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Viral Marketing Strategies: 6 Tips for Viralizing Your Content

Sarah Feldman 23 November, 2017

Have you ever thought about having your content reach thousands of people in a matter of very little time? Have you ever imagined your promotional material being shared by countless people and causing a bustle on the internet? That’s exactly what viral marketing strategies are all about.

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What are viral marketing strategies?

Viral marketing strategies consist of viral marketing techniques that attempt to exploit social networks and all other online media to produce exponential increases in the dissemination of a product, service or material, having the similar effect of an epidemic. Of course, it is not all the time that we get such an effect, but such viral marketing strategies can undoubtedly cause a significant change in your projects from day to night. This article is a script with excellent viral marketing examples that can make all the difference in your marketing actions.

Before even putting into action your viral marketing campaigns, it is important to keep in mind some fundamental prior actions:

  • Propagation should carry your brand together: Regardless of the type of content you want to make viral on the internet, you need to arrange your viral advertising to be done by spreading the message on the internet.It’s no use getting viral campaigns on the internet if you make no mention of your projects. So, whenever you are going to propagate some material in this way, leave at least something in the footer that makes people identify with you and even visit you.
  • Be prepared to withstand the demand: If your message promotes your project online and your viral marketing strategies works, you will need to have a framework to support this demand that it will generate.

Depending on the type of business, this structure can be time-consuming to assemble and you may even get burned in the market. So, structure yourself well before you implement such viral marketing campaigns.Once you take care of the results that this practice can have, you should start planning your viral advertising actions always considering these strategies:

1. Advertise without advertising

Advertise without advertising

A little confusing, is not it?

More to start clarifying this strategy here is another question: Have you ever seen any advertisements become viral on the Internet? People have no interest in sharing ads and direct business advertisements. This is a basic rule for any viral campaign, which is to never have a sole focus on advertising your business. Your advertising has to be secondary to having your viral marketing strategy work.

Focus on something that brings something interesting to people, whether for humor or even to offer some relevant content and break your image to relate the publication to be promoted when this action becomes viral. The viral marketing examples, while not as subtle as expected of a viral campaign, is an example of advertising that uses humor to propagate itself and in the end only an emblem of the great fast food network. In this case, it is still not the ideal example of viral marketing strategies, but already a much softer kind of advertising than the traditional ones.Of course, these McDonald’s viral marketing techniques are much more likely to propagate than if they published a whole image with the logo and tried to run on the internet, do you agree? Which one would you be interested in sharing?

2. Make the unexpected

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When we say that to succeed with viral marketing campaigns it is necessary to do something unexpected, it is because people cannot stand the same things anymore. They are waiting for something unusual, something that will amaze them.In this respect, doing something different from everything on the Internet is a very powerful strategy. Of course, it takes a high dose of creativity to put this strategy into practice.

3. Unleash emotions

emotions in viral marketing

It is fact that a good viral marketing strategy should tinker with people’s emotions regardless of what kind of emotions we are talking about. In World Cup for example, what we see most are companies promoting beautiful materials related to patriotism, right? This is working with emotions! Similarly, in cases, having emotions different from the emotion of patriotism, are also viral marketing examples.

Viral Marketing is always based on emotions. Your viral campaign cannot be neutral. What you should focus on is people, those who will love you or hate you will be happy or angry will laugh or cry with you. So, commit yourself, position yourself and excite your audience.

4. Incentive

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Encouraging people to spread their messages is critical to their success. Getting people interested in sharing may be the fuel that was missing in your viral marketing techniques. Although not all other viral marketing strategies may be imputed in your campaign, the fact is that the strategy of the incentive is very well if used smartly in launching an email campaign. The idea is to bring together the most number of viral marketing strategies within an action, as the result tends to be much stronger.

5. Meeting expectations

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It is common to see in social networks, for example, professionals who are entitled to “Digital Marketing” putting funny posts with links that point to pages that have no relation what posted, correct? What kind of experience does this kind of action cause in people? An awful experience of course. Such a bad experience will have a totally opposite effect, such as scare these people and make them avoid the author of this type of action. So carefully evaluate how your content will be propagated so as not to cause a bad impression on people and possible frustration.

6. Call to action

Call to Action, is a digital marketing strategy that consists of putting some phrase that calls people to a particular action, such as Click Here, Share, send to your friends, Join Now etc. All these phrases are called for people to take a certain action that you want. It is proven to be a strategy that works very well in digital marketing actions in general and is an excellent strategy when you have an interest in getting people to share the material you want, making it viral.

Finally, facilitate access

Incredibly, this is a very common mistake many marketing professionals make. Getting people to do any type of registration or some action to share fatally is to say that your viral marketing strategy will be unsuccessful.For people to share a particular type of material it is essential that this action is quick and very practical. To make your campaigns propagate as easily as possible it is highly recommended to take help from a digital agency so that you have a professional, valid and compelling viral marketing campaign.

8 responses to “Viral Marketing Strategies: 6 Tips for Viralizing Your Content”

  1. Allison Reed says:

    What I find really attractive is how social and viral marketing is changing modern language. Strict adherence to old grammar rules is being broken. But in our marketing efforts we need to speak the language of today when we do, it boosts viral cut-through too!

  2. Emily Waldman says:

    These seem to be very useful tips. Using the top 6 online viral marketing strategies, you can apply the tricks and techniques to popularize your marketing campaigns, increase the number of visitors that you have, and maximize the earning potential of your business. Great writeup!

  3. John says:

    That was a really good read about viral marketing. The tips and techniques listed are very true. The information shared by you will really inspire many more to take a step towards affiliate marketing. Well done!

  4. Kate Williams says:

    I think viral marketing is becoming one of the most important marketing methods and with the improving social media quick add buttons it’s making it much easier for even the most basic developers to add the function to their sites. This is a a very good inscription.

  5. Caroline Black says:

    Great article. I completely agree that asking people to sign up or do something is likely to be the kiss of death for your campaign. You have to engage them and then make it as easy as possible for them to pass your content on. It has to flow naturally and easily.

    • MotoCMS says:

      Ahah, nice simile, Caroline. Yeah, everything goes not so easy as it seems in the modern online world, and we need to do all possible things to better user interaction and stimulate engagement.

  6. Nicolas Finet says:

    I love how the author tackled the psychological side of marketing. Most businesses nowadays, forget about this issue and they focus their efforts on strictly advertising. The psychological side of marketing should not be avoided.

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