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Helen Stark 2 June, 2015

Photoshop is an all-purpose graphics and image editing tool that is used by various people including graphic/web designers, photographers and many others. Even Adobe’s own product – Lightroom – can’t replace it fully. But what if you don’t need all Photoshop features?

Image Editing Software - main

Sometimes you need just tweaking an image a bit, resize it or change a few features. Generally, you wouldn’t like opening Photoshop for tinkering such minor issues. You need something lightweight, fast and one that allows you customizing your images and photos on the go. The good news is that today you can find tons of online image editing software and graphics editing tools that require you just opening your browser and uploading your pic.

Online Image Editing Software To Use

Here is a roundup of the most popular, easy-to-use and all-purpose online tools, services and software that will help you tweaking images and photos for your website with no efforts. In general, they are free with a few tools that offer paid pro accounts with more advanced features.


Image Editing Software -

One of the latest and by now the most popular online tools that gained attention among professionals and ordinary Internet users. It offers a full range of features as a desktop (Mac or PC) editor, web service or mobile application. Web app runs in two versions: Pixlr Editor (allows working with layers, objects, colors right and many more in your browser) and Pixlr Express (helps making minor changes like setting contrast, red eye removal, adding effects etc.). With mobile Pixlr version you will be able tweaking your photos on the go.


Image Editing Software - Fotor

Fotor offers a cool range of photo editing features like filters, tilt-shift tool, various stickers and text additions. Aside from photo editing it allows creating collages from a range of cool templates and making cards. It requires signing up for getting access to all its features. Fotor also offers a cool Chrome extension and a mobile app that help making photo editing a fast and easy thing.


Image Editing Software - Picmonkey

PicMonkey is pretty much similar to Fotor. It offers a free version and a pro one that requires sign up. With its great collection of filters you can easily make your photos Instagram-ready. Aside of filters, Fotor allows editing photos with a great range or retouch tools that include airbrush, wrinkle and blemishes remover, and even eye and lip correction and teeth whitening. With various textures, borders and sticker overlays you can easily add some vibrance to your images.


Image Editing Software - iPiccy

iPiccy looks like a tiny photo editor. But inside you will find a cool set of editing tools and features including a great collage editor. It has multiple templates for creating custom collages from your photos. Unlike other editors mostly focused on photo editing, iPiccy allows creating simple custom vector shapes, masks, gradients, adding texts and stickers. In advanced section you can make use of various drawing tools and create your own masterpiece on canvas.


Image Editing Software - FotoFlexer

FotoFlexer offers an awesome collection of various photo and animation effects to decorate your image and add some flair to it. It also has a set of “smart” tools like resizer, scissors and curves to edit your images like a pro. With its Smart CutOut tool you can easily remove objects from photo and make various collages.


Image Editing Software - Befunky

This editor allows customizing your photos and images in many different ways. You can easily crop and resize your pics as well as add various filters, effects and sticker overlays. Like some editors mentioned above, BeFunky has an easy-to-use tool for creating collages. However, if you wish to use more funky collage templates and other advanced features of photo editor and collage maker, you should upgrade to a Plus account. It costs $4.95 per month or $24.95 a year.


Image Editing Software - Ribbet

This tool was rebuilt from a well known PicNic photo editor. This awesome tool offers a cool set of features for photo resizing, cropping, and improving along with other fine-tuning services. It allows adding artsy effects to your photos, making collages and typing texts with a use of a cool type-tool and various fonts. Ribbet works perfectly well with Windows, Mac and Linux.


Image Editing Software - Photocat

Simple service with nice interface that allows editing images as well as provide some retouching to photos. Despite its somewhat childish look, Photocat offers a great collection of editing tools that allow customizing not just image size and rotation, but adjusting its color palette, setting hue, saturation and brightness levels etc. Retouching services as well as a collage-maker are also available here.


Image Editing Software - Sumopaint

SumoPaint has a familiar interface that reminds you of Photoshop. It allows you editing images right in a browser or creating a picture from scratch. Since a tool offers a free and a pro versions, you will be limited in features and services of the former one. However even the basic features will be enough for making a simple image editing on the go. SumoPaint can also be downloaded to your device and used as a desktop tool with the broader range of features.

Photoshop Express

Image Editing Software - Photoshop Express

Of course, it’s hard to imagine photo editing and image tweaking without Photoshop. Adobe also offers an online version of its main product although it’s not as powerful as our favorite desktop one. First, it sets limits on files you can edit: only JPEG/JPG format and not larger that 16 megapixels. As for the rest, PS Express features the same sleek interface with pretty all familiar features for cropping, resizing, hue/saturation tweaking etc. Auto Adjustment mode allows customizing photos in a few clicks.

Canvas Prints Photo Editor;

The Canvas Prints Photo Editor is an easy-to-use editor that makes sure that your images look great for your canvases. You can make collages with this editor while being able to crop or resize your images. The editor is very user friendly and understandable for most people.

This editor has amazing filters that can make your photos stand out and look even better than they actually are. The transformation feature is there as well, allowing you to change the look and feel of your photos.

You can add stickers, shapes, text and frames to your images as well.
The Canvas Prints Photo Editor is the best editor for those who are beginners and wish to get the job done in a few simple clicks.

Well, you understand that this roundup includes not all online tools available for free for today. There are many other services with various photo editing features and decoration effects. You can share your opinion on your favorite tools in comments below.

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