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8 Hottest Web Design Trends 2015 Our Experts Expect to See

MotoCMS Editorial 23 December, 2014

The New year will be here in just a week. So, I think it’s time to talk about some tendencies we might expect to bloom in 2015. Every year we see that some techniques popping out here and there throughout the year become trite and annoying, and fade away soon. Some ideas transform into new shapes and find new expressions while other ones are discarded for a long time.

Web Design Trends 2015 - main

This year we asked our friends and colleagues to set their predictions for the upcoming year and try to imagine which trends will be hot in 2015 and which ones will fade out. Let’s check out the coolest web design trends 2015 they expect to see blooming soon. But first – a few words about fading trends we are tired to see around the web.

Design Areas that Are Fading

Despite flat design doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon, it looks like this style needs a refresh. Today the web is overloaded with flat designs – they become more and more predictable and thus, boring. However, most web designers don’t see flat is going to fade or that skeuomorphism will be back next year.

Website pages are other elements that will be changed or replaced in nearest future. Recent years we have seen more and more one-page sites emerge and this trend seems to continue. With the introduction of a “hamburger” icon for navigation menu (that still sparks controversy) it became easier to hide everything that is less important under that icon and focus on the Home Page’s vital content.

Heavy flash and 3D effects will soon be replaced with some more lightweight graphics, transitions and animations. These effects allow creating an interactive interface that pays a lot to UX.

Web Design Trends 2015

1. Material Design

This year Google introduced Material Design that has already started gaining multiple backers around the Web. It was first meant to be used on Android by Google motivated app developers to introduce its principles within their creations. But today this trend seems to conquer the Web and more and more websites have already implemented Material Design principles into their design.

Google’s Material Design

Web Design Trends 2015 - Material Design

Despite that many skeptics call it “flat design with shadows”, Material Design is a step further to a more user-friendly interface. It introduces tiles and applies shadows to elements making them look more realistic without rolling back to full skeuomorphism.

Due to the popularity of Material design we are expecting a card design to evolve and grow. Now we can see it on websites like Pinterest etc. Since minimalism is still expected to stay the most popular web design style, card design is to be the best way of applying clean and minimalist look to the design layout.

2. Design and Coding Get Closer

Designers can go more into development process with the introduction of new tools that make coding a snap. Such software as Macaw make coding process similar to Photoshop drawing and thus edges between design and coding become thinner. Many website builders, including MotoCMS, offer a no-coding technology to their users who wish to create beautiful websites.


Web Design Trends 2015 - Macaw

In-browser prototyping is another technique that transfers web design work from Photoshop to more flexible tools. It doesn’t mean that handwritten code is to be doomed. But we are going to see times when the website development process will be much flawless and easier for designers.

3. Responsiveness and Integration between Web and Apps

Websites tend to become more mobile-friendly. Responsiveness is an overall trend that becomes a Number One requirement for all websites. People use mobile devices more often that desktop computers, so a website fully adapted for mobile use is vital for any brand and site.

In the upcoming year our experts expect mobile-ready websites to evolve further and offer website apps as additions to bring the best UX.

4. Responsive Typography and SVG

Responsive design doesn’t focus just on resizing and rearranging design blocks to fit the layout onto mobile screen. Images and typography should also adapt to the user’s need and look perfect even on smaller screen sizes.

SVG is one of the best solutions for today to achieve perfectly scaled images on any device. And I mean not only smaller smartphone screens. High pixel density displays, like Apple’s Retina, also welcome crisper and brighter imagery. SVG graphics doesn’t pixelate on any screen size, thus more designers will use this opportunity to create cool-looking animations in clean style.


Web Design Trends 2015 - Resanova

Use of typography promises to be a huge trend next year. With tons of new and free fonts available we will see a great use of different fonts as design elements. So, responsive typography will become a highly important element of web design. Despite the conventional wisdom that “people don’t read” on the web, they actually do. And to push people to read more we need typography to be beautiful, readable and responsive.

5. HTML Videos and Video Backgrounds

Full background videos are on high demand now and they will stay trendy next year. With the introduction of HTML5 it became easier to load and play video on any device including tablets and smartphones.

Nuvola Verde

Web Design Trends 2015 - Nuvola Verde

Such trend helps making site more engaging and plays a lot to UX and storytelling. Custom videos speak straight to users so they are perfect for product showcase and announcing new features.

6. Storytelling & Interactive Design

Storytelling is the best way to engage users to your website and establish a close connection between the brand and its customers. Our experts expect to see more shift towards storytelling by web design means.

Jingle Joes

Web Design Trends 2015 - Jingle Joes

Interactivity adds to the storytelling greatly and allows creating more immersive designs that recover proper emotional reaction from a user. Interactivity offers more freedom to users in terms of how the content is presented and perceived. Thus, use of storytelling and interactive design models will be a perfect addition to marketing strategy next year.

7. Scrolling Instead of Clicking

Sites with numerous pages seem to be so outdated today. People are impatient and wish to get the data they need in seconds. Clicking through multiple pages is a tedious process so if your Home Page lacks information, customers won’t hesitate to leave the website. Websites with scrolling won the audience and proved to be extremely trendy throughout 2014. There’s no reason to think this will change in the nearest future.

Mad Max Game

Web Design Trends 2015 - Mad Max Game

Scrolling opens great opportunities to web designers. It allows web designers to present the great amount of valuable content on one page. With a growing number of mobile devices scrolling becomes a much more preferable technique for most users. A common perception of the “above the fold” was one of the main considerations against heavy scrolling. Today, if you’re able to present your content in a logical manner that pushes users to explore it further, then there can be no “above the fold” restrictions.

8. The Rise of Modular Design

This is a relatively new approach that has also emerged out of mobile design trend. Smaller screens are better for showing and perceiving smaller chunks of data. Thus in the coming future we expect to see modular design for content that is presented in sections and so these sections can be also shared separately.

Adobe Muse Landing Page

Web Design Trends 2015 - Adobe Muse

Today we already can spot some signs of such approach in microsites and landing pages that can be perceived as separate versions of main websites – it is illustrated well on the Adobe Muse website design that we have featured above. In 2015 we expect such tendency to evolve.

These were web design predictions for 2015 from MotoCMS experts. If you have any other suggestion about the trends that will change the web design world in 2015, share it with us in the comments section below.

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