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Simple AdWords Bid Strategy Guide for Successful Google Advertising

Jessica Madrazo 26 March, 2018

With the advent of PPC, appearing on the first page of a Google search results page isn’t an achievement available for established websites only; it’s now possible to pay your way to a better spot. While it’s a more temporary solution compared to SEO, it does help startups bring their businesses to the customers’ attention as well as boost traffic every now and then. Apart from strong content and quality SEO, well-strategized Google advertising via PPC (pay per click) advertising is a useful tool for building brand awareness. A vital aspect of Google AdWords strategy this is bidding on the right keywords, but is it possible to boost your visibility through keywords even when you’re on a budget? With a proper Adwords bid strategy, it is.

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What Is AdWords Bidding?

When a user looks for something online and inputs certain keywords, ads that match the necessary appear alongside search results. With the amount of businesses vying for a single keyword, however, Adwords bidding is needed in order to round out who gets to use what keyword and appear alongside results when some make the corresponding search.

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In order for them to appear so, they have to be able to have the highest bid for those particular keywords, so consequently, the more popular the keyword, the higher you have to bid, and with each click on your ad, you have to pay. This is where an Adwords bid strategy comes in.

These necessary keywords vary from business to business and are highly customizable depending on your target audience or how far you want to reach. Paying attention to how your Adwords bid strategy makes all the difference in Adwords bidding.

Adwords Bid Strategy Tips

1. Go manual

Automated bidding, while initially more efficient compared to setting things up yourself, keeps you from understanding your customer, which is a must if you want your Adwords bid strategy to develop over time.

Going manual requires you to regularly check the insights and analytics of your Google AdWords strategy, and with that comes an ongoing observation of how they react to ads as well as their online behavior, and this is vital for better future keyword bidding, and even your overall campaign. Managing it may require more effort as opposed to letting AdWords do everything for you, but it provides you with more benefits in the long run.

2. Make the most of your negative keywords

A lot of times, when you’re trying to describe an item or a person to someone, a useful pointer in order to help the person you’re talking to understand what you mean is to say what the item or person isn’t.

This tactic is particularly useful as well as cost-saving when using keywords since it saves you the trouble and cost of showing up in irrelevant searches. More importantly, you make sure that your ads appear on the searches of qualified customers who are more likely to bring you conversions.

With the Adwords negative keywords list bid strategy, you’re able to maximize the keywords you successfully bid on, keywords that actually matter to your business.

3. Use Google’s Keyword Planner tool

Google provides its advertisers with lots of useful tools to help manage their AdWords campaigns better. Google Keyword Planner lets you see which keywords are popular and which are the most affordable to bid on – an essential tool for your Google AdWords strategy.

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Apart from showing the keywords, the tool also suggests starting bids based on your budget and your goal. It also shows keyword changes over time as well as their estimated bids so you can better plan your keyword bidding next or which bids you’ll adjust. From that you can adjust your Adwords bid strategy according to what works and what doesn’t, so you’ll be able to manage your budget more efficiently.

4. Target CPA bidding

Different businesses have different main goals, and achieving these goals easier through well-planned Adwords bid strategy is possible with Google target CPA (or cost per acquisition) bidding.

It does this by analyzing the conversion date or the keyword bids with more clicks as well as those with the lowest, with that your bid for the respective ads can be adjusted. You can have higher bids for the successful keywords and allot lower bids for the less effective ones.

5. Don’t limit yourself to particular keywords

When consumers go online, chances are they’re going to scour every related term to their search which is wise to include it in the keywords you bid on. Activities or purposes related to your product or service, for example, helps you cover other possible areas the user may end up in.

More importantly, including locally popular keywords helps you reach customers in your community. Note that these are the customers who are most likely to come visit you and push through with a transaction, so make sure you include your area, city, or even country. Appearing on their locally focused Google searches could even be the starting step to building a relationship with them.

An effective and cost-friendly Adwords bid strategy is very much possible, as long as you’ve got the right plan prepared. Coordinating with your SEO service provider or your digital marketing company is a must if you want your keywords to work with your overall campaign and vice versa.

No matter what your line of business, it always pays to invest a good amount of time in researching and planning your keyword bidding strategy, because not only will it reel in more clicks and ROI, but it could also be the beginning a strong online presence.

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