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Web Design Mistakes to Avoid for a Smoother User Experience

Jenson O'Connell 30 March, 2022

If you decide to build a website you can do this by your own efforts or assign this task to someone. No matter who will be responsible for the creation of the website, this process requires time, effort, and attentiveness. Even a true professional can make web design mistakes. If you can not cope with the creation of a website by yourself, you can rely on experts. If you go to the article on how to hire a good web developer on jatapp.com, you will discover valuable tips on employing professional web developers. Such professionals can handle the task of building a website better than anyone else.

How to Make Your Website Superior

Both beginners and experts in web designing can make mistakes. Unfortunately, there are countless amounts of possible errors that can be made during building a website. But let’s do not forget that your aim is to make your website superior and different from competitors. That’s why in order to achieve success, you should avoid website mistakes.
Since there are a lot of serious mistakes you should avoid, we will concentrate on the 12 most important errors. By shunning them, you will make your website brilliant and fade all websites of your competitors. Provide a smoother user experience and you will succeed.

Utilization of Various Fonts and Colors

Different fonts and colors will not make your website bright and pleasant. On the contrary, it will become a terrible website that users would like to leave as fast as possible. Remember that a bad website design is what is overloaded with colors and fonts of different styles and sizes. Your future website should be of modern design. It should be clean for its users. For this, you should utilize as few different colors as possible. Using 1-2 prominent colors will be the best solution. This will lead your websites to not appear messy and overwhelming. The same refers to the number of fonts. Using 1-2 font styles will be pretty enough.

Web Design Mistakes – Complicated Navigation

Keep in mind that you build a website for users first of all. What makes a website bad is difficult navigation. When users go on a website, they expect to find the needed information simply and fast. If users see that they should linger on a website for longer, they will leave this website immediately. That’s why to take time and make good navigation.  Make sure that all pages are in the proper places. Making your website well organized and easier to browse will attract more users.

Your Website Is Not Responsive on All Devices

Nowadays, modern technologies continue to develop. It becomes possible to view websites on different devices starting from PCs to smartphones. One of the web design mistakes is to make your homepage responsive only on one device. As statistics shows, users usually visit websites using mobile devices. That’s why put aside a plan of prioritizing the desktop version of your website over the mobile version. The best solution is to make your website responsive so it can be viewed on all devices and browsers.

Too Much Information

It is not bad if you want to tell users about your company as much information as possible. For this, you would probably use different things on the homepage of your website. Unfortunately, this will not grab the attention of users but on the contrary, push them away from your website. Bad website design includes overwhelming things and tons of images. If users visit a website where too much is going on, they will have no idea what to concentrate on.

Web Design Mistakes – Too Little Information

While too much information on your website is not a good strategy, including too little information is bad as well. Although the “minimalist” approach is becoming a modern trend, it is not always efficient. Even if you know how to implement this strategy correctly, this can not work with your website. When users visit your website, they will spend time thinking about what they’re looking at. Avoid confusion by making your website clear for users.

Using Irrelevant Images

What makes a website bad is the utilization of irrelevant images. Remember that images play an important role in building websites as well. Do not think that if you place the first found image will lead to success. It is recommended to spend some time and find relevant images for all sections of your website. This will influence not only the aesthetic of your website but also the overall design. Make sure that the colors of the images do not spoil the colors of the rest of your website.

Not Fast Load Time

If your website loads slowly, this is one of the common website mistakes. This can make users irritated and they will leave your site instantly. Users want to go on from one page to another quickly. If you do not provide them with this possibility, people will select the websites of your competitors. The most optimal loading time is several seconds. If your website loads longer, fix this.

Web Design Mistakes – Complicated to Read Text

Not only does the proper selection of fonts influence the reading of the text of your website. Users can have problems reading text if it is in the wrong places. Likewise, using text of small size can lead to failure. Bad website design involves text that is hard to read. Remember that your users can have vision problems. Thus, keep in mind to make text that will be perfectly readable for everyone.

Absence of Security

Users will avoid going on your website if they receive a warning message that it is not secure. No matter what, you should do something so that those people do not get this message. You should keep your website secure not only from attacks from cybercriminals. First of all, you should think about how not to lose the trust of users. Installing an SSL certificate on your site can fix this problem. It is possible to find SSL certificates that are free of charge.

Web Design Mistakes – Not Sufficient Spacing

Another thing “what makes a website bad” is when you place elements and sections of your site extremely close together. This can lead to an overwhelming experience for users. Take into consideration spacing as one of the most important steps during the creation of your website. Such a decision will assist users to stay engaged with your website longer.

Website Does Not Represent your Brand and Values

Your website is a sort of advertisement for your brand. Your aim is to attract as many visitors as possible. If users go on your website and read irrelevant information about your brand or complicated sentences, they will probably leave it. Do not make one of the common web design mistakes. Remember to place that information and images that will surely represent your brand and its values.

Weak CTA

Call-to-action buttons are those that users can press to take concrete actions. These buttons should be always noticeable. Still, placing too many call-to-action buttons can be a bad solution as well. Make these buttons more enticing than the standard “Contact Us” button. You will draw the attention of users by creating such call-to-action buttons as: “Sign Up for Newsletter”, “Follow Facebook Page”, “Get the Guide”, etc.

Web Design Mistakes to Avoid – Summing-Up

We can conclude that there are many web design mistakes that can be made by both experts and beginners. Take your time during the creation of your website. Recheck whether you do not make one of the most common errors. If you even notice a mistake, fix it immediately. If you are attentive during building a website, the final result will please you for sure

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