Veterinary Website Design and Pet Grooming Websites – Useful Tips

Allison Reed 19 April, 2019

If you are a pet lover, you will appreciate a pet grooming website design that can help you connect with people who share in affection. And what if you run a veterinary service offering treatment and care services to pet owners? Then you should keep in mind that veterinary website design is the most helpful way to provide much-needed services in and around your community. Either way, it makes sense to create a veterinary website to boost your visibility online and attract new clients. There only two questions that remain unanswered. The first question is where to find pet website design inspiration. The latter one is how to create pet website that opens you up to other pet lovers. To answer both of the questions, keep on reading about the best practices of the pet sitting website design!

Veterinary Website Design: How MotoCMS Can Help

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A pet website may seem like a daunting affair. The good news is that MotoCMS can show how to make a pet website effortlessly. There is no need to worry about the intricacies of website building or difficult coding concepts anymore. Our animal website templates with veterinary website builder come readymade. All you have to do is tweak a few things to create a pet website of your dreams.

Grooming Website Design – Offer Real World Solutions to Prospective Clients and Visitors

There are a few things you need to pay attention to if you are looking to create a pet website. For starters, remember that people usually go online not to look for a pet grooming website design. What they actually aim at is a search for answers to common problems pet owners encounter. In other words, your pet website must offer solutions to these problems in a non-marketing way. For example, common pet terms that people usually search for would have to be things like vomiting, flea infestation, and animal aggression. It means that your veterinary website design should offer solutions to most of the predicaments that pet owners face.

Pet Grooming and Veterinary Website Design


This neat animal shelter website design for pet rescue site allows you to start a blog and start sharing your expertise from day one. Choose between several blog layouts to attract followers easily.

Explore the Role of SEO for Veterinary Website Design

SEO, aka search engine optimization, should feature highly on your list when you are looking to create your veterinary website design. SEO means merely writing content while using a specific set of keywords that people are inputting into the Google search bar. If SEO is done correctly, then your website ranks highly in the Google search algorithms. High rankings lead to better visibility. In practice, it means that SEO gives you access to thousands of web users who can then contact you for your expertise or pet grooming services. Remember that SEO goes hand in hand with first-content. So, make sure that the content on your website is helpful, impactful and carries a conversational tone. This way you can motivate online visitors to browse your pet grooming website design and subscribe to your content updates.

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This cat website template for cat care websites is already SEO-optimized to save you lots of time. Just follow the instructions you see in the admin panel of this template. Get ready to rank high on Google in the blink of an eye.

Work on Consistency in Grooming Website Design

Another thing that pet websites need to focus on has to be consistency. It is essential to have a consistent message because it fosters trust between your followers or clients and your business. One of the ways you can win this trust is simplifying the content. Remember that any user should get the gist of your pet-related content quickly. Do not overburden your posts with terminology and slang words that could be unfamiliar to your clients. Another way to stay consistent with your website design is limiting the use of distractors. For example, the overuse of multimedia elements such as background videos can lead to a decrease in your visitors’ interest. The bottom line here is that you need to keep your online project for pet lovers sweet and straightforward.

pet sitting website template


Being user-friendly and consistent is what makes this veterinary website design template for an animal hospital so special. Equipped with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, this template allows you to track your progress efficiently. For example, you can see right away what pages on your veterinary website design are more often visited. So, you will be able to adjust your online marketing strategy correspondingly.

Choose Color Palette for Pet Grooming Website Design

The way you use colors on your pet website can be one of the most critical factors that predetermine your website’s success. The central concept of the pet website design inspiration is simplicity. Instead of going for several different colors, you can select two colors which effectively communicate your vision. This will give you that defining characteristic that sets businesses or experts apart. Making your pet grooming website design instantly recognizable is not that difficult. It is always smart to opt for natural colors, like green and brown, when building a pet grooming website design. Another approach you can try is to apply colors that are associated with the appearance of animals you mainly deal with. This is exactly what you can see in the aquarium website template below.

pet website design


The color palette of this aquarium website template for a public aquarium is an example of how one should use colors and images to attract all the attention possible. Shades of blue combined with yellow allow creating the unforgettable atmosphere of an adventure in the underwater world.

Make Your Pet Sitting Website Design Easily Navigable

Another tactic you can use on your pet website is to have a clear menu and navigation button. The easier it is for people to go through your pet grooming website design, the more likely they are going to spend time browsing your pages. For example, if you run a veterinary business, you may need to post a lot about services you offer given the varied types of animals you treat. There is nothing that works better than a navigation menu for a pet med website design. Also, you can create a search bar at the top of your pet website design, including pet supplies website design. By adding the search bar to your navigation panel, you make it easy for prospective clients to find what they are looking for without spending too much time exploring your veterinary website design.

pet grooming website template


This dog breeder website template for dog care website already contains a menu and user-friendly navigation, as you can see in the live demo. Switch between different modes (a desktop, a tablet, a mobile, both vertically and horizontally) to see how navigable a pet website should be.

Add Tasteful Images to Veterinary Website Design

Do not forget to add clear images to your veterinary website design. This way you can demonstrate what it is that you do in your practice to give your clients a clear idea of what they can expect. However, please steer clear of gory and graphic pictures showing the intricacies of medical procedures since they can be off-putting.

veterinary website template


Tasteful stock photos are included in this pet clinic website template for websites for veterinary advice. In practice, it means that you can simply add your content and go online hours (if not minutes) after installing this template. Amazing, right?

Include an Email Newsletter Signup Option

You can also add a newsletter signup box to the homepage of your pet grooming website design. If your clients sign up for regular updates, then you can build up an email list that you can use for marketing purposes. Remember to offer the option of opting out for those pet lovers who may not be interested in a subscription.

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Advanced popups and a visually-attractive contact form you find in this dog walking website template for kennel club can help you increase the clientele quickly. Give these tools a try and watch your client’s base grow fast.

Build a Pet Grooming Website Design with MotoCMS Today!

A website can be an incredibly useful tool in your marketing and visibility efforts. With more people using the web to look for information about raising and taking care of animals, you can never go wrong with MotoCMS range of pet and animal websites for your practice. Please sign up for your free trial of any website design you wish. Thanks for choosing MotoCMS!

Bonus: More Ideas for Pet Website Design Inspiration!

grooming website template


This horse website template for a horse club is a telling example of how you can use the choose the color palette of your website. The soft combination of green, brown, and orange makes this template look welcoming for all horse lovers.

Pet Website Design for Any Purpose

pet sitting website


What makes this pet store website template for pets supplies and accessories user-friendly is its powerful store search and filters. Once your prospective customers try the search, they will be amazed by the speed of your website and its impressive product catalog.

Veterinary Website Design Combined with Eco-Friendliness and Wildlife Care

animals website design


This zoo website template for wildlife websites contains Google Map functionality. By using this functionality, you can help your prospective visitors plan their trips responsibly. Needless to say, Google Map can be really helpful when it comes to attracting fans of animals from all over your country!

grooming website


The best part about this eco website template for environment organization is the drag-and-drop website builder. The builder mentioned above is as intuitive as possible. Do not hesitate to modify the layout of any page in this pet website design and see all the changes live.

pet sitting website design


A landing page like this animal shelter landing page template is a great tool to win the online presence worldwide. Straightforward and highly informative, this pet website design is SEO-optimized to rank high on Google within the shortest terms.

pet website design inspiration


Feel free to register a free two-week trial for this amazing wildlife website template for animals conservation site. During the offered 14-day period, you will have the ultimate control over the MotoCMS admin panel. For registration you need to provide only your email address, no credit card details required!

Pet Sitting Website Design – Visual and Mobile-Friendly

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It is a well-established fact that all modern websites have to be mobile-friendly, like this pet sitting website design for animal care services. Remember that responsivity is one of the key factors that help you succeed on the web as the increasing number of people look for pet sitting and dog walking services online.

veterinary website


Make use of touching videos with this animal shelter website template with veterinary website design for animals and pets rescue sites. By shooting short and yet emotional videos of animals at your shelter, you can increase people’s awareness about the challenges that your shelter faces and improve your offline performance big time.

Pet Website Design Inspiration – Final Points

pet grooming website


Make sure that you use social buttons when customizing a pet website template, like this dog website template for a dog training school. Social media has become one of the leading tools for increasing the client’s base and earning the trust of your prospective customers.

veterinary website design


Some e-stores for pet products can be really slow. This is not the case if you create an online shop with the pet shop web design for animal care products store from MotoCMS. Powered by Media Library File Manager, this pet shop website template allows you to download hundreds of high-quality images and videos without compromising the loading speed.

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