Skyline Small Business Website Giveaway by MotoCMS

MotoCMS Editorial 20 July, 2017

Skyline small business website giveaway - main

Pre-Order Skyline for $99

Our collection of website templates is getting better and better with the release of each new MotoCMS web theme. Nevertheless, there is a great idiom saying the sky’s the limit. Sounds challenging and inspiring at the same time, right? So we decided to create a website template that will be out of the box and provide our customers with everything they requested.

Save $100 on The Most Awaited MotoCMS Template

Skyline is the name of a new small business website theme that gives the owner of any online project unlimited customization opportunities. Anyone from a rookie with no coding experience to a tech-savvy developer is able to fit Skyline to any possible business niche and get it launched swiftly and with ease.

We are about to show off the template at the beginning of August 2017. If you can not wait till that time, Skyline is now available for pre-ordering at the special discounted price. That’s right! Do not miss the boat and save now because you won’t have another chance.

How to Get Skyline Free Of Charge

Well, not exactly. You still have the odds to acquire Skyline. This time even without spending a penny. Just leave one single commentary. Do you like gifts? We do. A lot. For that reason and simply to celebrate the release of the new flagship theme, we would like to give one.

Participate in our giveaway and win an opportunity to build a website with Skyline at zero cost. The contest is pretty simple:

  • Share in comments what web project you would start with Skyline
  • Leave your comment until August 1, 2017
  • Wait for the template release day to find yourself as a winner

How do we find one? We are going to choose this lucky person with the list randomizer tool by setting the list of participants – those who told why they need Skyline in commentaries. Simple as that. We hope you like the news. Waiting for your comments! Till soon!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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  • Tymur Brukhal

    Hi) A very beautiful Skyline template! I would have made a Web Studio based on this template, and I would create websites on moto3)Good luck to all)

  • Jason Dixon

    Looks awsume I would use it to upgrade our bands music website

  • dimitriz

    Wow, would be awesome to kick start my resale business by using this awesome template.

    • Congrats! You have just became the Skyline giveaway winner! Please, write at [email protected] to receive your prize!

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