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Best Brewery Websites – Examples, Fresh Ideas, Creative Templates

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Allison Reed 23 August, 2018

The beer has long been adored in many cultures all over the world. However, over the past couple of decades, the increase in its popularity is obvious. Especially, it concerns local hand-made or so-to-say craft beer. The best brewery websites based on the best brewery website templates are the most often visited among active internet users.

Best Brewery Websites main image

Tendencies in Brewery Business

As the ecological question is actual today, the focus in food and beverages production is moved to natural ingredients. They come from the neighborhood or a green farm. It also influences improved water filtration, changing coal to renewable energy resources, and lowering the level of waste production. Small local breweries or beer companies follow these trends. That is why they are supposed to be the most successful in the sphere soon. Some other specific characteristics of them include team/ family spirit and a better work environment.

The dominance of craft breweries isn’t limited to only countries where with a long tradition of beer-making and drinking culture. It is a global tendency. Besides, this business is getting more and more personal. Customers take into consideration people and communities that produce beer.

barrel of beer image

Features of the Best Brewery Websites – Design

As a prospective industry, it cannot do without an online presence. Every brewery creates a site. From a newbie on the market to the company with a long-time experience. It helps to show their production line, goods, and personalities to future clients.

A website is also a creative expression highlighting the individual features of the company on the competitive market. It is usually launched on the basis of one of the brewery website templates. The design of it should convey the idea of the business. Either a fashionable youth brand, a carrier of traditions, or a crazy non-common marketing idea.

Simple Is Good

Here is an example of a excellent yet simple design – Madtree Brewing Company. This site design is non-complicated, but it manages to express all the relevant points efficiently. There is also enough handy information, and even bio of employees and artists. These characteristics are the part of the best brewery websites.

madtree Brewery Websites

Color Is a Must

Except for layout, color is what makes sense. It is the first thing that catches an eye of the visitor. A perfect sample is Gower Brewery website. Its large monochrome images contrast with the single color branding. The site looks classical and really stands out. It is also informative. The template is completed with appealing calls to action. Customers can buy their favorite brew. The beers page lets visitors explore all aspects of every beer kind.

gower beer Websites

Features of the Best Brewery Websites – Functionality

The functionality is of high importance, too. Information about the beer assortment, prices, and your location is useful. Visitors appreciate an opportunity to look through the site and buy craft beer using different devices, including their smartphones and tablet PCs.

Best brewery websites should have opportunities for a creator to make a blog, share news of the company, and latest information in the brewery field. The correct content strategy here can make you a number one news portal about beer. It is also a great way to create SEO-friendly blog posts.

Valuable Content

Creating a valuable content means that fans of good beer will come back to your website again. The newcomers may be impressed with your articles about brewery trends and technologies. Consequently, they would like to taste your product. Besides, the right use of some items in the list of your products can increase their popularity. With the help of the blog, you can communicate with your visitors and get feedback. It means that you will discover what they like about your brewery and what they want to change.

For example, the Crabbies website does a good job and connects with their target audience. The website is bright and engaging. It contains a great deal of different media, including custom made and regularly updated competitions and games. Social media integration on best brewery websites today is important. People enjoy sharing stuff with the audience. And it is well-applied by Crabbies.

crabbies crab and beer website image

Online Presentation of Information

Such a website should certainly contain the photo and video galleries with the content of high quality. These images and video files should be qualitative on screens of different size and resolution. It requires 100% responsivity of the website template which you use for launching a site. Responsive web design means that your site automatically formats to fit a screen you use. So this means you get the same content on a desktop, a tablet, or a smartphone, in a pleasant way.

If we take, for instance, a powerful call-to-action Austin Beerworks, we will see how the site conveys the spirit of the company through photography of the owners in sexy poses looking up in deep thought. Starting from the homepage it looks extraordinary. It’s easy to click on each of their beer cans on it for a little beer history info.

austin brewery website image

Data on the Screen

Data on the best brewery websites themselves should be clear and precise. Sometimes too much information is worse than not enough of it. It should contain proper and a powerful call-to-action to make customers buy.

Truman’s Beer of East London is a nice example of such a clean site. They use stunning images and video to illustrate info about the history and the revival of the brand, not actually telling much. Creative video about every kind of beer at the bottom of the homepage attracts much attention. Media emphasizes the individuality of the brand.

truman Brewery Websites

How to Start Your Brewery Website?

These are several of the best brewery websites around the world. Do you want to have a site as good as these ones? There is a way out. You should choose a contemporary website template, and make a site basing on it. They are not very expensive (at least cheaper than a web developer), easy, and convenient to use.

Though it so good, buying a complete site with one stable design and poor functionality may mean that your competitors use the same. Lack of differentiation is an epic failure in this business. You need a site that tells your story in a unique way.

A Way Out – Content Management System

To make it completely responsive and more individualized, try building it on a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS enables you to edit your site without knowing anything about coding. You can use it and create a website with all the necessary elements up to your liking. Such an approach will totally make difference.

Templates for Best Brewery Websites

We offer you a compilation of 9 best brewery websites templates, which will suit all the purposes of the modern brew site.

1. Beer Website Design for Craft Beer Pubs and Breweries

beer Website Design for Craft Beer Pubs and Breweries


This responsive beer website design is accompanied by informative documentation, multiple widgets, and other useful features. This brewery template has a website builder with drag & drop functionality. It facilitates creating your own site. So you will be able to set up the site the way you want with no knowledge of coding.

Besides, there is an admin panel with a full toolbox to add to your website in a couple of clicks. After you get a template, you can easily customize it to your liking applying multiple blocks, fill in the content, and edit media. Here you’ve got a brand new stylish site! Finally, this beer website design is covered with a professional support 24/7.

2. Berrinvo Ecommerce Website Template

wheat beer website design


If you are an owner of a successful brewery business, then this fashionable ecommerce template is made for you. It includes powerful admin panel. It is the one which can give your common website a fresh look! Moreover, you will surely save money, because you don’t need to hire outsource developers.

You can customize the layout and design of your future website fast and conveniently. It is also equipped with free stock photos of high quality to visualize your products and service. Social media widgets can help you promote what you offer with an ease. Spreading the latest news about events of your organization is not a problem with blog functionality. Finally, if you are not confident that you can deal with the whole web design process, there is a free 14-day trial for you. However, it is really as simple as just moving around blocks to make a unique website for the brewery.

3. GrandBeer Ecommerce Website Template

beer supplies website design


GrandBeer is a perfect ecommerce template for breweries from huge companies to small craft businesses. Due to the intuitive Drag-and-Drop Store Builder, you will be able to get your brewery online presentation. What is more, you will make a fully functional website in a couple of days. If you have some doubts, you can register a free 14-days trial with full functionality.

The intuitive admin panel will assure you that there is nothing complicated in the launching process. You can add text and prices to pre-made pages of GrandBeer. Various galleries with inspiring photos of beer will grab the attention of your visitors. There is an opportunity to manage filters, discounts, and taxes easily.

4. Craft Beer Website Design for Beer Pub

craft beer and pub website design

If you search for a template to make your site one of the best brewery websites, here is a top-quality choice for you. This is a responsive, and a compatible craft beer website design. It has comprehensive documentation. The process of installation is really fast.

Your pub website will look wonderful on all types of devices and in any web browser because of full responsivity. Besides, it is equipped with a versatile website creator. It provides you with an opportunity to build a powerful website without a line of a code. This template is equipped with an intuitive admin panel and social options.

5. Brewery Website Design for Beer Production

brewing web design


With this Brewery Website Design, you will beat all your competitors. This is a ready-made website template with a built-in website builder. Furthermore, it is made for a convenient launch, 100% responsivity, and 24/7 customer support. Using the admin panel you can easily make your website stylish and differentiate it as much as possible.

Using the admin panel you can easily make your website stylish and differentiate it as much as possible. You don’t need to have any skills in web design, coding, programming, and management. On the contrary, you can create and redesign your website without any trouble. Drag and drop functionality of the website builder will assist you in changing your brewery website design and structure. There is also a live demo version for free which you can use for 2 weeks.

6. Beer Making Website Template

beer products web design

Have a look at this beer making website template. The template has a heavy home page. There is a big wide slider, a grid gallery, and a contact form. These are only a few attractive elements on the home page. The menu contains different sections that will inform your clients about the services you provide, the latest news of your company, prospective events, and contacts. Thanks to a control panel you can add, move, or remove sections and elements. You will have much space for uploading photos and videos. Furthermore, it includes additional widgets and tools.

7. Pub Website Template with Wooden Footer Background

British pub web design


If you are an owner of the pub and want to promote it, this is a nice choice for you. Firstly, users will get more information about your place. Secondly, customers will surely be motivated to visit the pub and come back to it over and over again. The website is especially informative and eye-catching if it has a menu, prices, location, contacts, and pictures included. This content may be shown with the help of this pub website template. The design is great because of blurred background images. It looks really photographic. The slight blur effect brings more clarity to the text. The Header on the home page includes an attractive image of the glass of beer.

8. Brewery Website Template with Poto Background and Vertical Menu Bar

brewery web design example


Building one of the best brewery websites with HTML templates is not a problem. Newbies will use the system easily, while professionals will like it too, due to the functionality of the CMS. The brewery website template with a photo background and vertical menu bar is a nice solution for a brewery, a beerhouse or a bar on the internet. Visitors and beer fans will enjoy such a website design. Each site page has a background photo. And there is a slideshow of pictures in the Header. One more specific feature of this design is the stylish menu bar with items sliding out to the right side.

9. Brewery Website Template with a Slider

premium beer website image


Breweries make different types of beer, and all of them should be well-presented. You don’t need to pay time creating a website and then refreshing it. This brewery website template with a jQuery slider is simple for upgrading. This template is very compact. Nevertheless, it covers much content and doesn’t need much space for it. This theme looks really businesslike. It is informative, practical, and beautiful.


Brewery business and craft beer making business are getting more and more popular these days. To be successful in any business sphere you have to deal with creating a website on the basis of great brewery templates. The best brewery websites contain versatile attractive features considering both design and functionality. The templates with an included website builder/ creator will facilitate the process of launching a site. Finally, an intuitive admin panel will help you customize on the fly!

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Author: Allison Reed
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