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Social Media Competitor Analysis Tools to Monitor Your Rivalries

Jacob Colleen 28 May, 2018

Social media monitoring is acquiring its position as a competent data source for competitor analysis. It helps in analyzing what is said about brands across the web on a social network, blog, websites and online forums. As a marketer, you truly understand the importance of developing unique and engaging content. And that is where social media competitor analysis tools can help.

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Unique content not only attracts leads but also converts them into clients. The same is done by business competitors. However, to keep track of your competitors, businesses need to adopt the right approach. This can only be done by spying on them.

To get your hands on the secrets of your rivals, we present a list of top social media competitor analysis tools that will make your campaign successful.

Social Media Competitor Analysis Tool For Perfect Competitive Analysis Strategy

Sprout Social

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Sprout Social is the finest among social media competitor analysis tools that help in figuring all your social media activities on a single platform. It allows marketers to track their social performance by comparing their own growth with competitor’s pages without having to slink on their Facebook day after day. With Sprout Social, businesses can organize and manage social data without a single spreadsheet.

If you are looking for real-time social media monitoring, Sprout Social is the right choice. It comes with two distinguishing features for social monitoring and engagement. The Smart Inbox feature provides all social media messages. Similarly, the discovery feature makes it easier for you to search for particular keywords on Twitter and Instagram. The other social media platform supported by the tool are Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.


brandmentions social media competitor analysis tool

BrandMentions picks up one of the most comprehensive lists of social mentions compared to other similar tools I’ve tested. The quick research section is very helpful because unlike other apps I’ve tried it allows you to quickly search any term without creating an ongoing project to it. The white-label PDF reports are great. You can also connect your Google Analytics account and get real-time email notifications whenever someone links to your site. In my opinion, BrandMentions is one of the best brand monitoring tools on the social media monitoring market. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the tool also does automatic sentiment analysis and has impact scoring for the collected mentions. 

Social Blade

social media competitor analysis tool SocialBlade

Social Blade provides the users easy access to the public database. This is done using advanced technology. It offers you with global analytics. So, whether you are a content creator, live streamer or brand, Social Blade has got all that covered for you. It helps in analyzing the counts on the likes on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Being one of the most versatile social media competitor analysis tools, it also provides some valuable insights for marketers.


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This social media competitor analysis tool simplifies social media campaigns, measures results, automates a task and makes valuable suggestions throughout the process. This is the best social media analytics tool that helps in making better decisions by capitalizing social data. Marketers can track content with the help of targeted keywords. In order to encourage social engagement, you can also analyze multiple social media profiles along with the response to social messages. Platforms supported by the tool are YouTube, Twitter, Google+, forums, and news sites.


SEMrush free social media monitoring tool

SEMRush dives into your competitor’s ad strategies and PPC marketing activities. It also allows businesses to investigate the most profitable paid keywords along with their successful ad campaigns. It just requires you to enter the domain name of your competitor. Marketers can conduct an in-depth analysis and significantly improve the performance of their campaigns.


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Having a social media competitor analysis tool like Awario allows you to analyze a number of key elements. Marketers can analyze which social media platforms are the most popular with your competitors. This tool offers real-time insight by keeping an eye on competitor’s social media activities. It offers the opportunity to set up alerts for any competitor. Similarly, it also enables you to create an alert for campaign name or hashtag. This allows you to acquire a share or discussion across the social network.


Likealyzer social media competitor analysis tool

This free social media monitoring tool monitors your Facebook page against competitors with its unique competitive metrics. It does a quick health checkup of a Facebook page. The data is presented in an intuitive way. It analyzes the different elements on the page by measuring post time, responsiveness, post type and information. In order to improve the performance of your Facebook page, it also offers recommendations on the type of content that needs to be posted to get the strongest engagement.

SimilarWeb Pro

free social media monitoring tool SimilarWeb PRO

This is yet another great social media competitor analysis tool that offers every kind of insights regarding competitor’s traffic level, source, and distribution across the channel. It also highlights the engagement that comes with traffic. Marketers can track average daily visit, number of pages per visit, bounce rate, and average visit duration.


best social media analytics tool Feedly

Feedly allows you to keep a track on your competitor’s content without having to analyze their blog content instantly. Other than being the best social media analytics tool, it also acts as a content aggregator that saves and organizes content as published, including the ones shared by your competitors. It also allows you to discover all the trending topics covered by your competitors; all gathered at a single place.

Moz Pro

Moz social media competitor analysis tool

Moz Pro lets you target the right keywords and create custom reports based on it. Businesses can also track their rankings and get a holistic view of how you rank for the keywords with the help of search visibility score.

Simply Measured

free social media monitoring tool Simply Measured

It is a robust yet expensive social media competitor analysis tool that is designed for bigger brands and enterprises. It offers an accessible way yet support multiple social networks to benchmark your performance against competitors on Twitter and Instagram.


social media competitor analysis tool TweetReach

For all those who wish to analyze how far their Tweets travel, TweetReach is a great yet free social media monitoring tool. It analyzes the actual effect of social media discussions. This tool lets you track you the most influential followers and guides you towards the right people.

Social Media Competitor Analysis Tools Ending Notes

In order to survive in this competitive digital landscape, you just have a single choice, i.e. staying a step ahead of your business competitors. Along with these tools in hand, you also need to adopt a mindful approach. These social media competitor analysis tools offer valuable and actionable insights that make a better decision for your own business. Stick around for valuable insights and keep updating your search campaigns on a regular basis to avail the benefits of social media monitoring.

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