeed, these themes showed off neat designs underpinned by feature-rich cores. However, to identify a worthy theme for your NGO (either free or premium), you’ve got to consider a couple of things listed below.

Design and Key Elements

First of all, you’ve got to think about the type of site that you want to power with a baby website builder. Is this a donation website, a site for an orphan charity foundation or something else? Answer this simple question and look for the theme that’s easy to adapt to the given website type. Then, determine whether your primary aim is to raise funds, recruit volunteers, gain supporters or something else. Choose the theme that fully matches this aim.

Secondly, you’ve got to choose the theme with the matching color scheme. Alternatively, make sure your template allows for hassle-free color management. Therefore, you’ll ensure that you can re-color your template in a few clicks.

Thirdly, make sure your charity theme features an ample pack of ready-made elements. For example, look for the following nice-to-have elements:

  • Pre-made pages, such as ‘About’, ‘Events’, ‘Contacts’, ‘How to Volunteer’, ‘How to Donate’, etc.
  • Ready-to-use forms for contacting you, applying as a volunteer, subscribing to your newsletter, etc.
  • Catchy, conversion-optimized calls-to-action and CTA buttons.
  • And finally, filterable, feature-rich gallery to illustrate the difference you make.

Are you a novice to this all? Make sure that it’s not rocket-science by checking out the ‘9 Steps to Creating Charity Website Design’ guide.

Core and Features of Children’s Charity Website Templates

On top of the UI considerations, you’ve got to check whether the theme you like brings you all you need to power a new-gen charity web presence. Here comes a checklist. If you answer ‘Yes’ to all or almost all of these questions below, your candidate theme for powering a non-profit website qualifies:

  • Q: Is it responsive and cross-browser compatible?These two qualities of the theme will ensure your site’s optimal display on different screens and in all kinds of modern browsers.
  • Q: Does the theme load fast and perform well? Loading speed and overall performance are the tangible factors that subliminally influence visitor’s decisions to stay on your website or leave it. What’s more, search engines eagerly tank websites that deliver impoverished performance.
  • Q: Does your theme come with a sound visual editor? Visual editing tools are a staple for non-techies, who have no coding apprehension. If you’re among them, you’ve got to find your best website builder for nonprofits. In fact, MotoCMS website builder is #1 on my list in this regard as it’s so intuitive. This builder literally foresees what I’m about to customize next and provides me with interactive, easy-to-read and easy-to-follow guidance.
  • Q: Does your theme provide for rich content presentation? If your theme brings you a number of ready-to-use content types and widgets, you’ll benefit from a diversified presentation of your site’s content. No doubt, users adore enhanced UIs. So, you’ll love your theme if it brings this such a UI to you.
  • Q: Is there any kind of support offered? We’re all humans and can get stuck. Shit happens 🙂 In such cases, experienced customer support with website maintenance is your lifeline. So, if you go for a premium theme, make sure it’s supported 24/7 by a reliable and highly-professional team.

10 Best Children’s Charity Website Templates

At MotoCMS, we wholeheartedly believe that child charity organizations make a difference. Many of us support charitable causes and try to make this world a better place to live. That’s why we’re proud to do our best hand-crafting impactful children’s charity website templates. Below you can find the best of them, both premium and free.

Free MotoCMS 3 Landing Page Design For Child Charity Organizations

child charity organization website template


This template is #1 on our list of children’s charity website templates as it does a great job meeting the requirements named above. No matter whether you want to build a web presence for an orphan charity foundation, attract new volunteers or raise awareness, this one-pager is a though-trough design that has all the functionality you need to it.

First of all, this charity template lets you tell a coherent story with a pixel-perfect landing page. Here you’ll find an intricate mosaic grid of Blog posts, an eye-pleasing Gallery section, an appealing newsletter subscription form, as well as the much-needed ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact Us’ sections. The sections line up to shape a comprehensive, relatable and engaging story of your organization.

child charity organization template

Secondly, this free theme is filled with conversion-optimized and attention-gripping CTAs. For example, the most important ‘Donate Us’ button is right there the very moment visitors land on your website. Placing this button above the fold ensures that not a single website guest will have to go look for it elsewhere. Moreover, other CTA buttons are colored with optimistic light blue and animated on hover:

child charity organization template image

Thirdly, with this free theme, you’re granted access to MotoCMS 3 best website builder for nonprofits. Within it, you got a chance to add, position and re-size elements with drag-n-drop and to find an advanced, annotated set of options that frees you from working on the code. Here comes a sample of the customization experience within the editor’s interface:

orphan charity foundation image

It comes without saying that this free donation website template fits every form factor and talks to users, no matter whether they use Safari, Mozilla, Chrome or some other browsing software.

donation website template image

Most importantly, this free theme lets you tap into a wide range of pre-made layouts and ready-to-use widgets. You can switch between header styles in one click, choose you Gallery layout, CTA and footer styles, etc. What’s more, this theme brings you 34(!) widgets that let you shape the unique structure and UI of your website, add carousels, progress bars, iframes, social media timelines, social buttons and way more.

best website builder for nonprofits image

To conclude, I can say that this free theme matches in quality and features some of the high-quality premium children’s charity website templates. The only drawback of it (and of all the free themes in general) is that it doesn’t come with free support. As a result, you’ll have no one to resort to in case the guidelines you need are not included to the theme’s documentation.

If you feel that you need customer support and extended features, check out some of the best premium MotoCMS 3 children’s charity website templates powered by kids website builder. I gladly list them below for you:

Croisertu Child Charity Website Template

croisertu charity templates


MotoCMS Responsive Template for Orphan Charity Foundation

orphans charity website template


Open Heart: Donation Website Template

openheart charity website template


Charity Foundation MotoCMS 3 Website Design

donation - children's charity template


Fund for Charities: Donation Website Template

fund children's charity website template


Non-Profit Child Charity MotoCMS 3 Website Design

children's charity website template for NGO


World Of Hope: Donation/Charity Website Theme

hope children's charity website template


Your Choice: MotoCMS 3 Theme for Charity Organization

children's charity website templates


Tolerance: Child Charity Website Design

tolerance - children's charity website template

Fortunately, with MotoCMS children’s charity website templates, you don’t buy a pig in a poke. You can test working with every theme within MotoCMS best website builder for nonprofits free of charge for 14 days. If you don’t like the experience, you simply don’t purchase the theme and lose your progress. If everything is OK and you go for the chosen template, your customization progress during the trial will be available to you. So, you can launch your website right away or continue working on.

Children’s Charity Website Templates – Wrapping Up

Web designers also support charitable causes. That’s why they create some of the best free and premium designs for this niche. Now you know how to select your favorite among children’s charity website templates. We wish you good luck in making difference with your web presence!

Take care!

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