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Student Marketing Plan Examples – How to Reach 3 Million+ Audience

Anna Penhill 17 February, 2022

Students know that without a well-crafted marketing plan, they can’t run an organization successfully. With its help, it is much easier to target the right audience, win new clients, retain the current ones, satisfy them and choose strategies generating profits. And to smoke the competition, every organization should regularly keep revising and enhancing all it does. That’s why in this post, we will show you the most effective student marketing plan examples that can work for your business.

Student Marketing Plan

An effective paper is a reference piece a company can use for executing its marketing strategy. It comes with transparent goals and gives some pointers on achieving them. All aspiring professionals should keep in mind that no marketing campaign can guarantee sales unless a well-developed and consistent plan is adopted. Only, in this case, it is possible to establish long-lasting contacts with customers. Below, there is guidance on how to craft a plan from scratch.

Executive Summary and Introductory Section

Every paper starts with an executive summary, which is all about providing a brief overlook of the major lines of the document. Even though the summary is always presented at the beginning of the paper, it should be written last. On student marketing courses, youngsters learn that writing a summary can help them determine whether they have created an effective paper and included all the main points.

There is no better way to introduce the main section of the paper than by reminding of the company’s business marketing strategies. Therefore, it is worth including some info about the following:

  • the company’s business mission;
  • main business goals;
  • the business tactics worked out with those goals in mind.

Otherwise, the company’s marketing plan, SEO campaign, and business SEO strategy won’t work together. For instance, if the company’s mission is to provide exquisite first-class offers, the plan should craft a correct image of the brand and reach buyers looking for quality and willing to pay much for it.

Internal and External Analysis

Before crafting a plan, it is advisable to understand the organization’s environment. It enables students to perceive the perils and favorable opportunities related to the company’s business segment.


In many student marketing plan examples, the STEEPLE analysis is widely used to find out the primary opportunities and threats, which are peculiar to a particular segment:

  • economic factors (consumers’ trust and exchange, as well as percentage rates);
  • ethical factors (occupation norms and values);
  • social factors (people’s age, as well as changing attitudes and habits);
  • legal aspects (employment law updates and company’s sector regulation adjustments);
  • tech factors (innovations and buytvinternetphone usage growth);
  • environmental factors (clients’ instability and workers involved in the lasting development);
  • political factors (adjustments in tax rules, trade relations, and grants for businesses).

Start Up Company Site


A keen understanding of the internal strengths and weaknesses is essential. For instance, the most vital point of a startup company is exquisite products and inspired workers. The main weakness is a small clientele and scarce funds.


SWOT Analysis

By utilizing a SWOT analysis, which is a combination of internal and external research, it becomes possible to summarize:

  • strengths(f.e. excellent product quality/convenient location/large client base/developed bonus system);
  • weaknesses(f.e. high prices/weak sales department/lack of budget for marketing);
  • opportunities(f.e. possibility of entering new markets/possibility of working abroad (there are all the necessary conditions for the supply of goods to another country)/possibility of opening a new business niche);
  • threats(f.e. price competition/growth in the number of competitors/changes in legislation and industry standards/problems with suppliers (there may not be the desired product, which means there is nothing to sell/emergency).

The answer on how the company will deal with the threats and overcome its weaknesses lies in avoiding business weaknesses and using power to the maximum.

This article helps aspiring marketers to get more information about the strategic analysis used in many good student marketing plan examples and learn how to review any business performance.

Marketing Targets

In their papers, students base marketing goals, or so-called objectives, on the strengths and weaknesses of their company and its business sector. Moreover, they link them to their business strategy.

Let’s imagine that a company wants to achieve a 15% increase in sales over the next few months. Then its objectives will probably be all about targeting a new segment of the market to initiate its growth.

Smart Goals

There are some smart hallmarks of the well-set goals presented in most student marketing plan examples:

  • specific – for instance, marketers may set a goal to attract 3 million audiences over the next three years or so;
  • measurable – no matter what the goal is about, it should be possible to check whether this goal is achieved or not;
  • achievable – a company should have everything needed for achieving its goals. The key components are usually employees and budget;
  • rational – objectives should motivate rather than discourage because they are fanciful;
  • timebound – there should be a due date for every goal. For instance, a company might plan to attract twenty new clients within the next eleven months or so.


For most students, like other people, research seems to be a very dull part of the whole process; however, it is an inherent one. All student marketing courses guarantee that it’s easier to withstand competition and build lasting relationships with a target audience after a deep investigation. Knowing the business sector within which the company is run and other businesses conducting their activity within this sector gives the business an edge over those competitors.

There are student marketing programs teaching youngsters how to prepare a good paper. But very few can do it from scratch on their own; therefore, some are forced to seek help from experts like those at Pro-Papers, while others surf the Internet for good student marketing plan examples.

When it comes to marketing research, it means that it should be focused on target audiences, competition, buyer personas (we will talk about this later), demographics, and possible pitfalls.

This research is a great help for writing an outstanding plan as it can provide dry facts for the paper. The company should know exactly what obstacles it will have to deal with and what opportunities it will have rather than guess them.

Buyer Personas

Buyers Persona

On student marketing courses, apprentices learn that buyer personas help identify the company’s target market. Rather than getting every Tom, Dick, and Harry to make a buy, it is more advisable to target people who really need an offered product.

In a nutshell, a buyer persona is a character sketch that describes every buyer’s preferences, demographics, needs, and journey. What makes this particular client buy from the company? What would stop them from making a purchase?

Of course, there is no need to survey every client in person. Sending out printed or digital surveys and investigating buying patterns through digital tools are more than enough. It makes sense to poll prospective and current clients alike.

For multiple buyer personas, the survey is conducted for every segment in different ways. It is how the company can indicate the felt needs of a few target audiences and find a solution to attract all of them.

It isn’t possible to fit every potential client. Every business works in a completely different way. If someone sells student marketing plan examples, homemakers probably will not be interested in buying them. And there is nothing wrong with this. The main idea behind every marketing plan is to find effective ways to reach only those really interested in it.

Student Target Marketing Strategies

In fact, crafting a plan means creating a business-like reflection of the company’s marketing strategy. For marketers, it is vital to understand a business market well to divide it into a few sectors that are categories of clients sharing common characteristics.

For every sector, marketers should find out what exactly clients are looking for, what the company can offer them, and how strong its market power is. Of course, the main idea behind this is to indicate the sector where the company has the most potent edge. In addition, it is also essential to evaluate the chances of having sales that are high enough to make the sector worthwhile.

Far too often, the most advantageous sectors are those where the company has existing clients. It is the marketers’ responsibility to find ways to increase sales to this audience. If the company wants to target new clients, it is crucial to ensure that it has enough resources to reach them with dispatch.

Once the company identifies its target audience, it is time to decide on how it will be positioned in the market. For instance, it can offer expensive high-quality products or local services at reasonable prices. For some companies, it is vital to work hard on improving their brand awareness; otherwise, they have very few chances to withstand competition.


Target Audience

Once the marketing aims are set, and the strategies for attaining them are developed, the next step is to decide how to utilize the latter in practice. In all cases, it is helpful to turn to the mixed concept known as the four Ps.

4 Ps

  • product – what special products offer company’s clients, and whether or not it is time to shape the sales mix to meet the clients’ needs better;
  • place – what place the company chooses for selling its products. It is possible to benefit from several distribution channels at a time. Many businesses are selling both via the Web and at an offline store;
  • pricing – the company can adjust its pricing to meet competition or simply offer its goods or services at a premium price. It is up to the company either to sell less but at higher prices, or sell more but at lower ones. It is worth mentioning that many clients look for cheaper offers so that they can meet their limited budgets, while others consider low prices as indicators of poor quality;
  • promotion – the way a business reaches its target audiences. For instance, it might promote its goods and services with the help of providing webinars, email marketing, gift guides, social media, affiliate programs, and so forth.

7 Ps

For a more holistic approach, this concept can be easily extended to seven Ps:

  • people – it is crucial to be sure that the professionals working in the company have a relevant proficiency;
  • process – the proper business process ensures that the company offers goods and services that suit the clients’ needs best;
  • physical appearance – the way the company’s staff and premises look may influence how the client sees this company. Not to mention paperwork that also has a substantial impact on the clients’ first impression.

Download Free Marketing Plan Template

Implementation of the Plan

A good paper should do far more than simply telling what is expected to happen. Many student marketing plan examples show it should involve step-by-step instructions without which it is impossible to attain the set aims. In addition, it should also provide a schedule of the primary tasks so that everybody can understand what is going to happen and when. Marketing executives refer to their plan as frequently as possible to keep track of the critical tasks no matter how overloaded they are during their working days.

It should also indicate what resources are necessary for attaining the set aims. For instance, it might be practical to think about different kinds of brochures distributed via the Web or in an offline environment. It is also essential to find out how much it takes to get through with clients and whether or not there are enough employees.

You should include all costs mentioned in the plan in the overall budget. If the funds are scarce, then you should take this into consideration. There is no need to turn to lots of marketing activities – it is better to choose only a few and get the most out of them. Many marketing executives like linking their marketing budgets to sales forecasts.


Monitoring Marketing Strategies

Then it is crucial to decide on how you will monitor the implementation of the plan. This info should be added to the schedule too. More often, it is a person who is accountable for everything being done in time. The more well-thought plans and budgets are, the easier it is to monitor the process. When something runs behind the schedule or the budget overruns, it is the right time to make relevant changes in the paper.

Between times, it is crucial to take a time-out and check whether or not the plan is working. What shortcomings have been done, and how can one benefit from detecting them? What other steps should be taken to improve the program in times to come?

There are many analytics tools for social channels and websites available for free on the Web. For example, using free Google Analytics and Excel makes it easy to track data of both potential and current customers and compare statistics. These tools enable marketing executives to find out whether or not their marketing strategy is working as well as to find out who their prospective clients are. With the received data, it is possible to shape every strategy accordingly.

Valuable Tips for Writing an Outstanding Paper

There are many good student marketing plan examples on the Web. After they have been reviewed, it is possible to claim that all of them share the common features:

  • include clear and realistic goals that can be measured (for instance, attract a 3 million audience over the next three years);
  • have schedules with deadlines for achieving every goal;
  • include budgets for all marketing activities;
  • specify employees who are responsible for the implementation of each activity.

It is vital to sweat the details about every goal. For instance, when creating a plan, it is advisable to specify all numbers. Therefore, if a business strives to reach a 3 million audience over the next three years, it is crucial to provide professionals with the needed resources and training; otherwise, it is just a waste of time and funds. And to establish obstacles and potential opportunities, the enterprise environment should be assessed. It is crucial to know where the organization can get the most out of its strengths and where it has to deal with its weaknesses.

A strategy, plan, and business tactics should work together. For instance, a company with scarce cash flow should avoid taking big orders from clients who want to buy on credit. It is also worth mentioning that the main focus should be put on long-term student target marketing strategies. While the reduction of some services may increase short-term gains, no clients probably will want to buy from the company in due course.

Things to Consider

No matter how good a plan is, it will not work by itself. It needs someone to be accountable for taking control of all marketing activities and monitoring both their progress and execution time. It helps to indicate mistakes that can be avoided in the future.

Email Marketing

Student Marketing Plan for Email

Once clients start considering the company’s goods and services, it is time to enhance sales pitches. An effective email campaign sent with mass email services can do the trick! Newsletters outlining specific benefits that customers can get from the product would not be amiss.

It is a good sign for them to receive a thank-you email as soon as they make a buy. Besides including a touch of gratitude, it is crucial to add some helpful information about the purchased product. You should not overlook supplementary materials and various perks as well.

Every business owner knows that it is much easier to retain current clients than to attract new ones; therefore, it is vital to maintain a long-term relationship with them. It is advisable to inform every customer about every upcoming product release to make them come back again and again.

Testing and Improvements

Every marketing student knows that a marketing plan is not crafted once and is never changed. Even though it is written for long-term use, it needs to be shaped from time to time. For doing that, it should have a high level of flexibility so that every change can be done quickly and with ease.

This guide is all about explaining why, what, and how to create an outstanding piece. In fact, this is a foundation on which everybody can build their plan and develop some tactics. A good plan will help every business to attain the aims set in its strategy.

If a marketing plan and strategy don’t work together, the company will probably waste money and fail to achieve its targets. Such a scenario would definitely demotivate any business owner and their team.

If you still have some questions after reading this article, you can review a few student marketing plan examples to find out how a good paper should look.

Present Yourself as a Professional

Create a Perfect Resume

Creating a resume is an ideal opportunity to prove you’re the best and present your experience, knowledge, and skills in a favorable light. With a ready-made simple but appealing digital marketing manager resume template including blocks tailored to your niche and four different design formats, you’ll prove you deserve attention and that your projects will beat the competitors. Moreover, you can easily edit it and then download it in PDF to send anybody via email or print it.

Make a Portfolio Website

With an online portfolio, you can tell why potential clients should choose you, share your education, experience, and contact information, add testimonials and logos of companies/clients’ projects you worked with to build trust.

Resume Website


Portfolio Template


Why Student Marketing Plan Examples Might Not Work for All

Writing a comprehensive paper, as well as essay writing, requires much work while reading one requires much patience. For you, it may be exhausting to peruse all of those papers available on the Web, and you may end up thinking that no sample entirely fits your needs, and that’s absolutely fine.

That is because there are no two similar businesses; they all possess different objectives, needs, and prospects. Thus, while a particular sample may work for one company, it may be useless for others. Every business needs something that works well for it, in particular, no matter what it is. Many professionals believe that there is no need to stick to an exact structure when it comes to crafting a plan. That is why you may want to change the way you expect your paper to be: you should better forget about what it should be and focus on what you need it to be.

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