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MotoCMS Editorial 4 August, 2017

Skyline Business Website Design - main image

Skyline Free Test

We are glad to share good news. Skyline is here! Our most gorgeous business website design has been finally released and available for creating a dime a dozen websites and making their owners very happy in near future.

If you read the previous news on the pre-order campaign, you know that we announced the special contest to find the person who will get Skyline free of charge. But before proclaiming the final results of our giveaway, let us first remind you how a user can benefit from acquiring Skyline business website design.

Assemble Your Site Easy With MotoCMS Block Editor

Skyline Business Website Design - Content Blocks

Skyline helps any user to cross the border of the sophisticated web development process. Thanks to the Block Editor in the admin panel from MotoCMS, the time on customization of your template flies very quickly. The assembling of your site is like a construction site or game in Tetris. Pick your favorite ready-made content blocks, drop them on the layout and edit right away.

Create ANY Website Design With 100+ Made-Up Blocks

Skyline Business Website Design - 100 blocks

The number of the blocks you can select to make a website is more than one hundred originally designed layout elements. All of the blocks are divided into categories, but you are welcome to use them not just on their purpose. Such a variety lets a user experiment with the combinations of different blocks and achieve miscellaneous design solutions for one website or few web portals at the same time very fast.

Take advantage of the ocean of content blocks from any category:

  • Headers – 8
  • Galleries – 7
  • Call To Action – 7
  • General Content – 27
  • Pricing Tables – 5 
  • Counters – 6
  • Teams – 9
  • Partners And Clients – 6
  • Testimonials – 6
  • Contacts – 8
  • Footers – 7
  • Other – 5

Upcap Your Web Project With 20 Ready-to-Use Pages

Skyline Business Website Design is Here - Twenty Pages

Share each part of your business with the collection of two dozens ready-made pages. Customize original styling by adding your content to any page, redesign an existed layout and create the one from scratch if necessary. Aside from the magnificent Home page, Skyline contains such pages:

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Careers
  • Team
  • Profile
  • Services
  • Single Service
  • Gallery
  • Projects
  • Customers
  • Privacy Policy
  • Events
  • Single Event
  • Testimonials
  • Prices
  • 503
  • FAQ
  • Blog
  • Contacts

Use Any Of 4 Extra Child Home Pages In 1 Template

Skyline Business Website Design - All Home Pages

Aside from a default home page, Skyline includes 4 additional home pages: Dark Skyline, Dentist, Travel Agency and House Construction. Set the one which is your favorite as the home page of your website and launch your business website faster.

Dark Skyline Home Page

The first option in the set of home pages for Skyline is the mysterious and elegant at the same time Dark Skyline home page, fully colored in the black hue. It looks minimalistic and beautiful, combining white, gray and orange elements of design.

Skyline Business Website Design - Black Extra Home Page

Dentist Home Page

The lion’s share of people around the world has an opinion that dentists are the scariest doctors in the world. Bust this myth by setting Skyline Dentist Home Page for your future dental website. Designed with a light color palette, the page is the best ready-made way to represent your dental services online.

Skyline Business Website Design - Dentist Extra Home Page

Travel Agency Home Page

Travel agents are the people who make our life brighter and more exciting. Therefore, it is no secret what a travel website should really look like. The third extra home page in Skyline will be perfect for all businesses related to the tourism industry thanks to its special design.

Skyline Business Website Design - Travel Extra Home Page

House Construction Home Page

Skyline House Construction is the extra home page that fits the websites of building contractors, architects, interior and exterior design agencies and other business in the area of construction engineering.

Skyline Business Website Design - House Construction Extra Home Page

Publish Posts And Longreads On Your Personal Blog

Skyline Business Website Design - blog functionality

Reach success in blogging with Skyline that is armed with the functionality, allowing creating a professional blog and changing its appearance in the admin panel from MotoCMS with no knack for learning programming languages.

Use The Rich Collection Of Widgets For Any Purpose

While the mentioned Block Editor is responsible for the quicker changing your website inner organization, the widgets of the MotoCMS website builder is the answer to a deeper customization of the layout. On the website builder left panel, you will find all you need for editing your web theme structure, media, galleries, blog and other functionality. Let us review several categories of available widgets.

Social Widgets

Skyline Business Website Design - Social Widgets

Use Social Links and Social Buttons widgets raise the awareness of your site on most popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram. Connect platforms one by one with Facebook Feed, Twitter Timeline and Pinterest Board widgets.

Media Widgets

Skyline Business Website Design - Media Widgets

Upload your personal content and vaunt it with Video and Audio Player widgets. Paste URLs of any videos from different YouTube and Vimeo channels for display. Embed the code of your favorite SoundCloud tracks and add them to your site.

Get Into Email Marketing With MailChimp

Skyline Business Website Design - MailChimp Widget

Manage your website subscriptions by creating an account in MailChimp and adding a MailChimp API key to the widget with the same name in the MotoCMS admin panel. That’s how you will get the tool launched on your site and be able to collect new subscribers easily.

Add Custom Functionality With Code Injection & Embed Widget

Skyline Business Website Design - Code Injection

If you know how to code, you can change the coding structure of your website by pasting any necessary code to Header and Footer of Skyline in the Settings of the admin panel from MotoCMS. Not to mention the Embed widget, which is the one to help you improve your website with any-third party software. Drop the widget on the layout, paste the code and enjoy a new functionality at once.

Increase Your Website Awareness With SEO Tools

Though search engine optimization requires at least a few months to reap the benefits, you can start optimizing your site for increasing its position in search engines since the day of its launch with Skyline.

Skyline Business Website Design - SEO settings

The admin panel from MotoCMS that you get with your web theme contains the functionality for making each page of your site a SEO-friendly one. Add keywords, titles, descriptions and ALTs for images. Set 301 redirects. Enable and disable page indexation and much more.

Launch Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools

Skyline Business Website Design - Analytics

Take advantage of the tracking services from Google right on your website. Monitor all the data simply by embedding your Google Analytics tracking ID and an HTML Tag for Google Webmaster Tools in the Settings of the MotoCMS admin panel.

Enjoy Skyline On Any Device With Responsive Design

Skyline Business Website Design - responsive design

Skyline is a 100% responsive template that looks awesome on any possible device. Though the template’s design adjusts to any screen resolution automatically, you have an opportunity to set basic sizes & values for a smartphone and tablet by hand in the Design section of the MotoCMS website builder.

Rely On 24/7 Professional Customer Support

Skyline Business Website Design - Support Center

Have any questions? The customer support from MotoCMS will be assisting you free of charge during one year since the day when you become the owner of Skyline. Get a personal manager to shed the light on any issue that concerns your website, its customization, launch and more by sending a ticket, writing to a live chat or ordering a callback.

Skyline Giveaway Results

Now is the time to find out who is the winner of our free giveaway and the lucky owner of Skyline. We put the names of the contest participants to the list and randomized it. You can see the final results below.

Skyline Business Website Design - giveaway results

The winner is Dimitriz. Congratulations! Please, write at [email protected] to take your prize! Thanks to all participants who left their comments. For the readers of this post, we prepared a little surprise.

If you still want to get Skyline, copy this promo-code right now and use it on the cart to get 45% OFF on Skyline:


Do not forget that Skyline is always available for a free test during 14 days. Before using a promo-code, launch a trial version and start building a business website for your project at no cost to meet the functionality by yourself. If you like the outcome, the MotoCMS support team will be glad to transfer all demo changes you saved during the test of Skyline. Thus, you figure out how to work with your CMS and get a 100% ready-made website even before you pay it.

Skyline Free Test

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