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5 Ways Infographics Can Help Grow Your Business

MotoCMS Editorial 16 March, 2021

Information is a big deal in business. As a business owner or marketer, chances are you spend most of your day exchanging information with employees, clients, investors, and several others. The key to making sense out of the shared information, though, is attention. If you cannot get people to pay attention to what you are communicating, your efforts might be wasted. So, what happens when you have a ton of information to share, and you cannot hold people’s attention for so long? The solution is infographics. And infographics can help in any business sphere.

5 Awesome Ways Infographics Can Help Business Growth

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Infographics present an engaging way to share all kinds of information about your business. Whether you are discussing your products, earnings, plans, or any other type of information, you can always count on infographics to keep your audience interested.

Infographics rely on the sense of sight. Visual content is so powerful because people will rather see something than merely be told about it. It’s no wonder social networks like Facebook and Instagram, which carry several pictures and graphics, can keep people hooked. Infographics are the top form of visual content for your business, as they can increase the chance of people understanding, sharing, and referencing your information. Now, let’s look at five ways you can boost your business using infographics.

Infographics Create a More Interactive Experience for Your Customers

Infographics present a better way to interact with your customers. Customers are drawn to concise and well-presented information, whether they see your content in person or online. For businesses who use infographics online, traffic grows an average of 12%. Besides, a lot of information competes for customers’ attention online these days. Using infographics to share information about your business will help you gain traffic and get you a good portion of customers’ attention.

With infographics, you can explain your brand concepts, describe product instructions and benefits, educate and entertain your clients, and much more. Even if the information you need to share is complex or lengthy, infographics can help you identify essential and simplify it. This way, you get to present relevant and accurate information to customers in a way that does not leave them confused. This also allows you to display your expertise and gain the trust of clients. They see you as knowledgeable, organized and sincere, and are more willing to do business with you.

If you work extensively on PowerPoint presentations, you can check out the infographic templates by SlideUpLift built on the foundational principles of visual science and storytelling. These high-quality infographics PowerPoint templates not only give you a great starting point but also give your ideas a compelling look and get them the attention they deserve.

Infographics Help Your Staff Understand the Business Better

The people who run your business with you need to understand everything about the company―that’s super important. From brand features to production processes and working guidelines, there are so many things you want your staff to know. However, if you continue to dish out documents or long presentations, your employees can get easily overwhelmed. If you want to make sure your employees understand and retain the information you have for them, consider using infographics to communicate.

You will find that your employees begin to read and remember your infographics rather than merely skim through documents. They will also be willing to revisit the infographics when they need to refresh their knowledge of any business aspect. Another great way to communicate with your employees using infographics is to put them up around the workspace. Doing this will ensure that employees can continually see and get accustomed to the essential things you need them to remember. This will inevitably leave you with workers who know what your business is about and understand what they need to be doing. With that, productivity is bound to increase.

Infographics Help Convince Investors with Organized Data

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If you have ever had to convince people to invest in your business, you know it can be quite a big task. You could think of so many things to tell them, from what makes your business unique to the progress you have made and forecasts for the future. Can you imagine how investors may feel if you showed up with a pile of documents and a lengthy presentation to share with them? An information overload will leave your investors bored, uninterested, or even confused, and you should certainly avoid that.

Using infographics to present relevant information to your investors is a great way to make sure they see what you are trying to show them. Your data appears to be organized and attractive. That can help you gain some good points. Your investors can see and evaluate the information you give to them with infographics, so they understand you easily, know what questions to ask, and have a better impression of you. They can see your expertise come to life and are even more willing to listen to you.

Besides, no investor wants to put their money in a confusing and disorganized business. So the next time you need to show investors what you can do, spend less time typing long documents and create stunning infographics instead.

Infographics Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Infographics that are well-designed and contain useful information have a tremendous effect on your search engine optimization. Because great visuals are more interesting to engage with than text, audiences have a higher tendency to read, click, like and share your infographics. This is also the same for search engines. Images tend to rank higher.

Your SEO will experience a boost if users are sharing a lot of graphics from your website. Infographics significantly benefit your business in the form of link building. Anyone who sees your infographic can link back to your site if they find your infographic useful or relevant. All you need to do is include a link that will take people to your website. This offers you an opportunity to draw new traffic and audiences from all over the internet. Hence, more people get to see what your business has to offer, and you can easily convince them to do business with you.

Infographics Build Your Reputation as a Credible Brand

Infographics are a great way to etch your brand into people’s memories. If your brand has appealing elements such as a logo, colours, and graphics, using infographics will help you put them to work. Placing your logo and other brand elements within your infographic will make you and your brand memorable to your audience. This establishes a uniqueness for your brand. Soon, you will find that your audience can easily identify your content and your work.

That’s how brand awareness is built. When your business frequently shares branded infographics containing relevant information, people begin to see your brand in a credible light. They develop trust, respect, and affection for your brand. This happens because they can use the information you share with them. After all, it is trustworthy and reliable. They may not have patronized your business yet, but you have displayed your expertise and added some value. Hence, you’re building a better reputation for your brand.

How Can You Create Awesome Infographics for Your Business?


Now that you know all the incredible benefits of using infographics for your business, we know you’re just itching to try them out. However, the question of whether your design skills are good enough to create decent infographics might bother you. The great thing is that you do not have to worry about starting your infographic designs from scratch—you can use an infographic template instead. These templates are easy to use and make the design process faster, so even if you’re in a hurry or have a deadline, it’s no bother.

Using an infographic software like Piktochart gives you access to eye-catching infographics for any information you want to share. It also has a free library of graphics, design components, and templates. These can help you customize your information within a short time. Key things to note when creating and using your infographics include

  • Keep them unique and attractive. They must contain eye-catching headlines so that people are interested in reading further. The pictures and graphics used within them must also stand out to spark the reader’s interest and be memorable.
  • Ensure they are concise and only contain useful information. Infographics are not merely a way to design your information but an opportunity to summarize it. Include only graphics and text that matter so that your infographic does not look shabby or overwhelming.
  • Include your brand elements, such as logos, colours, and fonts. The goal is to ensure that people who see your infographics know that they are from your business. That way, they will always remember you.
  • Track their progress over time so that you can keep improving them. If you have embedded links in your infographics, follow up on their performance. This helps you record engagement and take note of your audience’s preferences.
  • Follow up on the leads they help you generate. If people ask questions or visit your website based on the links you share, be sure to communicate with them. They might be your next big clients.


As you begin to present visually appealing information to your employees, clients, investors, and the public, you’ll surely see growth in your business. You’ll find that people can understand and remember the information you share, and they’ll care about it. So, enjoy creating the best infographics and watching your business grow.

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