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Redefining The E-commerce Industry Through AR Product Visualization

MotoCMS Editorial 12 December, 2023

It is a known fact that the ecommerce industry around the world is growing at an unprecedented rate. Every day, new players are coming into the market, offering customers different types of online shopping services. This has also increased the level of competition in the market. From established businesses to startups, everyone is now thinking of introducing something new to get an edge in the ecommerce world. That is where the revolutionary idea of AR product visualization is changing the game in this circuit.

We all know pretty well that AR technology is also rising fast in the tech world. Different businesses are adopting this technology to elevate their promotional strategies. They understand that the world is changing, and now people see everything from the digital media spectrum. The AR technology gives them leverage to showcase products smartly on the web. This approach is now making strong waves in the ecommerce world, as businesses are actively thinking about showcasing their products through the lens of AR.

AR Product Visualization

Though AR technology is not fully functional in the ecommerce circuit, it is expected to make huge strides soon. Those who will implement it first on their platforms will surely have an edge in the market. It streamlines the idea of product illustration, making it more real and genuine, like the way you see it in any physical store or shop. This is certainly a revolutionary idea that will reshape the industry of ecommerce.

In this blog, we will talk more about the usage of AR product visualization in ecommerce websites. This will be a good read for those looking to take advantage of this technology in the e-commerce world, so thoroughly study all the points defined in the article. Let’s first start from the basics, understanding what is AR technology and how it became popular in the tech world during the last few years.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is a unique technology that blends your reality with a custom-designed graphical environment. It is different from VR technology, as it only virtually showcases the real world. The AR technology not only showcases the real world but also augments it with the addition of catchy visual elements such as buildings, cars, and other stuff. All of this is done to make the augmented environment more interactive so that people can engage with them in a dynamic manner.

With its quick rise, AR has become a popular name in the tech world. The first instance that showcased the power of AR technology was the arrival of the famous mobile game Pokemon Go. This was the first time the general public saw how AR could blend the real-world environment and custom graphical elements cohesively. After that, many other apps followed suit, and AR technology finally started picking up the market momentum.

Relevance of AR in the Ecommerce Industry Shopify and Etsy 1

Assisted by the rise of new technologies, the ecommerce industry is constantly evolving day by day. Earlier, we had only a few ecommerce companies active in the market. However, now, we can see dozens of ecommerce companies competing with each other in the digital space. The consumer market has also risen dramatically, which is why the number of online stores has also increased. This has brought a great sense of competition in the market, as everyone wants to score big by facilitating more customers.

Due to this, companies are looking towards those mechanisms that can make their ecommerce services and stores unique in the market. The idea of fast delivery or an extensive product list has gone out of the window because every company is offering them to gain a competitive advantage. That is where the incorporation of a new technology like AR comes into the picture. It is relatively new but has the potential to redefine the landscape of online shopping in the world.

The addition of AR product visualization in online shopping will provide customers with a whole new perspective. Using interactive visual elements will make the product illustration more attractive. All of this could be done by having a proper knowledge of incorporating AR in online shopping. Hence it is best advised first to learn the basics of this technology and understand how it could be integrated while following the latest ecommerce web design trends.

Key Stats Related to the Usage of AR Product Visualization in Ecommerce

Home Ecommerce Website Template


During the last few years, we have seen some great signs of rising incorporation of AR in the ecommerce industry. Many companies have started to integrate AR product visualization into their ecommerce apps. They have done that to elevate the user experience of their apps, and this strategy is working perfectly for them.

Let’s see some key statistics below to understand how big AR is becoming in ecommerce.

  • As compared to half a billion in 2019, the global AR advertising revenue rose to $1.41 billion in 2020. This showcases the rising trend of integrating AR in ecommerce.
  • The global ecommerce revenue subject to AR will increase to almost $8 billion by 2024.
  • As per the report of eMarketer, more than 43 million people in the US use AR-integrated apps once a month. This huge number amasses almost 21% of social network users.
  • According to a recent estimation, the total number of AR users on mobile will be around 1.73 billion by the end of 2024.

How to Use Augmented Reality in Ecommerce

Augmented Reality in Ecommerce

There are plenty of ways in which you can use AR product visualization in ecommerce apps. It depends on your app’s functional requirements, and how you want to facilitate customers through AR.

A good internal development team is also crucial to building a proper AR-based ecommerce app. However, if you don’t have skilled internal resources, always hire the best outsource development team that can take up your project using advanced tools and technologies.

For beginners who do not know how AR could do wonders in e-commerce, take a look at the points below to understand all the use cases.

Virtual Try-on Apps

Many online shoppers always remain skeptical whether their products will work according to their expectations or not. This is a concern found in many people, as many times, online shopping does not fulfill the desired anticipations. However, this thing can change once the ecommerce apps showcase products through the lens of augmented reality. It will give shoppers a near real-time look at the product, which will give them some satisfaction before placing the final order.

This idea can work perfectly well for online clothing applications. This issue generally arises when people order online clothes. Hence, AR product visualization can help them have a virtual try-on before making a decision. This is a unique concept that will not only boost the confidence of buyers but will also give your ecommerce shop an interactive digital try-on environment.

Virtual Preview Apps

When someone goes to the shopping store to buy a sofa or bed for home, the biggest concern that remains in mind is whether it will fit properly within the room or not. It is certainly a genuine question because, many times, things do not fit in their desired place. This concern can be properly addressed by analyzing the placement of the product in real time. Luckily, augmented reality gives us the privilege to see that, and many apps in the market offer this exquisite feature. IKEA Place App

Some of the popular home shopping apps like IKEA fit perfectly in this case. It is a revolutionary app that uses AR technology to tell people how the product will look in the home. This way, everyone can see which things can fit within the room and how much space will be required for it. This allows them to shop products with the correct sizes knowing the exact spaces in the home.

User Manual Apps

A lot of times, when a company launches a new product in the market, people initially struggle to understand how it actually works. For instance, if a new automatic washing machine is introduced in the market, then the respective company would need to educate the customers on how to use the machine. They usually give printed manuals alongside the box, which allows you to understand the functionality only by reading. The AR technology can certainly take this one-step ahead by showcasing the usage in real time.

The ecommerce apps can be developed with AR technology to illustrate a usual manual defining the product functionality in real time. It is a known fact that people can easily understand the usage of anything whenever they are shown live. So, a dynamic user manual defining how to use any product can become a good plus for companies selling things online. It is a new concept that will ease the understanding of the users no matter how little knowledge they have.

Key Benefits of AR for the Ecommerce Industry

Augmented reality brings plenty of benefits for the ecommerce industry. It is a revolutionary technology that will take online shopping to a whole new level. If you do not know how augmented reality can help your ecommerce store grow exponentially, look at the key points below.

Elevates Customer Engagement

By incorporating AR product visualization in your ecommerce app, you will see a big change in customer engagement. It is a unique technology that elevates the interaction of customers. When people see products shown live in the app, their interest in buying increases automatically. They like to spend more time on the app looking for other products that match their need. That is how engagement automatically increases, bringing in more traffic as well. Key Strategies For Effective Customer Retention

Even if the people don’t buy anything, the interactive environment of the app forces them to come again later at some time. They also recommend the app to others in their circuit, which then works perfectly to increase the popularity of the store.

Reduces Churn Rate

The biggest advantage AR gives to e-commerce companies is the ability to illustrate products in real-time. This feature satisfies the people whenever they are trying to buy anything. They become sure what type of product they buy and whether it fits their needs. This, in turn, reduces the product churn rate. When customers are happy with the products, they usually do not return them to the companies. In fact, they make the order again whenever they require it later sometime.

Having a lower churn rate decreases the pressure on the production line of any company. They speed up the process of delivering more product units, increasing the company’s overall production rate.

Find New Customers

Having unique ecommerce features like AR product visualization can make your online store different from others. This will allow you to get tons of customers quickly, as everyone likes to experience new things introduced in any application. The word of mouth marketing will work in your favor, allowing the app to become a viral hit in the market.

If you are a startup looking to make a name in the ecommerce market instantly, try integrating features like AR-based shopping into the application. It is relatively a new concept. Hence it can prove to be a game changer for you in finding new customers quickly.

Final Words

That takes us to the end of this blog, in which we discuss how AR product visualization can redefine the landscape of the e-commerce industry. It is certainly a unique technology that will change the way we regularly shop from ecommerce websites. AR brings plenty of benefits to ecommerce apps, and some are defined in this blog. Those who integrate it quickly will get an edge in the market, as AR technology will dramatically elevate their services. So, integrating AR is the way to go forward for e-commerce apps, especially those that sell household products online.

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