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How to Make a Real Estate Website: Leapfrog Your Competitors!

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MotoCMS Editorial 11 February, 2017

Real estate is an extremely competitive market and a professional website made with a user-friendly property management website builder is one of the various obvious media to beat the competition. In fact, real estate buyers make it a point to the first scan through properties on the internet, shortlist a few and then go ahead for a visit. That is why it is essential to know how to make a real estate website that will bring your business to the whole another level.

Real Estate Web Design Tips

How to Make a Real Estate Website

It is very important for any real estate agent or company to put in the best kinds of creative expertise while shaping a website for this business.

There are certain important things that need to be paid attention to while choosing one of the real estate website templates or while designing the website from scratch. Read the guide below to learn how to make a real estate website that will stun all your rivals and lure new clients.

1. The F Pattern

Interior Website Design

This is a pattern that human behavior specialists have formulated out based on the movement course of eyes while scanning the screen. When we open a particular page, our eyeballs move from the top left corner of the screen, move half-way through the screen, then scroll downwards halfway, again scan halfway horizontal and then lose focus towards the bottom right of the page.

The takeaway here is that the most important and the most attractive things need to be placed towards the top right of your homepage. A good search filter, as an example! In the center of the page should be things that can hold the attention of the visitor preventing him from quickly exiting the page. A lavish photo gallery would be a good instance. As the visitor scrolls down, there should be something that is useful for him. For example, the contact information of an agent! And towards the bottom right should be something that would compel the visitor to go back and think. How about a stylish ‘call to action phrase’?

2. The Listing

Interior Web Design Template

If you are in the real estate business, the volume of your client base would be directly proportional to the quality of your listing page. Many factors are elementary to the listing page. The image size of each listing, the quality of property images, the ease of finding detailed information, an easily trackable ‘More’ button and the number of listings to be displayed on each page, all are very important.

You know, the listing page is very different from the image gallery. So it always works well to keep the images realistic and include ample space for additional information to be scribbled in. Make it a point to include the most ravishing images at the foremost positions and try yet to maintain the consistency of informational length on each page. Cluttered listing pages do not work well! They end up being disastrous. Take advantage of the extensive functionality of the vacation rental website builder that will help you to create stunning pages with property listing.

3. The Home Page Images

Real Estate Website Template with Sliding Gallery

This part is worth focusing on. Call them banner images or call them participants of photo gallery, home pages images are important big time. Homepage images need to be big and glossy. Nothing close to dull is at all welcome. The sliding speed of the images has to allow the visitor to have a complete view of the images, but not keep them waiting for the next image to arrive. It is always good to avoid window size images. The reason is that the banner images should not be the singular object on the website to hold the entire attention of the visitor.

A good choice would be to include small content sections describing tit-bits about the company, the agents’ details, mortgage calculator, a geography filter and several other things. You can easily perform it all via the rental property website builder.

4. The Search Section

Real Estate Agent Website Design

An easily functional, uncomplicated search filter section is terribly important in a real estate website. The search section has to be at an easily noticeable position so that visitors could conveniently find what they are looking for. The most preferred position for the Search area is the top left or the top center of the home and listing pages.

Filters in Search are important. Most mortgage website templates use a drop-down for filter options. It is way more accepted than check-box patterns these days.

5. The Content Structuring

Content Structuring Real Estate Website Design

This is very important. Although real estate websites do not require long paragraphs to be written, there is still a certain level of contribution of content. White space is a vital thing to be remembered here. Since the visitor’s eye is accustomed to more of graphics, extensive lengths of content need to be separated by graphical intrusions. Cluttering is a bad practice. There are certain unavoidable sections where content has to be put in a continuous flow. Remember to use the magic of fonts in such sections.

6. Use of Colors

Interior Web Design MotoCMS

Colors are functional in keeping visitors on a particular page. Conventionally, real estate websites use mild color tones to prevent extravagant visual impact on visitors. It is a good practice. However, contemporary shades like those of blue, grey and brick are increasingly used in real estate websites. Whatever color you wish to clothe your website in, just keep in mind that it is the listed properties that need to be clearly highlighted; not the background.

Choose color combinations that would push out the listed properties in a more positive fashion. More than often, shades of white, blue, black and grey do well for real estate websites.

7. Easy Navigation

Real Estate Design with Easy Navigation

Last, but by no means the least – the navigation is very important in real estate websites. People like to find out what they are looking for, without putting in a lot of efforts. Useless pop-ups insisting on using a particular service cadre or practicing unnecessary promotions are best avoided.

Page scrolling needs to be limited. The number of listings on each listing page has to be balanced. And navigation to pages containing details of each property should be easy. Always remember, your visitor would have scores of other property websites to refer to! Even if a visitor finds it cumbersome to navigate through your website only once that’d be enough for him not think twice before quitting your web page.


Real estate websites are evolving. There are all new templates coming in, but the points above are still instrumental in ensuring the profitability of just about any web template. Do not ignore what is obvious.

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