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Spa Website Design – 10 Tips for Creating an Impressive Spa Website

MotoCMS Editorial 12 November, 2020

Do you own a beauty or spa business and want to drive exponential online growth without spending much time and money? Tell about your salon using a stunning spa web design from the marvelous website design themes collection that will help you to create an elegant and versatile site for attracting a new audience!

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10 Effective Tips for Creating a Successful Spa Website Design

What makes you hold your attention on a site you see for the 1st time? If you ever asked yourself this question, the first thing that might come to your mind will be a website design, as it forms the primary impression of the online platform. With our tips, you will be able to create the right image for your business. Pick one of the ready-made beauty & spa website design templates and raise your revenues starting from now!

1. Pick a Spa Web Design to Reflect Your Business Concept

The first essential practice for making your spa salon business eye-catching for prospective customers is to create a visually pleasing website. Spa web design inspiration, in fact, is about rendering the mood of your beauty salon online; therefore, you need to make the best first impression about your services to inspire both constant clients and those people who have never visited your spa.

However, keep in mind that having a stunning platform is not enough to be the best salon on the market. You have to stand out from your competitors by building a unique concept for your business. To implement this idea, you need to pick the appropriate spa web design inspiration that will make your spa salon website recognizable.

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Use visually appealing colors and fonts for a superior website design. Thus, your site will draw the attention of users looking for relevant beauty services. Try to select fitting colors for different website parts like menus, buttons, headers, and footers to make the platform easier to navigate. Develop a trendy and relaxing top-notch web design for your spa to convey the ambiance and feel of your business to all website visitors.

2. Implement a Spa Service Menu to Boost Sales

People value website usability highly, as no one will spend hours finding the needed information on your platform. Nevertheless, many spa centers neglect this advice and even don’t include their service menu on the salon’s site. Moreover, they often add their service offerings as a PDF file, which is just another hassle for many customers. To avoid making such mistakes, you should ensure your spa website design is modern and trendy enough to satisfy your customers’ needs.

Choose user-friendly spa web design templates with unlimited pages to suggest your services menu as an HTML page. Thus, you will increase the usability and visual appeal of your site. Such a feature will convince users to book appointments and purchase services on your spa website, as it would be saying that you are a competent and professional beauty salon.

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3. Make Your Spa Website Handy and Mobile-Friendly

Once you’ve picked the spa web design inspiration for your site and created a catchy and functional services menu, you will need to make sure your platform is handy for users. Every spa website template from the MotoCMS catalog is available on both computers and mobile units, so you can easily use it via smartphone or tablet even on the go.

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This spa website design is focused on offering a mobile-friendly experience to users. Your website will be in a visually appealing manner on all devices of different types of screens. Capitalize on today’s age of mobility and provide your clients with an opportunity to book your beauty services at any time!

4. Highlight Your Specials to Attract New Clients

People are always attracted to all things special, and your exclusive offerings will draw their full attention to your spa website design. For better results, highlight your beauty salon specials on the homepage as a banner or a dedicated page. Thus, the website visitors will see all exclusive proposals once opening your site.

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If you want to make your specials more demanded, meet the following recommendations

  • Keep your offerings up-to-date. Users will feel confused if you will provide Halloween’s specials by New Year Eve or Christmas unique offerings by Valentine’s Day. Aesthetically pleasing websites pay attention to making the page with specials current; otherwise, your customers will think you don’t care about what they see on your website. That’s why you need to suggest up-to-date proposals on your spa web design inspiration.
  • Provide a section with “evergreen” specials. Such offerings mean that your customers will be able to obtain permanent specials, such as discounts for newcomers, customers referring a friend, or the military.
  • Include call-to-actions to your spa web design. Call to action marketing is a crucial element of business promotion, as it motivates users to become your clients. Add call-to-action buttons right under your special offerings to ease the booking process for your customers.

5. Showcase Your Services and Involve the Prices

When it comes to the spa website design’s services page, every experienced entrepreneur knows that this section must be showcased in all details. Even if you provide an outstanding, functional services menu on your platform’s homepage, users would like to check out the description of every beauty service offered by your spa salon. For that reason, we highly recommend you to include a dedicated page to display the details of the spa services that you are providing, i.e.

  • facials and body treatments;
  • spa manicures and spa pedicures;
  • massage, and more.

spa website design for your salon

If your spa web design includes beauty services as well, tell people about the rest of your offerings, such as:

  • gel nails manicure and pedicure;
  • eyelash extensions;
  • eyebrow tinting and waxing;
  • hair removal treatments;
  • ladies’ and men’s haircuts;
  • spray tanning, and more.

On the services page of the spa web design template, make sure to include all the services you are offering and the prices for each separate service or a package of services, depending on what you suggest. Attach the relevant images to each service so that your website visitors could imagine your beauty salon atmosphere.

6. Add Relevant Photos to Promote Your Business

The crucial element of every visually appealing spa website design is high-quality photos, which make your site look more professional and reliable. Use free stock photo platforms with a wide range of pictures for spa web design inspiration to load attractive pics with high resolution. Be assured, once prospective clients will check out your spa web design, they will fall in love with your services after looking through your eye-catching portfolio.

professional web portfolio


Add the photos of the outside of your spa salon so clients could figure out how to find your location upon their arrival. You can also provide customers a chance to observe your spa center from the inside, attaching the relevant photos to the gallery. However, be careful with such pictures, as they can both attract and blow off new clients. Make sure you managed to capture your beauty salon’s atmosphere in the right way before loading photos to the spa website design layout.

Showcase your strengths using stunning pictures of spa and beauty services offered by your specialists. Highlight the best that you have to suggest as a spa business: cozy interior design, relaxed ambiance, cleanliness, well-organized space, and a client-centric approach in every respect. Use pleasant warm colors to draw positive emotions and desire to book a massage and other spa services. Provide the best visual content to increase revenues and extend the client base!

7. Provide Current Contact Details for Getting in Touch

When users visit your hair salon or any other beauty or spa website design platform, they expect to find your contact details fast and easy. Your task is to create a spa web design inspiration, where all the necessary information, including phone number, e-mail address, and physical address, will be available for all site visitors on the relevant ‘Contact Us’ page.

Moreover, some companies also include such details as:

  • parking information;
  • a Google Maps link;
  • social media icons;
  • and other types of contact info.

Incorporate your contact details in your website design correctly. Place them in your website’s header so that contacts could show up at the top of every page of your spa web design inspiration.

customer support


8. Share Your Spa Company Story with Prospective Clients

To turn your site into a fantastic spa web design inspiration for other beauty services platforms, you need to share your spa salon’s story with users. Some businesses decide to manage without the ‘About Us’ page to make the site’s content more concise. However, it is denying an opportunity to make a positive impact on customers, revealing your history.

Be frank with your clients to be more trustworthy. Tell people about the difficulties you have faced during your business development and share the success you have achieved. Such stories add a personal touch to the spa website design, which allows retaining customers’ attention.

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Besides, you can emphasize your spa salon atmosphere and the unique features that help you stand out from other beauty centers. Don’t forget to demonstrate your commitment to quality for last, showcasing your spa & beauty specialists’ awards and certificates.

9. Implement Online Booking for Your Customers’ Ease

When creating a spa website design, you need to consider that customers don’t like performing lots of tasks to order a product or book a service. They don’t even like making a call for an appointment as it distracts them from other, more critical tasks. Besides, it is much easier and faster to click on the relevant button to look through the schedule and pick the right time and date. More and more clients prefer to book their appointment online at a convenient time, so if you want to keep pace with current tendencies, you need to provide an online booking section on your spa web design inspiration platform.

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Regardless of which spa website design you choose, make sure it comprises the widget for identifying appointments availability. Make the booking process as swift and overall as possible for your visitors to be able to determine the most appropriate option within a few clicks.

10. Include Team Description on Your Spa Website

Besides showcasing your spa salon history, contact details, services, and prices, it’s essential to introduce your qualified team of spa & beauty specialists. Say a few words about each member of your team and attach the photos so that people trust your beauty center even if they are newcomers to your website.

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You can introduce all your employees, including:

  • spa manager;
  • salon coordinator;
  • receptionist;
  • massage therapist;
  • spa attendant;
  • hair stylist;
  • colorist;
  • nail technician;
  • cosmetologist;
  • wax specialist, and others.

Moreover, the massage website template for spa salon allows you to integrate the social media of your team members so that clients could see who works hard for their satisfaction.

A Few Tricks to Promote Your Spa Website Effectively

Remember that your mission as a spa is to provide customers with the best possible services to satisfy their expectations. However, to implement this concept, you have to promote your business effectively. Boost your unique spa web design inspiration platform via the methods we provide in this section.

face treatments

Integrate Social Media and Customer Reviews

There is no better marketing tool for promoting spa website design than positive reviews from the clients. Happy customers will showcase all your advantages in their testimonials, so you even won’t need to boost your services on the web by yourself. Even if your spa web design is not perfect, people will forget about its imperfections after hearing their satisfied friends’ feedback about your salon.

However, don’t expect to receive only positive testimonials when starting a business. Keep in mind that even poor feedback is immense as it helps you work on your weaknesses and improve your business. Therefore, you should learn how to respond to negative customer reviews to get as much use from this experience as possible.

Set up Your Business Listings with Google

Add the essential information about your beauty or spa salon to significant search engines, like Google, to raise your spa website design on top of the search engine results. Include your website address, working hours, contact information, and other crucial details for gaining more popularity on the web. Afterward, your data will be seen on the maps, and users will be able to attach their reviews and photos made in your salon directly in Google and other search engines. In addition, you can suggest discounts for providing before-and-after pictures for clients who used your beauty services. Thus, you will motivate customers to share their experiences and emotions, which is guaranteed to attract more audiences.

Offer Gift Cards Available on Your Spa Website

Make your spa website design demanded not only among women but men. Provide gift cards for using your spa and beauty services so men would be able to please their ladies with an amazing spa day in your salon. Make sure people can get them quickly when they are faced with a gift dilemma.

beauty salon proposals


Selling gift cards online will help you improve your incomes and attach the opportunity to retain new customers and generate more business. Combine gift cards with appealing promotions to bring on even more revenue and more clients!

Where to Find the Best Spa Web Design Inspiration?

MotoCMS web builder offers an extensive collection of spa website design themes that share premium quality and advanced functionality. Each template has a multipage structure, which allows placing different content into the relevant sections. If you don’t like the color scheme, typography, section placement, animation, or any other layout elements, you can change them via a simple yet powerful admin panel. Moreover, you will be given around-the-clock customer and technical support from the MotoCMS team.

Once you choose one of the spa web design layouts mentioned in this review, you can easily personalize it following our tips. Don’t hesitate, start building a strong online presence today!

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