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Best Black Friday Website Deals from MotoCMS – Get All the Benefits!

Mary Frost 17 November, 2020

Black Friday is one of the best opportunities of the year for both users and entrepreneurs, as it is a great chance to get all kinds of new stuff with a significant discount. If you want to present profitable Black Friday website deals to your customers, consider the fact that the Black Friday promotion activities depend on sound research and well-thought-out marketing tactics. Consider your promotional campaign within the annual marketing strategy to prepare your website for Black Friday, providing a clear idea of what you’re going to offer your visitors.

Black Friday of 2020 brings a host of fantastic Black Friday website deals for designers and developers, starting from SEO services and logo design to unique website themes. Up to 40% for all kinds of digital services, landing pages, and yearly subscriptions. Check out all Black Friday website builder proposals from MotoCMS to pick up the most advantageous deals for your business.

Best Black Friday Website Deals

What Benefits Do the Black Friday Website Deals Bring?

According to the stats of 2019, Black Friday online sales grew to a record $20 billion, and this figure is set to grow more significantly year by year. Quite impressive? In addition to these thrilling figures, Black Friday website deals can bring you unquestionable benefits. The only essential rule to follow is, to be honest with your customers this holiday season and provide real discounts and truly beneficial deals. Don’t try to trick your new and loyal customers!

As for the MotoCMS team, we are trying our best to offer you the most advantageous website builder deals and favorable discounts this Black Friday! And for our curious readers, we have prepared a special offer – even more beneficial! Apply BF2020_BLOG promo code with your purchase today and get 50%  OFF the Yearly plan and 25% OFF the Lifetime plan.

MotoCMS’s yearly plan comprises one-year domain name support and an SSL certificate for your website. It seems an excellent one-stop solution for those who want a site without any fuss and be in the loop, as with an annual plan, you also get a full website setup, lifetime MotoCMS updates, and convenient, round-the-clock support of your online project. Are you ready to pay $60 for the bunch of this useful stuff this Black Friday?

The lifetime plan is for those who are aware of the website installation and already have reliable hosting. Choosing this package, you pay only once and get a fantastic website template and lifetime MotoCMS updates. This plan doesn’t include hosting and domain name support. Use the promo code from the previous paragraph and get any template for only $165!

If you already have a site of your dreams, use our ultimate guide to prepare your website for Black Friday and get ready to take it to the next level. And if at any stage you feel you don’t have enough time or don’t want to get involved in those services implementation, feel free to ask our agents for advice, support, or purchase a suitable service.

Best Black Friday Website Deals for Creating Your Marketing Strategy

While getting closer to the holiday season shopping, it’s high time to take care of your holiday website design. Create a stunning platform to draw more attention to your products and services during the discount season. Organize a Black Friday marketing plan using the best Black Friday website deals from MotoCMS, available during 18-30 November.

1. Improve Your Social Media Presence

To start an efficient marketing strategy for the upcoming Black Friday sale, you must consider your current business stands and determine your future development plans. Bear in mind that understanding where you are and where you want to move helps you set appropriate goals and put a plan to accomplish them. Therefore, you have to deal with many things, including your social media presence, before using Black Friday website deals.

Regardless of what product you sell or what service your company provides, you need to ensure you have all the necessary tools in place to run successful sales on your site. Save up to 40% off all MotoCMS services, including professional social media services, to build a functional and practical online platform for your store.

2. Plan Out Your Sales

As a rule, holiday shoppers are scouting the best Black Friday website deals well ahead of time. Therefore, it’s crucial to map out the sales you’re going to offer for Black Friday to avoid messy last-minute sale deals. For this purpose, prepare your website for the holiday discount season beforehand. Select one of the ready-made web templates from the Black Friday website builder to launch a well-structured and reliable site in 2 days. Or, in case you already established a website, boost its popularity with comprehensive SEO services.

3. Make out a Marketing Campaign

After you figure out what kind of sales you’re going to offer, you need to promote that information effectively. With today’s COVID-19 conditions, all small businesses started to go online; therefore, you have to do your best to stand out from competitors. Advertise your Black Friday proposals well ahead using the best Black Friday website deals like:

  • email marketing;
  • social media marketing;
  • Google AdWords campaigns.

Have no idea how to start your Black Friday marketing promotion? An email marketing campaign is an excellent solution for your business, as promotional emails can prepare your loyal customers and subscribers for upcoming sales. Include social media marketing for more effectiveness, and boost an efficient Google AdWords campaign to generate more traffic to your site.

4. Share Product Reviews

To gain more success with the MotoCMS Black Friday website deals, you need to add your customers’ positive reviews. Share testimonials on the homepage of your site to demonstrate your experience and professionalism to all website visitors.

5. Update Your Blog

If you don’t have an informative and useful blog yet, add it to your website to increase your target audience’s involvement. Outfit your blog with high-quality, relevant, and engaging posts to bring website visitors back to your site and build your brand. Use friendly language and an expert copy to become a trusted authority in your industry.

Black Friday Website Deals from MotoCMS – Technical Aspects

Once you’ve considered the details of your Black Friday sales, it’s time to proceed to its technical aspects. MotoCMS suggests numerous Black Friday website deals necessary to boost sales on your site.

1. Use the Best Black Friday Website Deals on Hosting

Are you ready to deliver the best customer experience during the fall’s killer shopping holiday season? Make sure your hosting provider is reliable to keep your site up and to run 24/7. Check out favorite MotoCMS hosting providers, which can bring you a lot of opportunities. Look through the pricing list and pick the most fitted plan based on your needs. Rest assured, these Black Friday website deals can handle surges in traffic that may occur during the Black Friday discount period.

2. Set up MotoCMS eCommerce Plugins for a Safe Shopping Experience

Before drawing customers in with deep discounts, ensure your site is outfitted for eCommerce if you haven’t done this yet. A landing page is an excellent solution for many businesses, including online stores, travel agencies, startups, or software providers. Save up to 40% off new Black Friday website deals from MotoCMS, such as eCommerce plugins, for providing your clients with a safe shopping experience. Or, purchase one of the landing page layouts with a 35% discount.

website builder


3. Enjoy the Best Black Friday Website Deals for Website Optimization

Do you want every aspect of your site to be optimized for the best possible web experience? Try the best Black Friday SEO website deals to increase your sales, boost traffic, and raise your business’s trustworthiness.

Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

Having a mobile-friendly site is crucial, especially when it comes to the Black Friday sales season. With well-designed, mobile-responsive website templates from MotoCMS, you have all chances to rank high on search engines like Google. Once people can buy your products via mobile devices or even on the go, you can be aware potential customers will select your site out from thousands of competitors.

Boost Your SEO Using Effective Tools

Whether you have a rudimentary knowledge of what SEO is or you’re a total newbie, it’s necessary to consume an SEO specialist’s assistance. Thus, you won’t spend your time learning SEO practices and determining their importance, especially in the Black Friday run-up. Take advantage of the best Black Friday website deals provided by MotoCMS to get an SEO optimized website right now. Or check out an ultimate guide for implementing SEO tactics for your eCommerce page.

Simplify the Navigation on Your Site

Excellent website navigation is a must, especially if you plan to raise your income during the Black Friday shopping weekend. Do your best to simplify your navigation; otherwise, you risk losing potential customers interested in buying your services or products.

With the Black Friday web deals from MotoCMS, you won’t need to worry about your site’s design, as all Black Friday website builder’s proposals already have a fantastic, user-friendly menu and structure that is easy to navigate. Check out lucrative Black Friday website deals from MotoCMS builder, providing a 40% discount for a yearly subscription.

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Reduce Your Web Load Times

The key to successful sales is a speedy website. With Black Friday website deals, you have everything necessary to create a fast online platform. The website load time is a major Google ranking factor; moreover, people won’t stay on your site if it will take more than a few minutes till your page loads. Therefore, your task is to fasten your site’s work to raise your ability to sell products and services. Check out the best loading speed practices to improve your website’s speed once and for all!

4. Customize Your Customer Support

While shopping or browsing your website, customers may have an urgent question about your holiday sale, delivery, and other things related to buying a relevant product. You should be available to answer all questions round-the-clock to suggest a high-quality customer support service. Use the best Black Friday website deals to forward your team to fulfill all clients’ needs to leave them with a positive and memorable experience. Thus, the number of loyal customers will instantly reach unprecedented levels!

5. Analyze the Results Gained with Black Friday Website Deals

Once you build the best possible Black Friday website design, it’s high time to launch it on the web, waiting for much customers’ attention. Nevertheless, before initiating your platform to Internet users, you must look through every detail to ensure everything works properly. Plug Google Analytics and other essential metrics to analyze the data and make informed decisions on how to improve your site. The obtained valuable information will help you know more about customers’ behavioral patterns to boost sales during the Black Friday discount season.


Everybody wants to buy something on Black Friday, and your task as a retailer or a service provider is to make the customer experience easy and delightful during this holiday season and beyond. Summing up the importance of well-considered Black Friday website deals, here’s the crucial idea of our article.

  1. Remember to plan an effective marketing campaign.
  2. Concern your target audience and business specifics.
  3. Customize your website and make it mobile-friendly.
  4. Work on your successful social media presence.

Want to attract more customers during the holiday season? Black Friday website deals from MotoCMS will inspire you and help you to form a winning design strategy from scratch. Update your website for Black Friday so that your clients get what they need faster, without overloading your servers. Minimize the number of clicks necessary to complete purchases and ease the checkout process. Choose the best BF website offers. Don’t forget about a unique discount offer from MotoCMS (missed it in the first part of this article?), and let Black Friday begin!

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