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Website Business Examples Made on MotoCMS: Inspired by Best Ones

Alex Foxx-Lee 29 March, 2022

Once, in search of spring inspiration, the editor-in-chief and I have suddenly remembered the good old #madeonmotocms section, which we wanted to restore and update. While creating blog content, we often use illustrative website business examples taken from competent experts or our successful clients. These ones are great for visualizing the theoretical part of the tutorials and clearly demonstrating the capabilities of the web tools & products. However, we usually focus on specific aspects, depriving attention of global features and advantages. It’s time to fix this and tell our readers more about real web resources powered by Moto builder. We will also talk today about why they deserve your attention and why you should give them that.

Inspiration by #MadeOnMotoCMS Website Business Examples

Creating a modern business website is an incredibly complex and detailed process that involves working with many technological and design nuances. Developing an efficient and competitive web resource from scratch can take many months, let alone refinement, maintenance and updates. In turn, ready-made templates greatly simplify these processes since standard website business examples are predesigned for easy customization in advance.

Made on MotoCMS

However, many beginners get lost in the abundance of options and features available and don’t know how they can be personalized according to individual needs. In this case, the web resources from the CMS Design Gallery become a magic wand that helps specify the goals. It is especially true if you follow your favorite ones initially, paying attention to the details:

  • What was the first version of the web resource look like initially?
  • Which new features did developers introduce during the first months?
  • What functions do managers have to give up?
  • From the user’s point of view, what functionality is missing for convenience?

Critical Note! Each business niche has its own characteristics and requirements that you must meet when developing a website. That is why we recommend choosing examples for inspiration among web resources on the same subject.

Study Best Business Website Examples from Competitors

As an experienced marketer and analyst, I love today’s IT and web design competition. It sounds a little weird, but I think that many will understand, sharing my point of view. Being a monopolist in a specific industry, a business begins to dictate its own rules and frameworks, regardless of customers’ opinions who simply have no choice. In rare cases, this does not lead to a loss of quality but always indicates stagnation. In turn, the presence of at least a few competitors unrealistically motivates to develop and improve the quality of service and products.

Competitors in the Market

It is especially evident in the web design niche, where the abundance of competitive web resources forces developers to look for new tools and ways to improve ergonomics. You can study educational materials and trends indefinitely. However, for some reason, a breakthrough will only be possible after acquaintance with the best website examples built on MotoCMS created by your competitors. Why is that? The answer is simple – only by studying real examples, you can understand customers’ motivation. Then you will be able to use these advantages for your business, avoiding many problems and difficulties in advance.

Fresh Updates for Best Website Business Examples

It is worth noting that all examples of website builder sites made on MotoCMS are not random. We carefully select the best representatives based on several vital criteria:

  • design uniqueness, achieved through thoughtful personalization;
  • site ergonomics, expressed in the convenience of finding the necessary information and feedback;
  • niche matching, which affects the creation of the right image and position of a reputable resource that users can trust;
  • technical features preserved after general customization.

Thus, each of the presented sites can become a milestone for you on the way to creating the web resource of your dreams, ideally corresponding to the goals of creation and use. Well, let’s start the review and let these good business website examples give you some long-awaited inspiration! Made On MotoCMS Business Website Examples

Bike Schule Aletsch for Cycling School

Are you looking for a suitable web solution for a sports section, club, or school? Check out how the owners of Bike Schule Aletsch did a great job creating something downright trendy and unique based on the basic multi-page template for the cycling portal! The web resource looks interesting, provides valuable information in a convenient format, and loads pages instantly. Stylish design and an abundance of galleries with high-resolution photos catch the eye and charge you with vibes of positive vibes and the energy of exciting cycling trips.

Business Website Design Examples

I would also like to talk about the recent website update, which I noticed only after visible changes in the design and content. Managers updated the information and added several new widgets like a countdown counter. At the same time, the site functioned perfectly, even during maintenance. Interface changes did not affect the adaptability and download speed in any way. Do you think this is real magic or a well-managed CMS?

H&W as Ideal for Construction Company Website

This one is a stunningly beautiful site dedicated to urbanism and architecture – this was my first thought while studying the preview of Hartenbach & Wenger. And the more I wandered through the web pages, the more I admired the developer’s ability to work with details. Well-chosen color schemes, elegant typography, and the author’s icons refresh the design, making it unique and complete. With an independent development of a web resource from scratch, focusing on details would cost customers a lot of time and money.

Business Website Layout Examples

In turn, MotoCMS business website design examples dramatically simplify the work of site managers and editors. You can change colors, adjust display settings and styles with just a few clicks, creating something beautiful in no time. An ideal platform for creative searches and business experiments!

Spuersinn – When Design Knows How to Sell

Best Business Website Examples

The genuine interest of the visitor is perhaps one of the best ways to attract an audience ever. You can re-read many topical articles to achieve this, review numerous training videos, or go to Spuersinn.swiss at least once. I have never figured out the secret of this preview site, despite my years of experience with business website design examples. A good offer and a non-trivial menu did not help but increased the desire to learn more. After spending some time at web pages surfing, I was able to study Spuersinn better and find out that brilliant brand builders and marketers own this web resource. It is the case when website design is the best advertisement and motivator to purchase services. And we’re incredibly proud that it’s #madeonmotocms.

Gasthof Stirzer – Best Proof of MotoCMS Technical Advantages

Having studied many business website layout examples for the restaurant niche, I can safely say that the owners of Gasthof Stirzer have done a fantastic job. The web resource looks like a powerful and well-designed landing page. It has everything you need for the average visitor who wants to explore the menu or book a table online. No lengthy searches and nerves spent waiting for the download. However, as you explore further, you will find that this site is full of surprises to explore and get.

Good Business Website Examples

In the case of Gasthof Stirzer, everything is ideal – from accurate data structuring to the implementation of interactive tools. However, I would like to highlight the technical capabilities of this web resource available for each multi-page website business examples powered on MotoCMS:

  • incredible download speed, even with a poorly working Internet;
  • excellent adaptability to any device;
  • advanced contact form support that you can obtain at any time and implement in a few hours.

Kid’s Center Kita Mandala, Which You Will Want to Visit

If you are familiar with the philosophy of “Going beyond the possible is the best path for those who seek inspiration,” you’ll discover that Kita Mandala succeeded in this. This web resource is dedicated to the kindergarten, which is not only an ordinary place for children’s pastime but also a developmental center. We were shocked by the abundance of bright colors and visualization of the author’s vision, which changed the basic kid’s website template beyond recognition.

Website Business Examples Made on MotoCMS

Parents always want to know everything about their child’s time outside the home, down to the times of meals and materials used in class. All this is normal, and Kita Mandala is perfect in its focus on interacting with information. Managers ensured that visitors could get the most valuable data in a convenient format. In turn, MotoCMS took care of the support of additional tools, a wide selection of which allows you to make web pages diverse and interactive.

Uroversum – #1 Idea for Private Clinics and HealthCare Centers

It is easy and pleasant to talk about the inspiration found along the way through colorful and creative website business examples. However, they often aren’t suitable for creating more concise and reputable web resources needed for specific niches like the medical business. Thus, we couldn’t ignore Uroversum, designed for practicing urologist Dr Sergei Staubly.

Responsive Website

This site is one of the best business website design examples that meet all the requirements of healthcare topics:

  • the correctly chosen color scheme used;
  • a clear and understandable structure of web pages, combining many separate site elements and blocks into a single composition;
  • intuitive navigation with an optimal number of transition and call to action elements that do not overload the user;
  • feature-rich tools for interaction that allows patients to get the most valuable information and take advantage of it – request feedback or make an appointment.

Technolux – Multifunctional Manufacturer’s Website

This web resource is one of the best website business examples, destroying the myth about the impossibility of using ready-made templates for big business and production. Drag & drop online editor is just a tool for achieving web goals that anyone can use to meet their unique needs and requirements. See how cleverly and practically the owners of Technolux used the extensive functionality of Moto 3 builder to create a lighting developer business card.

Website Made on MotoCMS

The site is ergonomic, comprehensively informative, and convenient for both private clients and business partners. It is noteworthy that this separation took a little time because the visual editor allows you to create and customize web pages in a few clicks. Currently, the web resource continues to develop and needs to finalize separate tabs for products. However, this does not limit us from enjoying the finished projects and production processes.

In Conclusion – Best Code-Free Solution for Everyone

After reviewing the latest business website layout examples, I would like to reiterate that they were all #madeonmotocms. The presented web resources amaze with a variety of designs and functional features. That’s why it’s hard enough to imagine that this was developed code-free with a simple website builder.

Sites Made on MotoCMS - Top 5 Examples

Open New Web Horizons with Moto Online Builder

MotoCMS visual editor is a magic wand that allows everyone to dive into professional website development without previous web experience and specialized technical knowledge. We made sure that you can pay maximum attention to the appearance and content of your business resource, ensuring that each solution will have powerful features:

  • Fantastic flexibility and scalability of website business examples. Create solid structures in a few mouse clicks, edit the number of web pages and fill out many media galleries – using the built-in toolkit will allow you to maintain high performance and correct work.
  • Extensive toolkit and operational base. No additional toolkits with pre-paid access! We offer the widest selection of built-in options, widgets, and features that our developers regularly expand. All this is available for every user without any restrictions.
  • Automatic adjustment. It doesn’t matter which business website templates you choose – whether it’s a multi-page theme based on Moto 3 or a trendy landing page powered on Moto 4. Each product is fully responsive and can automatically adapt to any user device.
  • Interaction with external resources. Website promotion is not limited to the basic SEO settings available in each design. That’s why we made sure to have a lot of practical tools necessary for further promotion – social media buttons and integration with Google services, the ability to use analytics and performance monitoring, data upload, and much more.
  • Access to boosters and MotoCMS plugins. You can choose a template with built-in eCommerce tools out of the box or add them as needed. You can also order website acceleration, and its performance will increase later. All Moto solutions support the latest functional updates, which significantly extends the relevance of available web products.

Admin Panel MotoCMS


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